Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Bahrain International Circuit, 2022

“I don’t hold back”: Verstappen’s full radio transcript from his luckless Bahrain GP

2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen’s first race as world champion must rank as one of the most frustrating of his career.

The Red Bull driver was vexed by braking problems, and ill-handling car and rapid tyre degradation. He also complained to his team about their strategic choices, becoming convinced he had missed out on an opportunity to pass Charles Leclerc for the lead.

His misery deepened in the final laps as he attempted to take on Leclerc by making an extra pit stop, only for the Safety Car to be deployed, which allowed the Ferrari driver to fit fresh tyres and stay ahead. Making matters worse for Verstappen, his steering suddenly became very heavy after his last pit stop.

Then, to cap that misfortune, a power unit problem ended his race. Having looked like a contender for victory when he headed the practice sessions earlier in the weekend, Verstappen left the first race point-less.

As a race of almost unrelenting misfortune unfolded, Verstappen’s exchanges with his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase grew increasingly heated.

Team radio transcript: Max Verstappen, 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix

Verstappen lined up second behind Leclerc and the pair kept their places at the start with Carlos Sainz Jnr in pursuit. They started on soft tyres, Verstappen favouring used rubber so he had a fresh set to switch to later.

Lambiase soon told him to begin moderating his pace to conserve the car and tyres. However Verstappen soon encountered problems with his engine braking.

1LambiaseYour brake bias offset Max.
1LambiaseMode seven please Max. Mode seven. Display eight and forwards on your brake bias offset. Straight into management.
1LambiaseStrategy info, Leclerc is on a new set of softs.
1LambiaseB-bal four, Max, B-bal four.
1LambiaseMax we believe both Ferraris on new soft.
2LambiaseOK Max so just focus on that management beginning of stint as discussed, gap behind 1.5.
2LambiaseDRS is active.
2VerstappenEngine braking is doing funny things mid-corner.
2LambiaseUnderstood it. Increase torque if you need it.
2LambiaseWe’re looking at the engine over-run Max and we’ll get back to you with an update.
3LambiaseGap behind 2.2.
3LambiaseEngine 13 position one, engine 13 position for that engine braking.
3LambiaseIncrease lift-off as well, please, Max, just while we’re behind Leclerc, increase lift-off for the brakes.
4LambiaseGap behind 2.5.
4LambiaseStrat five, strat five.
4LambiaseOkay increase lift-off please, Max, increase lift-off.
5LambiaseHow’s the engine braking, Max?
5VerstappenYeah more normal.

Verstappen’s braking problems began to clear up, though he had to significantly reduce how hard he was hitting the pedal. His soft tyres were also dropping off quickly, and the team began to prepare for his first pit stop.

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6LambiaseSo increase your lift-and-coast a bit more please, Max.
6VerstappenMate I’m barely braking.
6LambiaseMax can I have a front wing update for the next stint please.
6VerstappenYeah that’s all good.
6LambiaseUnderstood. Gap behind four seconds.
8LambiaseThings improving on the brake side Max so good job with that. Just continue what you’re doing at the moment and I’ll let you know when we can reduce it.
9LambiaseOkay Max, just think about lifting, go to partial throttle slightly earlier at turn and less of a lift. You’re just leaning on front-left a little bit too much. So bring your throttle lift earlier.
9VerstappenI really have zero traction.
9LambiaseUnderstood Max.
10LambiaseMode six, mode six.
11LambiasePU one position two please Max, one position two.
13VerstappenTraction is completely gone.
13LambiaseUnderstood Max.
13LambiaseAnd a front wing update now.
13VerstappenFront wing is fine, I don’t know, just need more traction.

Verstappen was advised not to push his fresh tyres too hard after leaving the pits. However, as he had pitted before Leclerc, he also had an opportunity to use the extra performance to jump ahead of his rival.

He fell short of doing so, but nonetheless had an opportunity to pass the Ferrari. He managed to do so, but only temporarily, Leclerc re-passing him each time.

The Red Bull could only sustain the pressure temporarily, however. “I was overheating a lot if I wanted to attack,” Verstappen explained afterwards. “So after the fighting I had with Charles I had to let him go.”

