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Ricciardo fit to race in Bahrain after negative Covid-19 test

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Daniel Ricciardo has tested negative for Covid-19 and will be able to return for the Bahrain Grand Prix, McLaren have announced.

The team confirmed Ricciardo has returned multiple negative tests for the virus after being found positive last week.

The 32-year-old was taken ill on the day prior to the start of testing in Bahrain. He missed the first two days of the test, and the official pre-season drivers’ photograph, with reported stomach problems.

On the third day of the test, McLaren issued a statement saying that although Ricciardo had initially tested negative for Covid-19, he subsequently returned a positive test and would isolate.

In a statement issued today, the team confirmed “after testing positive for Covid-19 during last week, Daniel has now returned a number of negative tests and will therefore return to the paddock on Thursday ready to compete in this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.”

“Daniel has been feeling better each day as he continued to recover while in isolation following local regulations in Bahrain,” the team added.

Team mate Lando Norris completed all three days of the test for McLaren in Ricciardo’s place. Problems with their front brakes limited the number of laps he was able to complete.

The team had as many as four potential alternatives ready to replace Ricciardo had he been unable to race this weekend. In addition to Mercedes reserves Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries, the team also had Paul di Resta on standby.

Alpine also offered its reserve driver, reigning Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri, to take the place of his fellow Australian.

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9 comments on “Ricciardo fit to race in Bahrain after negative Covid-19 test”

  1. Well that’s good news.

    Fingers crossed everybody can take part for the first race.

  2. Good stuff, glad to have both my McLaren boys in the car this weekend. I wonder how the lack of time in the car will have impacted Ricciardo, hopefully the new cars will be more to his style and the duo will be a formidable force this year.

    In a not entirely unrelated matter – I love the way Zak says “Laandoooe” and “Daynyel Rikardoooe”.

    1. @geekzilla9000:
      I’m worried for him. Norris has done 2 GPs worth of laps more than him, experienced the new car on 2 tracks instead of 1. You’d hope the new car ‘fits’ him, but I would guess he needs to trust the brakes. And that’s actually where they have a problem.. I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good :-S

  3. Good news & BTW, Vandoorne & Di Resta won’t attend the Bahrain GP.
    Therefore, they wouldn’t have been substitute options for him anyway, but unnecessary to think anymore since this issue didn’t arise.

    1. Ehmmm…. Piastri?

  4. Good news indeed.
    I would love to see you right up there giving everyone a hard time Danny ;)

  5. Good news that he’s able to race.

    Be interesting to see just how “fit” he is as other drivers that had it took a good couple of weeks to a month to fully recover.

    Worried about his lack of seat time in the lead up which might put him a bit on the back foot, but I think Mclaren may have bigger worries with their braking issue.

    Kinda expecting a double DNF this weekend from them.

    1. My thoughts exactly. McLaren on the whole dont look comfortable heading into the first race. Not sure whether they have solved their issue with brakes without any compromise so i think we shouldn’t expect much from them for the first few races or worst case, at least until the summer break.
      Daniel will keep his seat if the car isnt capable of fighting at the top

  6. I agree with all the comments above 👆

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