Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2022

Sainz encouraged by how hard drivers can push F1’s new tyres

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In the round-up: Carlos Sainz Jnr says he believes that drivers can push more on the new Pirelli tyres for 2022 compared to previous seasons

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In brief

Sainz encouraged by how hard drivers can push new tyres

Carlos Sainz Jnr says he believes that drivers can push more on the new Pirelli tyres for 2022 compared to previous seasons.

Formula 1 has moved to 18-inch wheels for the first time in 2022, with tyre supplier Pirelli having produced an entirely new construction of tyre to suit the bigger, lower profile wheels.

While the new Pirellis are still designed to degrade over time, Sainz believes drivers will be able to lean on them harder than in previous years.

“I am maybe a bit more encouraged by them just because they did quite a bit of testing last year – I think I did three or four days in total with the compounds and they look like they are suiting well this new generation of cars,” Sainz said.

“They look to be at least allowing you to push a bit more on them compared to other years – maybe a bit less overheating, a bit less degradation. But they’re still a tyre that degrades, a tyre that overheats… but the scale of it, for me personally, I feel like it’s a bit better and the work done by Pirelli last year and the development seems to start to pay off a bit.

Red Bull junior karter Lindblad injured in crash

Arvid Lindblad, a member of Red Bull’s junior driver team, was hospitalised after an accident during the second lap of a qualifying heat in an OK Senior class kart race in Franciacorta, Italy last weekend.

The 14-year-old suffered a broken thumb and other injuries in the accident and will undergo surgery to address his injuries, Lindblad’s father, Stefan, confirmed in a post on social media.

Lindblad’s father also expressed his dissatisfaction over the incident, calling on series organisers to conduct a “full and comprehensive investigation” into the crash.

“We and Arvid are very upset about the incident as it could easily have ended up being something much more serious,” he said.

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Comment of the day

This weekend’s Caption Competition winner is Red Andy!:

Christian Horner, Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2022

“No, Checo, I asked, ‘how much wing do you have?'”
Red Andy

Thanks to everyone who came up with caption idea this week and a special mention to NinjaBadger, Derek Edwards Frasier and Sonny Crockett who all came up with particularly good captions.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Bastardo, Kevin, Lame2741, Shminder Chatha and Mitzi!

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23 comments on “Sainz encouraged by how hard drivers can push F1’s new tyres”

  1. Hopefully the tyres are a good improvement over recent years. That alone could be enough to help the racing further.

    Wow Bernie really doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut does he…

    Interesting to hear that comment from Andretti. If Herta spent a week at Alfa that goes to show just how close that deal must have been to going through.

    1. Ecclestone has had a one on one relationship with Putin, the rest of us just believe what we are told.
      Then again with Bernie he is nuts half of the time and his comments are just not in synch with any time zone in recent times..

      1. The liberty to converse about any subject is cormpletely gone. Like the Nelson gag from the simpsons the “ha ha” gag that is so true. You can’t say anything without getting misunderstood and misrepresented and it is not like you need to clash with the narrative, that is the whole point of manipulating the discourse. Society is in this childish phase, the way the world has evolved to be, can’t wait for we to grow out of it.

        1. True and true still.

    2. Ok maybe I was slightly misled by just the quote from the interview with Bernie. If he’s saying that in his experience dealing with Putin, he was “straightforward and honourable”, that makes a bit more sense and is slightly more understandable. I still disagree with him, but it does change the mean when viewed in context.

  2. Whatever sliver of respect I might have had left for Bernie Ecclestone, is now 100% gone forever.

  3. Unsurprising quote from Bernie. In his mind, honor is tied only to wealth and so if your checks clear you are honorable.

  4. Bernie can sit on a tack.

  5. Sainz’s encouragement is a good initial sign. Hopefully, the races will ultimately prove this true.

    A nice helmet design. Perhaps even my outright favorite from among the upcoming season’s 20 regular drivers.

    I didn’t know Zak attended yesterday’s St. Petersburg opener. He didn’t get shown on the TV coverage.

    Australia reopening borders for international travel on 7.2 is the final confirmation the AusGP will go ahead as scheduled, although the build-up process started six days earlier.

  6. Bernie was huge mates with Spanky as well of course. So, well, we always like to complain about the present don’t we, but it can be good to remember things used to be worse! 😱

  7. What Bernie actually said, is not the same as what the headline says. Bernie said that Putin was “very straightforward and honourable” when dealing with him. He did not say that Putin is the same with anyone else.

