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Pictures: IndyCar testing begins at Sebring


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IndyCar pre-season testing began at Sebring yesterday involving many of the drivers who will take part in the 2022 season.

They were also joined by Kevin Magnussen, who is not contracted to race this year after making a one-off debut at Road America last year for McLaren SP. The former F1 driver tested for Ganassi at Sebring.

Several drivers who have changed teams during the winter appeared in their new colours. They include Romain Grosjean at Andretti and Jack Harvey at RLL.

The series’ 2022 intake includes Kyle Kirkwood and Tatiana Calderon at Foyt, Devlin Defrancesco at Andretti Steinbrenner and David Malukas at Coyne.

The 17-round championship will begin on the St Petersburg road course in Florida next week.

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10 comments on “Pictures: IndyCar testing begins at Sebring”

  1. I wish the teams would have consistent liveries, same for all their drivers. I’m just used to it as European who grew up watching F1, that is all I guess.

    1. That is actually against the Indycar rules. Each car livery has to be unique.

      1. I love it, regardless of this rule though Indycar sure has much better liveries than F1. They actually looke like race cars

      2. I don’t believe there is a rule that the cars need to “have unique liveries”. Pretty sure it’s driven primarily by the cars sponsorship demands. If a company had primary sponsorship on two cars or more, the liveries are different to distinguish them on track.

    2. Nooo! That’s what I love in IndyCar – every driver has his own identity with his own colour scheme. It’s awesome.

    3. I don’t mind having individual liveries, but please keep the sane one for the whole year – I always have trouble when someone is using one for the most rounds but have a special livery for just a few rounds (and these are not announced with such fanfare as a special livery in F1 so it’s harder to get to grips).

  2. I’m loving Will Powers new livery! Simple but cool. Can’t wait for the season to begin.

  3. Stoked for the season too. Go RG Go!

  4. Hey Keith,
    Now that F1 and IndyCar both use more of a ground effect formula I’d love to see a slider comparison article. Perhaps the McLaren indy car beside the new MCL-36.

    Other thing I’ve noticed is that the Aeroscreen provides a lot better/higher protection than the Halo, much less of the driver’s head is exposed.

    With a new IndyCar chassis coming in 2024 or 2025 and the F1 rules changing again for 2025, I hope that both series will adopt an aeroscreen solution and learn from one another, each producing somewhat smaller and lighter cars even more optimized for close racing.

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