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Domenicali expects ‘a big Imola crowd like the old days’ as Ferrari start season ahead

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In the round-up: Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali welcomed Ferrari’s return to form after their one-two finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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Ferrari winning “good for everyone” – Domenicali

Fans at Imola during the 2001 San Marino Grand Prix
Domenicali was Ferrari’s team principal from 2008 and 2014. He expects to see strong crowds in his home town, Imola, when F1 races there next month, following his former team’s strong start to the season yesterday.

“There’s no doubt that to see Ferrari back again competitive is very good for everyone,” he said. “I’m sure that this will have an impact on the number of ticket sales that we, the promoter, will sell. And I’m expecting in Imola, a big crowd does in the old days.”

F1 raced at Imola between 1980 and 2006, before returning in 2020.

Latifi downbeat after 16th in opener

Nicholas Latifi described a tough first race of 2022 for Williams after finishing 16th in Bahrain.

“It was a tricky day and it’s clear we’re not starting off as strong as we would have liked,” he said. “We’ve been lacking pace, struggling with overall grip, balance and tyre degradation. We need to work out how we extract more out of the package we have now and have a real push to react as soon as possible to bring some more speed to the car.”

F2 and F3 points unchanged by penalties

Three F2 drivers and one F3 driver collected penalties in yesterdays feature races, but none had any effect upon the points standings.

In F2, Enzo Fittipaldi took a five-second penalty for colliding with Richard Verschoor and Oliver Caldwell received the same for exceeding track limits four times at turn four. Amaury Cordeel received a stiffer sanction in the form of two 10-second time penalties for twice breaking the pit lane speed limit.

F3 driver Hunter Yeany was penalised five seconds after he was considered wholly to blame for his collision with Niko Kari.

Formula 2 drivers struggle with broken equipment

Theo Pourchaire said a tyre marble cracked his visor during the final 12 laps on his way to victory in yesterday’s feature race in Bahrain.

“During the race, my visor broke because of rubber, the tyres,” Pourchaire explained. “Behind Drugovich I received something and my visor was broken, it was like a crack on the left hand side.”

Pourchaire said it affected him “a lot” over the final laps. “It was so difficult to concentrate because you have that happening and then you need to push, need to be really careful with the tyres. It was so difficult.”

Third-placed driver in the feature race Jüri Vips sympathised, revealing he also had an equipment failure in Saturday’s sprint race. “My left belt completely off the HANS so every time I braked since lap five or something it just [flew around].”

“This is F2,” concluded Pourchaire.

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Comment of the day

The discussions between race direction and the teams shouldn’t be broadcast, says Sumedh:

This has predictably gone the same way as the televised drivers’ briefings with Charlie Whiting done in 2017/2018.

I think not broadcasting makes sense. The intent, honesty, transparency of the participants – team personnel, drivers – is inevitably compromised knowing that the exchange is getting televised. Instead of seeking genuine clarifications, the participants are catering to their fans and trying to sway the public opinion.

May be they should make it public after the race, that way we have transparency but not direct pressure on race director.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Gary Richardson, Gaz, Thomahawk_93, Thomas Martin and Alec Glen!

On this day in motorsport

  • 40 years ago today Nelson Piquet won the Brazilian Grand prix ahead of Keke Rosberg, though both were later disqualified for running underweight, handing victory to Alain Prost

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29 comments on “Domenicali expects ‘a big Imola crowd like the old days’ as Ferrari start season ahead”

  1. F1tv’s first Edwards and Palmer race. I enjoyed it, I’m sure sky’s broadcast was as usual able to injecting some extra bits of relevant backstage information since they are privy with merc and lots of other key staff. Anyway even if sky is not completely without merit, I can’t stand them.

    1. @peartree Thank your lucky stars you don’t have to listen to the two cretins we have to put up with in the GCC. It was bad when it was free to air but for some reason I had to use a paid streaming service to access their broadcast this weekend. Now I have to pay they are absolutely unacceptable. Cannot wait for F1TV to be allowed in my location.

      Some examples of what they do:

      1) They literally never stop talking like their hair is on fire, from the first word to the last. It must be a mandate from the broadcaster but it means they speak without thinking and stumble over their words.
      2) They constantly fail to identify drivers wrong. Bottas battling Mick Schumacher, they say it’s Zhou and Magnussen even though they are miles apart on track. Which Mercedes driver is that…yellow helmet, yellow flashes on the car, must be Russell. It’s infuriating.
      3) They prattle on incessantly about “technical issues” they don’t understand.
      4) When in doubt, blame a lock up on “cold tyres”… even if the driver in question has had them on the car for 10 laps.
      5) They have no basic understanding of how a race unfolds. Any serious F1 fan would have spotted the undercut was strong by watching how the midfield shook out after the first few stops (Albon/Schumacher in particular)…meaning you need to highlight that as a factor when Leclerc and Verstappen are in that phase. Did they? Of course they didn’t.
      6) Battle for the lead going on? Don’t worry about that, let me finish my inane story about some reason I just made up to explain why McLaren are slow.
      7) Always referring to Fernando Alonso as “The Fonz”.

