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F1 Manager 2022 – First details revealed


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A brand new Formula 1 management simulation will be released this summer, developers Frontier Developments have announced.

First announced in early 2020, the new title will be the first in a four game series that will release over the coming four seasons. F1 Manager 2022 will be released on Xbox One, Series S|X and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles as well as PC via Steam.

The game will allow players to become the principal of a team of their choosing, offering them the chance to manage car maintenance, factory facilities, hire drivers and team personnel and manage what happens on track during races.

Frontier CEO David Braben says the game will be releasing in the summer of this year.

“We’ve been working closely with [Formula 1] to deliver a truly authentic experience, and they have provided us with extensive access to all aspects of the sport to enable us to do this,” Braben said.

“We feel this is the start of something special – we’re looking forward to bringing F1 Manager 2022 to players in summer 2022.”

Game director Andy Fletcher says F1 Manager 2022 will cater to both new and veteran F1 fans.

“There’s never been a better time to be a Formula 1 fan, and we’re excited to deliver our take on the world of turbocharged management games with the biggest racing brand in the world,” Fletcher said.

“F1 Manager 2022 will deliver an experience for both new and long-term fans that is as authentic as it is exciting. Our commitment to the ever-changing world of F1 will build a strong foundation for a long and special series that will evolve over time.”

While Formula 1 does have an officially licensed mobile management game, F1 Clash, F1 Manager 2022 marks the first fully featured motorsport management simulation game on PC and console since PlaySport Games released Motorsport Manager on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Frontier Developments are best known for their Elite Dangerous immersive space sim and the theme park based game Planet Coaster.

F1 Manager 2022 reveal trailer


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    14 comments on “F1 Manager 2022 – First details revealed”

    1. I think I’ve missed those details mentioned in the headline, now I know as much as I knew yesterday. I don’t expect much from their first attempt in any case.

    2. Steven Jackson
      7th March 2022, 16:54

      I see the M-word, needs airbrushing….

    3. ” F1 Manager 2022 marks the first fully featured motorsport management simulation game on PC and console since PlaySport Games released Motorsport Manager on Steam and Nintendo Switch.”

      We should also not forget, EA Sports and Intelligent Games did produce an F1 Manager back in 2000… Its been awhile, but will be interesting to see how they take this to another level some 22 years later…..

    4. Looking forward to it.

    5. There should be a scenario mode where you can you manage historic moments in f1, ranging in difficulty from asking Bottas to let Lewis through to keeping Piquet Jr. silent while still firing him

      1. I’m not sure scenario mode would really work in F1 manager, it would all be too difficult to simulate and would end up being quite artificial. However, I was actually thinking yesterday while rewatching Canada 2014 that a scenario mode in F1 2022 (or even its own racing game) would be absolutely brilliant. The following moments would be fun to include, and I will have missed many more:

        Abu Dhabi 2021 – both Hamilton and Verstappen on the final lap.
        Hungary 2021 – Hamilton at the moment he catches Alonso, and maybe Alonso too at this time.
        Sakhir 2020 – Russell from the moment the safety car goes in, imagining he didn’t get the puncture, and maybe Perez too at this time.
        Abu Dhabi 2016 – Hamilton trying to hold up Rosberg
        Hungary 2014 – Alonso, Hamilton or Ricciardo at the end of the race.
        Canada 2014 – all of Rosberg, Perez, Ricciardo, Vettel or Massa when they are all queued up.
        Bahrain 2014 – Hamilton and Rosberg after the final safety car.
        Malaysia 2012 – Perez and Alonso.
        Abu Dhabi 2010 – Alonso when he’s behind Petrov, maybe Webber too.
        Brazil 2008 – Timo Glock in the final laps (if you’re a Massa or Ferrari fan)
        Brazil 2006 – Michael Schumacher when he’s at the back.
        Malaysia 1999 – Michael Schumacher.
        Jerez 1997 – Jacques Villeneuve (this is just like any online race) or Michael Schumacher if you’re in a bad mood.
        Monaco 1992 – Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna.
        Monaco 1984 – Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna if there was no red flag.
        Dijon 1979 – Villeneuve and Arnoux
        Monza 1971 – anyone in the lead battle
        Nurburgring 1957 – Juan Manuel Fangio (might be hard to make)

        As for the F1 manager game, if it is anything like football manager in terms of the level of depth then it will be very addictive indeed.

        1. Steven Jackson
          7th March 2022, 23:09

          2011 Canada Spinbastian gets done on the last lap. Intermission was a bit long.

        2. F1 2012 had something vaguely similar to this – Champions mode – you’d have to complete short objectives like catching Kimi a lap down on a fresh set of softs, or overtaking JB following a SC etc. So not exactly real world scenarios, it was a fun addition but nothing more really. Looking forward to the release myself.

    6. *where you can manage

    7. The trailer reminds me very much of Motorsport Manager. If it can take PlaySport Games format and expand on it as well as add the official teams, I’m in.

    8. Love me a good manager game! Frontier are decent developers that do a lot with smaller budgets. They don’t always get everything right but they’re better than most at listening to their player base when improving their products.

      The trailer was a bit underwhelming but no surprise, this is a title I will pick up!

    9. First details? What details?

    10. *Cries in Mac user since 2018*

      1. I’ve run out of tears from when I started crying in 2006. The age of Intel brought a few more games via Steam, but Apple silicon has thrown that out the window again :(.

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