13LambiaseBox and pit confirm Max. Strat 12 in pit lane.
14LambiaseOkay strat eight torque nine at the white line on the exit, white line on the exit.
14LambiaseOkay so do not hit these tyres hard, Max.
14LambiaseTorque 10, torque 10.
15LambiaseOkay so Leclerc ahead of you at pit out.
15LambiaseOkay Max I think we’ll have one go at him before we have issues with the brakes again.
16LambiaseHe’s down on SOC [state of charge], Max, he is down on SOC.
17LambiaseMode seven, mode seven.
17LambiaseEyes on dash for the brakes please Max, we need a lift off at this stage.
18LambiaseMax, the overtake to four is available as well.
18VerstappenYeah but mate I can’t stay close through turn one.
18LambiaseOkay Max increase lift off, please Max, increase lift off.
19LambiaseSo just try to bring the brakes down at this stage Max, just focus on that.
20LambiaseEngine seven position three, engine seven position three.
20VerstappenIt’s really impossible to brake like this with these brakes.
20LambiaseOkay, understood Max.

Verstappen got his overheating under control again, but it cost him time to Leclerc. The gap opened up between the pair of them, and soon Verstappen was indicating to his team that it was time for another fresh set of rubber.

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21LambiaseOkay so Leclerc last lap 37.8. Sainz behind 37.7. Checo on the medium 37.6.
21LambiaseMax can we try engine 13, engine one three position nine, just let me know if you have any issues with engine braking.
21LambiaseBrake info, under control again.
24VerstappenWell it’s such a shit balance, everywhere on entry I’m understeering and then on throttle I have no traction.
24LambiaseOkay understood Max thank you. Mode six.
24LambiaseB-bal three, b-bal three.
26VerstappenThey’re almost done again, the tyres.
26LambiaseOkay copy that. Last lap was just a tenth behind Leclerc.
26LambiaseSainz behind same lap. Checo 38.7. Currently at diff seven. You’ve got six available for the entry.
27LambiaseLeclerc last lap 38.8.
28LambiaseSo it’ll be blue flags for Hulkenberg ahead.
28VerstappenI’m completely stuck with my tools. I can’t get a balance in the car.
28LambiaseUnderstood Max.

The gap between Leclerc and Verstappen had opened so wide that Red Bull knew they wouldn’t be able to jump ahead of him however quick the world champion’s out-lap was. Lambiase made that point to Verstappen, but after Leclerc came out in front of him again the frustrated driver made it clear to his team he felt the ‘undercut’ had been possible.

29LambiaseBox pit confirm please Max, box pit confirm. Start 12 in pit lane.
30LambiaseOkay strat eight and white line on the exit. You have to bring these tyres in gently this stint please Max. I expect Leclerc to pit as well. White line on the exit.
30VerstappenWhat was the gap to him?
30LambiaseToo big for the undercut.
31VerstappenOK, this is now two times that I take it easy on the out-lap that when I could have easily been in front. I’m never, ever doing it again.
31LambiaseStrat five, strat five.
32LambiaseYou are free to push, Max. Free to push.
33LambiaseOK, so info both Sainz and Checo have pitted on that last lap as well.
34VerstappenHow many laps are there to go?
34Lambiase23 including this one.
38LambiaseEngine 14 position three. Engine one four position three.
41LambiaseJust mode five for the moment please, Max. Mode five.

Exploiting every avenue to take the fight to Ferrari, Red Bull brought both their drivers in together for a final stop. But bad luck struck again: Soon after leaving the pits Verstappen reported his steering had deteriorated.

Verstappen’s car was wounded at the restart
Team principal Christian Horner explained what had happened after the race. “I think he bent the track rod when the car got dropped off at the final pit stop,” he said.

“That made the car inconsistent between left and right. So he did a great job with that.”

Lambiase chose his words very carefully in his communications with Verstappen. Red Bull were clearly at pains not to give the race director or rival teams any indication there might be a safety problem with the car, which might lead them to have to retire it.

“It wasn’t a safety concern,” Horner confirmed after the race. “It was just very uncomfortable for him to drive.”

Verstappen said the car was “not easy to drive because of just not having a feeling for what the car was doing” after the breakage.

“It was not natural. You can lose power steering or whatever, and it’s just heavy, but it was almost stuck in some places. So really difficult to drive.”

42LambiaseOkay box and pit confirm please Max box. Box and pit confirm. Strat 12 in pit lane.
43LambiaseAnd strat eight, strat eight. White line on the exit.
43LambiaseBlue flags for Stroll.
43LambiaseBack to strat five.
43VerstappenOh mate my steering wheel is suddenly really heavy. Oh my god it’s almost locked.
43LambiaseStand by.
43VerstappenI almost can’t steer.
43LambiaseLet me know if you need to box Max.
43VerstappenNo just fucking tell me what’s wrong. I’ll try to handle it.
43VerstappenTell me if something is loose or not.
43LambiaseNegative for the moment.
43LambiaseStay out one more lap.
44VerstappenJust getting into fast fill or something?
44LambiaseMax is the oil heavy in both directions, so both left and right-hand?
44VerstappenEverywhere, everywhere. It’s not even smooth. Like I have to fucking… even on the straight.
44LambiaseOkay understood.
44LambiaseMax, this is a 14-lap stint so just look after these.
44LambiaseMode six.

