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Fittipaldi to test for Haas but team will miss start after freight delay

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Haas has confirmed it will not be ready to run when Formula 1’s second pre-season test begins tomorrow at Bahrain International Circuit.

The team has suffered difficulties with transferring its freight to Bahrain after the plane it was intended to be using for transport was delayed in Instanbul.

The team confirmed today that freight had arrived at the circuit behind schedule late last night. This will have a knock-on effect for the team, which does not expect to complete construction of its VF-22 until after the morning session begins on Thursday 10th.

Haas expects to be ready to hit the track during the afternoon session on Thursday. Following the dismissal of Nikita Mazepin from its line-up, test and reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi will be at the wheel of the VF-22.

Fittipaldi is among the contenders to replace Mazepin for the season. The Russian driver lost his place in the team after his country’s invasion of Ukraine led Haas to sever its ties with sponsor Uralkali.

Previously, Fittipaldi drove two grand prix for Haas at the end of the 2020 Formula 1 season, standing in for Romain Grosjean after he was injured at that year’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

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11 comments on “Fittipaldi to test for Haas but team will miss start after freight delay”

  1. Things don’t go well for Haas, although nothing can really get worse anymore.

    1. although nothing can really get worse anymore

      Famous last words….

  2. I kinda feel sorry for them, and I doubt their fortunes will improve any time soon.

    Let’s hope they can actually scrape through this season – we really don’t need another team collapsing.

    1. On the other hand, another team disappearing might begin to awaken some sleepy ‘stakeholders’ and alert them to how fragile their ‘investments’ are. 9 teams does not make a healthy racing series.

      They really need to drop the $200m gatekeeping fee and get some new ones in. Pronto.
      The ‘value’ they’d add is in range and depth of interest, attracting potential new sponsors (who can’t afford to place their logos on existing teams) and also in educating and training drivers, engineers, mechanics, strategists, etc. They, as a team, don’t have to win anything. Just be within 107%.
      Even Haas and Williams have achieved that every year. As did all the 2010 teams the vast majority of the time.

  3. Signs of a team near collapse. Saving money in order to survive.
    Instanbul? Curious gaffe.

    1. Well throwing out your main sponsor is not exactly going to do wonders for the financials of the team…

    2. I believe it was an F1 plane / carrier that had a problem.

      1. That is how i heard the story told as well @blueruck – an F1/Liberty plane that got stuck for repairs in Istanbul on its way TO the UK to pick up material. So they had to fly the stuff through Germany in a detour.

    3. RocketTankski
      9th March 2022, 19:31

      Instanbul gives you wings. But not enough for air freight.

  4. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    9th March 2022, 13:00

    @keithcollantine how about a poll on who should get the Haas seat?

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