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Red Bull bringing noticeable car update for final day of test – Perez

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Red Bull will bring a significant update for its RB18 on the final day of pre-season testing, Sergio Perez has revealed.

While Mercedes brought a major upgrade for its car yesterday, Red Bull’s car has not had as significant changes.

Perez told the official F1 website that Red Bull’s development schedule is “all according to plan” and the team will have new parts on the car “tomorrow.”

“I think it’s all visually easy to spot,” he added. “You will see it tomorrow.”

However the team is not planning to duplicate Mercedes ‘zero sidepod’ design. “No we’re not going that way,” he said. “I think everything should be there tomorrow and we are able to run it for the final day.”

“We have to focus on our stuff for now in this short time period of testing,” he added.

Team principal Christian Horner said the team’s priority is preparing for the opening race of the season, which takes place at the same track in one week’s time, when asked whether the RB18 will receive any significant updates over the remainder of the test.

“Obviously we’re preparing for the first race so there will be a few little bits and pieces that appear on the car as the week goes on,” he said. “But the main focus is on next weekend.”

“It’s been a reasonable test so far today,” said Horner at lunchtime. “The morning session is quite tricky because wind, sand, heat, that doesn’t have a great deal of relevance to the conditions we will be racing in next weekend.

“So there’s a lot of data gathering going on, but it’s been very, very useful and we’re racking up the laps and getting the data that we need.”

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22 comments on “Red Bull bringing noticeable car update for final day of test – Perez”

  1. Long time fan of Checo but I feel this is the last season for him in RB unless he gets consistent results all season. No Hail Mary’s. He has to match Verstappen to beat the rest of the grid and win WCC

    1. Who exactly do you thinks going to replace him?

      Gasley – not welcome back at RB
      Lando, Danny, Carlos, Charles, George, all signed

      Bottas? I think NOT

      1. @the-edge I expect they’re hoping Yuki might be ready, though I don’t he will be. Maybe they try Gasly once more, it’s been a while and he had performed well. Might have chilled out a bit which was apparently part of the problem.

    2. he had bad results in several races because he had way to long stints to try and slow down Hamilton, that’s team fault not his, he has however, to perform better on qualy.

      1. He needs to improve his qualifying form. If he starts races consistently among the first four, he will be a real aid to Verstappen, which is what RB wants. If he does so, I don’t see why RB will go for another driver in 2023.

  2. All round dodgem style bumper around Max’s car? Installation of a Michael Masi squawk box for in-race guidance? Head-up display for driving line and braking points on Max’s car? Car to pit radio censors disablist/expletive language? Straight brimmed peak cap extension for Max’s helmet? Scraping the number one decal off? Automatic double waved yellows sensor (with ability to toggle on/off)?

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      11th March 2022, 15:19


    2. Max Verstappen won the 2021 world championship. Lewis Hamilton lost. Get over it.

      1. He needed some help though.

        1. Well, Hamilton would have won the championship only thanks to the help of Bottas in Hungary (or himself in Silverstone)

          Oh wait, that perspective is banned from a Lewis fan brain

        2. Max overtook Lewis in the race and on the track. Lewis only managed to “overtake” him outside of the track cutting a corner.

    3. Still childish behaviour I see?
      Someone took your doll?

    4. Show us on the doll where the bad Max touched you

        1. LOL… as @jazz points to the doll’s head.

          1. All I can say is the Trauma Teddy was touched in some very inappropriate places!!

  3. Just watched a replay of turn 6 on lap 1 again from Abu Dhabi last year. Door wide open and Max stayed on the track to make the pass. Brundle even commented straight after the move that Max would be wise to let Checo get on his gearbox for when Lewis inevitably has to give the place back. Button also commented on how Lewis got away with that too. When Horner protested he was immediately shot down by Masi every time which just baffles me even more on how Hamilton fans think he was robbed and Masi was in favour of Red Bull.

  4. Looks like f1’s viewership figures are going right back down the hole they were in before last year. I doubt the championship lasts ten more years. What a shame! Mercedes hiring english drivers to keep the FIA from ever doing anything to target them is the smartest move in the sports’ history.

  5. RocketTankski
    11th March 2022, 20:46

    RedBull will bring a car with no overhead air box inlet. Just a roll hoop, shaped into another wing

    1. I still don’t understand why this hasn’t been done. With turbo driving the inlet, there is less benefit to the ram air effect.
      Could provide a better air flow to the rear wing and reduce drag.
      Very likely there is a major negative to it that we are not aware of, but the idea looks great.

  6. Zero sidepods

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