Mercedes W13 launch, 2022

Caption Competition 179: Step into the light

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Mercedes launched their 2022 car on Friday, bringing the team’s new W13 into the public spotlight for the first time.

But what were drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell thinking before walking out onto the stage for the presentation?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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48 comments on “Caption Competition 179: Step into the light”

  1. Runaway… Masi is arriving…

  2. Mercedes drivers experience Close Encounters Of the Fast Kind.

  3. and the vision spoke unto them saying “I am Max …. behold thy doom!”

    1. Just when you didn’t think Maxs’ halo couldn’t shine brighter….

      1. Hang on, its not Max! It’s Mike Crack!

  4. FIA agrees to to reconsider the track lighting at future night races.

  5. I know you were annoyed at Masi but you didn’t have to do this to him Lewis!

  6. In the basement at Mercedes headquarters, Lewis shows George the new punishment for team mates who do not let him win!

  7. I apologise for this one and shall stop right now! ;P

  8. Storm Eunice crashes in to be announced as Mercedes’ 3rd/test driver.

  9. George: Lewis shouldn’t we be heading out? I think they’re waiting
    Lewis: Patience George. Lights out and away we go

  10. Looks like Toto got here first

  11. So George this is our portal to the Phantom Zone. It’s currently where we store Michael Masi.

    1. Alternative punchline: This was going to be Horner’s last stop on the factory tour he bought at the charity auction.

  12. It’s gonna be lights out and away we go for the Mercedes’ boys, ONLY!

  13. “This is where I bless my car, George”

  14. It ain’t no “Gate Of Heaven”. It is a “Stargate”. LOOK!!! It’s Kurt Russell and James Spader.

  15. “I can’t wait to text Valtteri about this.”

    1. I know I said I would stop after my last entry but I like this one too much to throw it away :)

  16. LH: That is one shiny silver car!

  17. Second at Spa was great, George, but this is my trophy room.

  18. “Dee, Eee, Cee, Cee, Geeee”

    Music to Close Encounters of a Third Kind:

    Start with D. Up a full tone to E. Down a major third to C. Down an octave to C. Up a perfect fifth to G.

  19. LH: Is it Gandalf?
    GR: A Silver Arrow, who would have imagined…
    LH: Wasn’t it supposed to be Grey?

  20. Thought the cars were getting heavier, not lighter.

  21. Into a better world, where we won’t have to fight each other in our own team.

  22. You’re definitely sure the electricity bill isn’t included in the budget cap?

  23. Lewis: “Did you leave the fridge door open?”

  24. Pictured: Toto Wolff literally exploding with fury as new boy George misreads the room and makes light of this year’s paint job being in honour of Lewis’s Abu Dhabi result

  25. “Well, they certainly brightened up the black livery…”

  26. Toto Wolff is practicing his The Thing poster impression at the back of the room.

  27. Yes George….that is what the world should have looked like after Abu Dhabi….

  28. Even the gates of Heaven had been made more efficient and reliable with German engineering.

  29. “If the FIA ban me for hollering at the stewards I will face God and walk backwards into hell”

  30. Our main protagonist has finally reached home after a long year. He has now a new “robin” by his side this year. But they are once again both hungry to fight against the horns as they call themselves. They don’t have a new batmobile but they have something as cool as that which kinda looks like one. After many years around a corner one, old enemies are rising once again. Stallion are their names. Can they defeat the horns? Will the old stallion crush them? Is there still a new enemy lurking behind the shadows? Find out in the next episodes of The Silver Bullets and the wonder kid.

  31. George: “So, L, what was the plan again?”
    Lewis: “Come here, G, listen up: we qualify 1-2 and then we turn on those rear lights to blind any driver who’d even think of trying to pass us.”

  32. 2032: As Hamilton goes for his 18th championship, Mercedes introduce the first F1 car powered by nuclear fusion.

  33. Yea, I know the other teams had criticism for hiding secrets with soft lighting, but this, really?

  34. Damned, max was there first.. Again…

  35. So remember George, when you meet my dad, just call him God, there’s no Mr.

  36. The Mercedes boys were very excited about the new regulations until Gandalf dropped by at the car launch to tell them that ‘they shall not pass’.

  37. wait. having a deja vu. wasnt a merc already unveiled.

  38. “2022 cars have headlights??”

  39. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

  40. Careful Goriot.
    I posted something very similar and it got deleted fast! ;)

  41. George, this is not the car presentation, this is us doing karaoke of Blinded by the lights.

  42. Lewis – “George .. you’re too young for this. Stay away from the light”

  43. George: THE BAND!!! THE BAND!!!!!

    Toto doing James Brown: DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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