(L to R), Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz Jr, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2022

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc leads the drivers championship by eight points from Carlos Sainz Jnr after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Team Total
1 Ferrari 44
2 Mercedes 27
3 Haas 10
4 Alfa Romeo 9
5 Alpine 8
6 AlphaTauri 4
7 Red Bull 0
7 McLaren 0
7 Aston Martin 0
7 Williams 0

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2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

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31 comments on “2022 Bahrain Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Pls pls leclerc dont choke and sbin like vettel. 🤞🤞🤞

    1. Lets hope he gets 1 WDC, as Vettel has 4.

      1. +1 still haven’t forgiven Vettel for his 2018 season especially his home race. Thankfully both Leclerc and Sainz have the goods to do good this year!

  2. Tough luck for Max – he raced well as always. Great racing from Leclerc and actually Lewis raced pretty good as well. KMag raced fantastic and smashed his team mate as expected. Hulkenberg parked at the back as expected. And yes HAAS made the right decision with KMAG back in the team and not Hulkenberg, Fittipaldi etc.

  3. Grand slam?

    Forza Ferrari.

    Also racing was somewhat good, until Red Bulls failed miserably.

    It seems the new regulations are a smashing success, cars were running nose to tail, and faster drivers were able to gain positions.

    1. @jureo It popped into my mind just before I saw your comment and yes, technically it will be regarded as a grand slam indeed as Leclerc led at the finish line every lap, and he was ahead during pit stops as well.

      1. Sorry, he fell behind Sainz and Perez during the 2nd round of pit stops. Close but no GS then.

  4. Hopefully this is the start of many
    Ferrari red crossing the white line whilst a chequered flag is waving is what makes it worth it

  5. I reiterate:
    Well well well… finally justice was done… it seems that Saint Fangio decided to put things in their place. After the disgusting, shameful, scandalous THEFT of the championship from Hamilton by the indecent owners of Formula 1, fans can enjoy this well-deserved victory for Ferrari. And the podium of Hamilton, the true world champion 2021.

    1. Yeah, funny how that works right? Both RedBulls retiring.

      Also funny how after years of Toto Wolff crying about a fast Ferrari, we now have a fast Ferrari.

    2. Triplicate comment detected *yawn*
      (and it was desultory enough first time)

    3. Same answer again, justice was done in abu dhabi for silverstone etc., this has nothing to do with it.

  6. Haas third in the table. Ran top ten on merit the whole race. Amazing.

  7. If you said Haas will be P3 in the WCC after race 1, no one would’ve believed.

    1. I still do not believe it.

      1. Steve Hudson
        21st March 2022, 9:59

        get used to it Verstappen is a poor sports man and a poor racer. Most of his wins were after he pushed other drivers off the track. The most unworthey driver i have ever seen is 55 years of whtchen F1

        1. What’s poor racing to do with verstappen’s retirement? Nothing as far as I see, and that wasn’t poor racing at all.

      2. get used to it Verstappen is a poor sports man and a poor racer. Most of his wins were after he pushed other drivers off the track. The most unworthey driver i have ever seen is 55 years of whtchen F1

    2. I luv chicken
      20th March 2022, 22:17

      Anyone got Grosjean’s phone number? Fan favourite in Indy, doing rather well also.
      MSC isn’t up to snuff, and it might be time to put the old gang back together.

      1. While I echo your sentiment regarding Grosjean, at least they got K-Mag back. would be painful to see them with great package this season wasted on Mick and Mazepin duo

    3. I luv chicken
      20th March 2022, 22:20

      One thing about the HAAS, that I noticed during qualm. That car looks fast. Simple and sweet.

  8. Great to see KMAG back and in a Haas car that’s decent. Really enjoyed that!

  9. 0 points for RB and McLaren too. Who’d have dared to bet on this?

  10. So what’s the rule on the order of the teams tied? As i see it the tie breaker would go Aston Martin for an 11th place finish, Williams for 13th place, McLaren for 14th, and Red Bull in last place for an 18th place. Karma can be beautiful to watch in action

    1. For a race? The 2nd, unless reliability is 2005 mclaren like, it will get back in a reasonable position.

  11. Engine manufacturer points:

    Ferrari 63
    Merc 27
    Alpine 8
    RB/Honda 4

  12. I probably missed it because I was watching on mobile while juggling a 3 year old – but didn’t Ocon have a 5s time penalty? The pack was still pretty closed up at the end because of the safety car, so I was expecting him to fall behind Alonso??

    1. Ocon did serve his penalty. He was just much faster than the old Nando. I think, Ocon was about 20-25 seconds faster than Alonso in this race.

      Alonso didn’t have any grip, his tyres wearing off too quickly, so it’s a problem of setting up the car. But the pace…. Alpine is so slow, 50 seconds behind in 25 laps.

      1. But with McLaren not showing up and Williams not (yet?) moving up, Alpine still are more or less where they were, just with now the Ferrari customers around (and AT still a bit quicker overall but with issues). Not sure this was the full ‘Le Plan’ then though.

  13. mclaren where the real heroes today, what a team! beat william and hass, total rear lock down!

  14. Mercedes bagged a lot of points, for what appears to be a very long season for them atleast.

    Red Bull have a fight on their hands, despite having a fast car both cars failed and one failed in many ways.

    But Red team 1-2? How cool is that?

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