    Now, I don’t agree with his stance, but that doesn’t mean that we should pretend that he said something he didn’t and especially that it’s acceptable for the media to engage in their usual shenanigans).

  8. I mean that Radio Times Bernie title is kinda off. Bernie said essentially in his personal experience in his meetings that he was straightforward and honourable. Not the same as a blanket definitive statement on the man’s qualities. Modern journalism though I suppose.

    1. It doesn’t matter.

      If Hitler treated me with total respect but still done what he done, it’s not ok to put your personal opinion out there, as if to say…’well, he was always nice to me, idk. *shrug*”

      No its not taking his comment out of context, its one nutcase defending another nutcase.

      1. @N

        If it doesn’t matter, then why lie about what he said?

        And I do think that it matters, because what he actually said allows for the interpretation that there is a way in which to deal with Putin. Your dismissal of Putin as a nutcase ignores that even nutcases can generally be handled in better and worse ways, but you don’t seem to have any interest in doing so, preferring to demonstrate your own virtue over figuring out how we can prevent conflicts with Russia. I prefer saving lives over telling people how virtuous I am.

        1. I’ve never cringed so hard at a post before.

  9. Really unsurprising from Bernie given his past statements about dictators and power relations in general. Of course there will be apologists as usual, but the straight fact is he’s a tiny little fascist with a Napoleon complex.

  10. Zhou’s lid looks very stylish. Far nicer than most I think.

    and let’s not forget folks, there were a lot of people (including British Royalty) who praised Hitler as a person when he started invading other nations.
    Even though I have never liked Bernie I suspect (hope) that what he means is simply that Putin came across as an honest type of guy rather than a slime ball.

  11. I’m not a huge Bernie fan but it’s worth actually listening to the full context rather than just the headline quote. When queried about his statements on Putin being honourable and straightforward he did concede that situations change. I do understand he’s trying to say that decisions shouldn’t just be made (specifically on whether they should race or not) because other sports are doing it, but I think he’s really misread the room on this and not understood the scale of outrage against what Russia is doing in the Ukraine. He’s really not got this one right imo.

    It’s quite sad that this once very influential man just pops up now and then to say something controversial to remind everyone he’s around. He reminds me a bit of Jackie Stewart, Jacques Villeneuve and other ex drivers/principals who seemed to have similar strategies of staying in the spotlight whenever they can.

    1. Bernies not stupid, he knows even if he explains his comments later in the interview that some sentence will be quoted on their own. What he should do is either decline to comment, or just flat out condem Putins actions. Simple as that

    2. @slowmo I don’t think BE cares if he has ‘misread the room’ or not. Don’t think he is even trying to. He is trying to defend Putin here, and he admires dictators as we have known for years. He couldn’t care less if ‘the room’ overwhelmingly disagrees with him. That’s what dictators such as BE do… their own thing, and everyone that doesn’t like it is wrong and misguided.

      Btw it is not ‘the’ Ukraine. It is Ukraine. Putting ‘the’ in front of it is like saying I live in the Canada, or referring to England as the England.

      As to your last paragraph, I disagree. I think the likes of BE, SJS, and JV get asked to, and often participate in various media because they are icons and they get asked for interviews all the time, and are even asked to contribute to media, often as a paid gig. To make it sound like they have an opinion and need to stand on a hill and shout it out to everyone that will listen for the sake of ‘staying in the spotlight’ is ridiculous. In the case of the three we are talking about, they have a massive amount of experience in F1, so why wouldn’t their opinions be sought out? Or would you prefer to dictate what others choose to do? If you don’t want to listen to ex drivers/principals opine, then don’t, but to blanket them all as just seeking the spotlight makes zero sense.

      1. It’s just my thoughts, you’re entitled to you own on what he said, no issues with you disagreeing with me.

        I don’t seek to censor ex drivers or team principals, I just think some of them just say controversial stuff to seek attention and relevance. I’m not saying they don’t have a right to have their say but I certainly have the right to call what they say is crap if I see it that way too. On the Bernie front you may recall that his suggestion over the controversial end to last years championship was Mercedes should have stopped Bottas on track forcing the safety car to be extended. Now that would be blatant cheating and not something you’d think a former respectable head of a sport should be suggesting as a team missing a trick.

        And I didn’t blanket all ex drivers and team principals in that way, I said some specific examples and others. There are plenty of ex drivers that have left the sport gracefully and when they do comment do so with humility, respect and share their knowledge and experiences. Clearly they’re not all attention seekers but there is also a minority that frequently pop up their head from the parapet to spout nonsense from time to time and my belief if they’re doing it for the headlines whether right or wrong.

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