Nikita Mazepin, Haas, Circuit de Catalunya, 2022

First pictures: Haas reveal plain livery after removing Russian flag colours

2022 F1 season

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Haas’s car has appeared in a revised livery after the team removed their Uralkali sponsorship logos and Russian flag colour scheme.

The car now has a largely plain white body and blacks wings. The logos of German web hosting company 1&1 remain on the car, as well as those of the team’s suppliers.

The team confirmed yesterday it would make the change following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has also removed the Uralkali logos from its facilities.

Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher are due to drive for the team in the last day of this week’s three-day test at Circuit de Catalunya.

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34 comments on “First pictures: Haas reveal plain livery after removing Russian flag colours”

  1. Weird at first sight.

    1. Looks a lot better to me this way really @jerejj. Although it badly needs a sponsor now to step in. Alternatively, colouring it blue and yellow would be an ace move, but I am sure the FIA would probably forbid that as making a political statement.

  2. They should keep it like this without russian flag for the whole season.

  3. Actually… With the black front wing and red Haas logo it looks quite clean, nice!

    No weird sponsor dictated color, like the red top on the Merc.

    1. Oddly it looks better.

  4. Look like an F2 team that’s about to fold but its the right decision. No lets cancel the Russian GP.

  5. I’m sure they said originally it wasn’t the Russian flag. So why did they remove it?

    1. Well, it’s certainly settled that debate IMO.

    2. Still are the colors of uralkali.
      Those oligarchs are banned worldwide.
      Inner circle of put in.

      1. That’s just it though, these were never and remain not the colours of Uralkali – their corporate colours are Green, Red and White. It was always intended as way of flying the flag in the face of the ban. Glad they’re gone.

      2. Uralkali hasn’t been sanctioned (yet) so removing them as a sponsor is an interesting decision.

        As others have quite rightly said, it’s funny how Haas denied that their car was effectively a motorised Russian flag and yet have now removed the red and blue colours!

        Haas really should do more due diligence before settling on their sponsors. Rich Energy and Uralkali are two of the most divisive sponsors I can recall in many years, and that’s even taking into account British American Tobacco and Philip Morris!

    3. I’m sure they said originally it wasn’t the Russian flag. So why did they remove it?

      They haven’t removed a flag – they’ve removed the livery that the sponsor paid for.

      With enough money, you could have an F1 car painted in any colour scheme you wanted too, @chrisr1718. Even if it kinda resembles a nation’s flag colours (which are used legitimately for other purposes, such as that nation’s Olympic Committee).
      But when you stop paying, it will disappear.

  6. Maybe we as fans should start a crowdfunding for Haas ans paint the car in the Ukraine colours. With the 100M F1 fans who knows ?

    1. Why should we help the guys that lied all last year about their colours not representing the Russian flag. We should crowdfund an alterna

      1. We should crowdfund an alternate team that values honesty, has integrity and doesn’t rort the system. Haas are the bad guys here, not for taking a sponsor, but for lying about it so badly

        1. We should crowdfund an alternate team that values honesty, has integrity and doesn’t rort the system.

          If only it were possible to find one of those in F1, @jasonj.

    2. Ukraine might not have a flag soon :)

      1. .. and the winner of this week’s competition for the most misplaced use of a smiley goes to ….

  7. Remembering the last time a plain white car rocked up to Barcelona testing after a major regulation change…

    Mick for WDC?

    1. Good Point!

    2. That would be pretty epic, right @red-andy

  8. Finally some sense of respectability.

  9. Leaving the politics to one side, I reckon it looks way better!

  10. Looks even more like an old Footwork now.
    Is it faster without the evil stripes?

  11. Looks way better too

  12. Politics aside, this looks far better! The cars do look more aggressive this year and the single colour really shows the new, mean, lean, clean lines and curves. You get to appreciate the car much more. I hope they keep it.

  13. I hope Gunther Steiner keeps a diary. His time in F1 is worth at least one book / ‘fook’.

  14. Penny for your true thoughts Mazepin.!

    1. Are you transferring that penny via SWIFT?

      1. That joke is worth a million Rubles!

  15. Cool. Now we just need to replace that Haas logo with Andretti and we’re good.

  16. Accepting huge Russian commercial backing for your team, and a deeply unpopular Russian driver funded by Putin…. What could go wrong?

    Looking at how bare that car is now the Russians (who seemingly made Hass look abhorrent as a western sponsorship proposition, or were perhaps even barred from sponsoring the team altogether – all speculation, of course!) have been cast adrift certainly stinks of eggs in one basket.

    First Rich Energy, now this. Haas need to do a better job of picking their allies, because they’ve sided with the enemy a couple of times now.

  17. Time to slap a bald eagle on there.

  18. It looks better. The Russian livery was tacky AF.

    The fact even running the car virtually plain is a massive step up says it all.

    Hopefully we don’t see it back. Would be great if another company could step in and cover some of the losses should the Russian deal end.

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