Williams FW44 livery, 2022

First pictures: Williams’s new car sports revised livery for 2022

2022 F1 season

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Williams has become the latest Formula 1 team to present its new look for the 2022 season.

The team revealed a revised, deep blue livery for its new car.

Williams head into the new season with a significant change in their driver line-up. George Russell, who scored the team’s best result for years last season with second place in the rain-hit Belgian Grand Prix, has left for Mercedes. His place has been taken by Alexander Albon, while Nicholas Latifi begins his third year at the team.

The team will continue to use Mercedes power units in 2022. And, for the first time, it has agreed a deal to run their gearboxes as well.

Williams CEO Jost Capito says the team’s revised livery represents a “transition to the future” for the team.

“The new visual identity of the 2022 car perfectly encapsulates these characteristics that the staff, drivers and fans have demonstrated time and time again,” Capito said.

“As we move into the new era of our sport, the FW44 highlights the transition to the future, as well as acknowledging the timeless qualities that make us who we are. Last season we were thrilled and proud to make such strong advancements as a team, with a number of well-earned points-scoring results in addition to a podium. Looking forward, we want to build on this success, and the FW44 perfectly embodies these ambitions to return to the front of the grid. I look forward to witnessing this progression with Nicholas and Alex at the helm.”

Pictures: 2022 Williams FW44

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2022 F1 season

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  • 56 comments on “First pictures: Williams’s new car sports revised livery for 2022”

    1. I was maybe hoping for a bit of yellow

      1. Same here, bit underwhelmed by the colour scheme to be honest.

        I hope it’s fast at least!

      2. That was my first thought. Why all the retro videos?

        Just splash a bit of yellow on it for crying out loud!!!

        Car looks good though

    2. Same, when the “driver livery reveal” video was released and Albon said it was “very Williams” I thought it would be a bit of a Williams 1984-1993 homage in predominantly blue, white and yellow.

      That said, I like it. It’s not overly fussy and the shades work well together.

      1. Yeah it’s very Williams ’cause it’s once again incredibly boring.

    3. But as the saying goes fast cars are normally beautiful. If this is the slowest then it looks like an end of era tyrrell, lotus, hrt. No sponsors. One color. But if it’s a regular point scorer or even a podium contender it is a simple working livery

    4. Well it’s better than the last livery which always looked to me a bit 90’s in a bad way. I do feel like it needs a white band through the middle or something.

      1. So true, actually looks like what was painted in the dark.

    5. Looks like 1994 Simtek.

      1. Our memories of that car are very different….

        1. Black underside, dark bluish/purplish on top, red details? Is it just me?

          By the way, 1994 Simtek was a beautiful car in my opinion, this one I don’t like as much.

          1. petebaldwin (@)
            15th February 2022, 15:40

            Yeah I agree with you. When I read your comment I didn’t immediately agree but having checked out the 94 Simtek again, you’re right. It’s the same colours, an upside-down M (in the same colour), a bit of red on the intake….

        2. Simtek had a light blue M on the engine cover, this one has a light blue W.

          I’m not dreaming this! :D

          1. A bit…a little tiny bit.

            1. Modena 291…that’s what it reminds me of.

      2. It looks more like an Alpine 2021 or a Prost 2001.

      3. Also kinda of 1998-2001 Prost liveries.

    6. I like it, but then I’m fond of the colour blue.

    7. Very basic looking, in livery, shape and sponsors.

      Looks like it’s destined to run at the back of the grid to me

      1. Basic like Ferrari? Red, black or white wings, and an Italian flag somewhere.

    8. Powered by Duracell now that they have sold the battery division!

    9. Looks like a default livery from the F1 game. If it goes fast it doesn’t matter.

    10. Ideal color scheme to accommodate a BMW M division deal if they decided to come back to the sport.

    11. We need to get up a collection for all F1 teams, to install lighting at their launches. Did I miss some FIA directive that limits the amount of light? Was there a budget cap on light bulbs? Every single launch is a joke, with all of them pretending to hide their cars.