      1. @geemac lol. That is dreadful. Reminds me of Tom Gaymor doing super formula.

        1. @peartree 10 minutes in my wife said “why don’t you just mute them”…may do that next time.

      2. @GeeMac

        What’s the GCC?

        1. Gulf Cooperation Council.

          A regional organisation which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE and Oman.

  2. Assuming Mercedes do a Mercedes and bring forward big upgrades, should be a good 3-way battle for both championships!

  3. I throughly enjoyed Naomi Schiff’s commentary this weekend on Sky’s broadcast. She could easily replace Damon Hill who was flat out embarrassing during FP1 and contributed very little during the rest of the weekend.

    1. I luv chicken
      21st March 2022, 7:34

      She just needs to dump the 90s thrift store look. I know she’s trying to hide a weight gain, but man, those wardrobe choices. Askking questions just to ask a question, left me shaking my head. Many of her questions were out of context, and didn’t follow the flow of the interviews.

      1. Does what a presenter is wearing really matter that much, would you complain the same about what the male presenters are wearing? I’ll give you the rest albeit I think that is the same of most of the guests.

        1. No, but it’s distracting when someone is dressed like a ‘90s Spice Girl.

      2. Maybe she should wear mum jeans with a big fat slob of a gut hanging over a too tight belt like croft, Brundle and Herbert do?

      3. As others have noted already, I’m not sure what she wears matters all that much. The Sky team is very diverse in its wardrobe choices. From Ted’s shorts to Simon’s pants colors to Nico’s extra slim pants, etc. Their wardrobe choices are a reflection of their personality and I have no problem with them and don’t see it impacting their contributions to the broadcast.

        For her first race weekend, I thought she did a pretty great job. There is absolutely room for growth but she is starting at a much higher place than Damon Hill is at.

  4. Shouldn’t you retire immediately if your Hans device is broken?

    1. @fer-no65 Perhaps, yes, retiring would be wise.

    2. Any failure of the belt or HANS device should be black flagged and the car forced to return to the pits until the issue is either resolved or they must retire the car. The FIA should not accept drivers carrying on when safety devices aren’t working, it’s just not worth someone’s life.

    3. @fer-no65 I was thinking the same thing, and this also applies I think to having a cracked visor. Any safety element which is compromised should have to be resolved immediately. This sets an awful precedent.

  5. Briatore will have an official role with F1 as an ambassador to liaise between promoters and the FOM and to leverage his connections with regard to the F1 marketing. We are going to be used to see him more often in the paddock.

    1. @tifoso1989 Really? I’ve never missed him, but I guess, I’ll have to get used to seeing him in the paddocks again.
      No formal announcement yet, though.

  6. McLaren are done. Game over. They need to get new engineers.

    Missiles at the Saudi race sounds like a Bernie innovation.

    1. @Adrian How would new engineers suddenly make a difference? Nothing’s over for them after a single event.
      Bernie innovation, LOL. Good joke.

      1. Mclaren was the worst car in Bahrain, it is significative that “news” do not talk about that.

    2. @adrian @jerejj Nice to be flippant about such things.

      I work for a Saudi company, though I don’t live in the Kingdom, and one of our facilities near the Yemen border was hit by one of those missiles on Sunday morning. Real people work at those facilities, good people with families to support. Before making such comments please think about that.

      1. I wonder if the Yemeni civilians that have been genocide’d are ‘good people’.

  7. Yes, Ferrari’s strong start will probably help ticket sales for the Emilia-Romagna GP & Italian GP, depending on how well the season has gone for them by that event.

    Williams needs to improve, although higher positions might still be a tough task, given tight midfield.

    Why would the new helmet design be a tribute to Nico Rosberg?

    Yet another award. I wonder what next, an award for fair play, for a special friendly action?

    Interesting info concerning Jeddah, but I doubt a late cancellation would occur.

    COTD: I see the point, although, regarding the filmed 2017 driver briefings (Monaco, Malaysia, Japan, US, & Mexico), not all drivers held back on their views despite camera presence.

  8. Theo Pourchaire and Jüri Vips whould have retired or pitted if a safety device had failed, and as they did they should be reprimanded! Safety devices cant be overlooked.

  9. I resisted the temptation to ask @LewisHamilton if his new helmet was a tribute to @NicoRosberg

    I can’t help but thinking that, if it had been Verstappen in a similar situation, you would’ve asked to make a juicy headline out of it.

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