Christian Horner, Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2022

Caption competition 180: Sizing it up

Caption competition

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Pre-season testing is all about correlating figures and measuring real world data out on the race track.

So what is Sergio Perez trying to explain to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner here?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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47 comments on “Caption competition 180: Sizing it up”

  1. Oh, and let’s try and keep things SFW folks…

    1. Thankfully I read this on time.

  2. Turn 5, you could have driven a double decker up the inside.
    (Sorry to bring this up again)

  3. Oh, come on, this Caption Competition is too easy!

  4. Ey Chrissy, you ever go bass fishing uh?
    Just last week I go with my cousins, out on my boat. In the first 5 minutes I catch a monster like this big. True story bro.

  5. The fish he captured, last summer

  6. “Just between us how much did you pay Masi to fix Abu Dhabi Christian, this much? THIS MUCH?”

  7. Did you see Ferrari’s sidepods? Ours are that much smaller! :-)

  8. Cristiano Ferreira
    26th February 2022, 11:12

    Perez: So Christian, this is the amount of sand I think we need to put in our bags inside the car

  9. With the news of Masi’s departure Perez suggests a bigger gift for his successors.

  10. – Have you seen the rear on that ginger spice?
    – …

  11. Checo still not getting it…

    “You were porpoising, Max? Best I did was a trout, about this long!”

  12. Mileage table is good for reliability directions, while best laptimes table worths nothing, no team has squeezed the tube so far. One ran C3 compound, other C5, and fuel levels? And no car is well settled up at this stage. Just a long/middle runs table could be, still little, more significant.

    1. My mistake.. the post was intended for thread “The key data from F1’s first test of its new cars for 2022”

      1. someone or something
        26th February 2022, 13:19

        Still a funnier caption than everything else I’ve seen thus far.

  13. “Beautiful car innit, Checo?”
    “Yeah, Christian. Definitely. Much better than 2014 cars with wee wee this long”

  14. Horner making sure Max’s 2022 puppet is still working properly.

  15. The shakedown shows it clearly, there is only this much difference between Lewis and me….

  16. Wait till summer gets here.

  17. No, Checo, I asked, “How much wing do you have?”

  18. I’d guess a baby porpoise is about… this big?

  19. Given his years of experience in F1, Red Bull were hoping Perez could give more detailed feedback when assessing levels of downforce.

  20. We need to be able to follow the car ahead this close on the corner to overtake without DRS.

  21. I don’t care about porpoising, Christian. We can follow other cars THIS close!

  22. “If we make the wheels as wide as the track… they can’t get past us. Think about it.”

  23. “Now we don’t need to have a bed for Michael in the motorhome, surely there’s room for me to have a double?”

  24. I just need this much space to get by Verstaphen

  25. Horner: “Really? No wonder he’s a seven time world champion!”

  26. “We’re letting you have the new lightweight steering first, before Max tries it. It’s using Red Bull soapbox technology.”

  27. If I can keep this close behind Max this year I’ll be happy

  28. Sergio falls for the “Hold this compressed air for me” gag again.

  29. “So if Max is like this … then where am I?”

  30. “I have big white thumbs … It’s not my fault!”

  31. “I want a steering wheel this big please”

  32. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    26th February 2022, 17:39

    That’s going to need a two flush strategy Checo.

  33. And these Christian, are the sandbags Mercedes have been using

  34. Christian is so over Checo reminding him about social distancing guidelines

  35. Checo: It’s much bigger in person. I was shown something about this size back at the factory last month.

  36. Checo jr. teaching Checo sr and Horner their new song. If you’re the champion and you know it clap your hands.

  37. About that size. That, with the tail…

  38. Just look at the rear end on her. Thicc!

  39. C: – Max told me Masi is this big.
    H: – I know, how do you think I got him to pay us that big favour in Abu Dhabi?

  40. Unlike most fishing stories, where the fish gets bigger with time, Christian was impressed that the margin by which Max went off the track was strangely getting smaller and smaller.

  41. Christian and Checho looking at a CCTV monitor of the pit lane

    Christian. See that creepy guy in the mac, he is still complaining about the stewards.
    Checho: In a scale of between here and Mexico I care this much.

  42. So let me get this straight, if I EVER get in front of Lewis by this much, I slam on the brakes?

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