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Australian Prime Minister calls for F1 to cancel Russian Grand Prix

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for Formula 1 to cancel this year’s Russian Grand Prix in wake of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

The race, held at the Sochi Autodrome, is scheduled to take place on September 25th. But its inclusion on the calendar has come under question from multiple figures in the Formula 1 paddock, including world champions Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

Russian president Vladimir Putin authorised a military invasion of Ukraine this week, sparking condemnation from world leaders across the globe. The Haas team have removed all branding of title sponsors Uralkali, a Russian company, from their car for today’s test running, while Formula 1 team bosses met last night to discuss whether to push for the Russian Grand Prix to be cancelled. No outcome from the meeting has been made public.

Australian freestyler skier Danielle Scott, who was in Russia to prepare for the FIS Freestyle world cup event in Yaroslavl, announced that she would not compete in the event and leave the country due to the military action. Scott’s decision was praised by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who called on other international sports, including Formula 1, to not participate in events involving Russia.

“Well done Danielle Scott for withdrawing from this event,” Morrison posted on social media.

“All international sporting events in Russia should have their authorisations withdrawn from all international sporting bodies – this includes the F1 grand prix in Sochi.”

Morrison is the first world leader to call on Formula 1 to not race in Russia, where a race has been held every season since the event joined the calendar in 2014. The Russian round is scheduled to move to a new venue at the Igora Drive circuit from 2023.

Formula 1 is set to return to Morrison’s home nation of Australia in April at the revised Albert Park circuit in Melbourne for the first time since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020.

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19 comments on “Australian Prime Minister calls for F1 to cancel Russian Grand Prix”

  1. Does this even need to be debated.

    Even if they pulled out today the true nature of those in power there has been demonstrated and should not be supported in any way.

    1. What was the result of the Teams meeting last night?

  2. At least he called for all international events rather than only Russian GP, as I initially thought.

  3. Dear F1,

    Yesterday, Russia invaded a sovereign state.

    They did so to international condemnation and a wave of sanctions which are intended to financially impact a country that is now widely regarded as a pariah.

    In response, UEFA stripped Russia of football’s Champions League final almost immediately.

    This isn’t difficult is it? What exactly is there to think about or for you to discuss with F1 teams?

    The sport seems keen these days to embrace socially aware causes, as proven with the We Race As One branding. Most of us have viewed your adoption of such principles with a cynical eye and the delays in cancelling the Russian GP only confirm that perspective.

    Please do the right thing, quickly, and cancel any Russian GPs until further notice. Sorry, that should be all Russian GPs. We wouldn’t want there to be any ambiguity, would we? ;)


    Pretty Much Every F1 Fan

    1. hear, hear. Russia’s literally pulling a Nazi Germany, this isn’t rocket science, sever those ties.

    2. Unfortunately F1 and the FIA both have a connection with Russia in that they are also Authoritarian regimes. We have seen last year a huge issue in the sport for the world to see and the FIA simply cover it up from the public by not publishing its investigation into the events. It did this as it does not want to admit any wrong doing in public. That is not the actions of a democratic organisation. The Teams were supposed to have met last night to discuss the Russia situation yet nothing has been announced as to what the result of those talks was.

      The FIA and F1 need Russian money and they have little care for anyone let alone the fans. and even less so any unfortunate citizens of the countries it goes to.

      1. I have to say, I’m legitimately stunned that someone actually went out of their way to tie a bad ref call to an illegal invasion with many casualties, but yet here we are.

        What in the actual…

      2. WT actual F?

      3. Which Russian money everything is or will be frozen so this year money is gone….

  4. This could be the only thing of which I agree with Scotty from Marketing.

    1. @justrhysism, Don’t encourage him. Besides he’s all talk-no action.

      1. @HoHum well he certainly doesn’t hold a hose.

  5. OMG the #liarfromtheshire has no shame. Liberty being an American company will have no choice but to cancel the Russion GP. Even if the sanctions don’t affect them directly the pressure from the US government and the very negative optics would make them pull the plug.
    Also, I did see earlier today that ticket sales had been stopped, I should have noted where I read that sorry.

    1. They claim it was a technical glitch rather than a purposeful stoppage.

      1. Lee1 OK.

  6. It’s fair enough. The Australian GP was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 after Australia took part in an illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq in 2003 which lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees, so at least this would be consistent.

  7. Morrison has been enough of a nut case to justify cancelling the Australian GP. What nerve.

  8. Absolutely no need to report on anything this guy says, it’s either the very obvious or straight up mendacity.

  9. Why is this such a big deal? Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and annexed Crimea in 2014, the same year the first Russian GP was held.
    It is not like Russia’s ambitions are anything new, yet no one cried when the first Russian GP was held.

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