      1. I was thinking exactly the same, why do all the launches take place in a dark cave. It’s not as if they can’t hide any sensitive areas from view if they’re that worried about it.

      2. Doesn’t matter, that’s the Liberty Concept Mk 2. No DRS, 3 element front wing, hexagonal intake, no engine, no gearbox.

    12. Looks like a less inspiring version of last years Alpine livery

    13. I very much like the livery. Better than Williams cars have had for a while.

      1. I didn’t notice immediately but looking at the bottom left image & the one above, Williams has seemingly finally gone for a built-in steering wheel display. Better late than never.

    14. With the red bits it reminds me of 2001 Prost car. The lack of ads is another similarity between the two.

      1. My first thought was also the Prost car. I like it for some reason.

    15. That launch was pretty brief. Blink and miss it brief. Looks rather nice to me at first glance but I’ll need to see the car on track.

      1. Won’t be that car on track.

        1. I mean the livery not the bits and pieces.

    16. It is stylish, considerate, and sober. The 2022 Alpine would better be pink, otherwise it might get confusing…

    17. The almost total lack of sponsorship, and the fact they’re not showing the real car is a cause for concern. I suppose the cost cap is a double edged sword. It will close the field up, but if you’re the one team operating significantly below the cost cap, which I’d guess Williams are, there’s a real danger you could be cast adrift at the back of the field. They also now don’t have a driver of Russell’s calibre to drag the car into some decent grid spots this year either, unless Albon has rediscovered himself during his season on the side-lines.

    18. I don’t mind it. Looks a little bland in places but I do like some of the colour scheme. Here’s to hoping they can be properly in the pack this year! Not necessarily for podiums and wins (though that would be great!), but at least scoring regular strong points would be a great result for them, considering they scored nothing just 2 years ago.

    19. Massively impressed with that, and hugely optimistic. It’s like they made an exact copy of the 2022 Red Bull, every little detail looks the same, so I’m expecting wins and podiums, maybe even a title chall-


      1. You almost got me there.

    20. Alpine selling their unused paint? It will be hard to distinguish between the two.

    21. Speaking of paint, to me it looks like a pack of cigarettes, batteries, condoms, paper tissues or toilet paper; things like that. They are so unwilling to put any effort into this… It’s a Williams, it should be recognizable from afar, and not as something that belongs in the supermarket, in hygiene department.

    22. They haven’t even bothered to render in the DRS wing but still issue a close up image of it why!?

    23. I see that the Williams Commercial Team have continued to work wonders, as they have done over the last few years…

    24. Looks like a Prost

    25. It looks like an optical illusion on most cars presented so far, as it looks like the front wheels are bigger.

    26. I think it looks great and I wish them all the best.

      1. We’re in the same boat @Robbie. I find it quite strange that every single reveal has attracted some very negative comments about both the livery and the car. Is this purely down to diversity of opinions or are some people just naturally negative?

        1. Emma probably a combination of both:)

    27. Overall, I like it… but I agree with a few above. Wish there was a little bit of yellow and maybe a little bit of white as well.

    28. Looking at the pics of the actual Williams car running at Silverstone today, can already see so many differences to this car, mainly the nose and the airbox

    29. Bit worried by the continuing lack of major sponsors.

    30. Wow, for me it’s a beautiful livery! A modern Williams livery, loved the stylized W, and the little red touches. Really nicely done in my view. Elegant.

    31. Coventry Climax
      15th February 2022, 20:18

      I love it! Look at that side view: The stylish multi-tone ‘W’ on the engine-cover, the light blue that dips down in the opposite direction of how the halo dips down. I’m not a massive fan of blue, but then I’m also not a fan of cars needing to be blatantly screaming red or yellow trying to convey the message that they’re fast. It’s never the color that makes a car fast, nor is it the christmas tree-ish plethora of stickers with all sorts of brand names; it’s the other bits that do.
      We’ll see where Williams stand when the racing has really started, but I hope it’s a decently fast, well handling car.

    32. The best looking of the bunch so far. That’s nose reminds me a lot of the FW14. Pity they couldn’t find room for a Senna S on it though

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