The next blow came when the Safety Car was deployed in reaction to Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri came to a stop as its power unit caught fire. Red Bull’s tactical move against Ferrari was thwarted.

45LambiaseVirtual Safety Car deployed Max. VSC deployed. Dash positive. Dash positive, target plus one.
45LambiaseSafety Car deployed, Max, Safety Car deployed.
45VerstappenAh, for fuck’s sake.
45LambiaseTarget plus one.
45VerstappenWhat position are we?
45LambiaseCurrent P2. Sainz and Checo pitted.
45VerstappenHow did my lap time look with that steering?
45LambiaseIt looked fine for the moment. Pace looked okay.
45VerstappenJust keep checking what it can be, if something is stuck or whatever.
45LambiaseYeah. Copy.
46LambiaseSo currently the Safety Car is at turn 10 exit. Leclerc did pit for a fresh set of soft tyres. Just continue to follow your delta. So use this opportunity to bring your brake temperature down Max, bring the brake temperature down.
46LambiaseOkay Max so steering update. We are staying out. We don’t believe it’s a reliability concern at this stage, but we can go through it a bit later.
46LambiaseI’m not saying it’s not affecting, your performance or balance but we do believe it to be safe.
46VerstappenYeah it’s just super-hard to drive because of the inputs I’m doing, it’s like a [unclear].
47LambiaseSo that’s 47 laps complete, 10 laps remaining. Brake temperature coming down nicely. Engine seven position two, please engine seven position two.
48VerstappenYeah it’s more and more difficult to steer with speed.
48LambiaseCopy that Max.
48LambiaseFrom what we can see the situation is stable, so nothing’s getting worse. But it is what it is. May have to live with it. Obviously if it becomes un-drivable you know the situation. Lapped cars might now overtake. Expect six cars to come through. So just stay on your racing line.
48LambiaseThat’s all of those cars, Max.
48LambiaseMode three please Max, mode three.
49LambiaseOkay Safety Car in this lap, Max, Safety Car is in this lap.

When the Safety Car came in, Verstappen was more preoccupied with keeping Sainz behind him than attacking Leclerc ahead. But then came the power unit failure which ended his race.

“You always say to yourself and the team as well, we have to score points,” said Verstappen after the race. “It doesn’t matter if it’s first or second in the first race. You could see that in turn one at the start – I didn’t risk too much.

“But to lose so many points also for the team is very disappointing because in the championship, where sometimes it can be really tight to the end. These are very important points.”

49VerstappenHow many laps to go?
49LambiaseThere will be seven racing laps when we get going, seven racing laps. Front tyres are on the cold side so just think about your bias offset for turn one. And a reminder you cannot overtake until the line.
49LambiaseSo you’ve already switch changed Max, we’ll be recharge off.
50LambiaseBias offset when you need to.
50LambiaseMode seven, mode seven.
50LambiaseDRS enabled.
52VerstappenWhat’s the gap behind?
52VerstappenMate what’s going on with the battery?
52LambiaseGap at 1.2 behind. Battery fine.
53VerstappenNo it’s not. Mate I have no… What the fuck is this?
53LambiaseStand by Max.
53VerstappenIt’s just shitting itself.
53LambiaseYeah, copy Max, it’s not battery-related.
53LambiaseWe can see the issue, Max, it’s not battery related.
53VerstappenWhat do you want me to do?
53LambiaseThere’s not a lot we can do.
53LambiaseOK try to make it into the pit lane please Max.

“I say what I think in the car” – Verstappen
Verstappen suffered a year’s worth of misfortune in a single race in Bahrain and left his race engineer in no doubt how he felt about it. But despite the occasional strong words on the radio, the relationship between the pair remains strong according to the driver.

“I don’t hold back, I say what I think in the car,” said Verstappen. “I was not happy with what we were doing or the balance of the car I had, with the strategy.

“It was not necessarily directed to GP because I have a really good relationship with him. But of course, he’s the only one I can talk to. But we have to analyse quite a few things.”

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103 comments on ““I don’t hold back”: Verstappen’s full radio transcript from his luckless Bahrain GP”

  1. That’s a great write up, I appreciate all the hard work that went into it!

    I felt that the director didn’t give us a lot of team radio in that race and I was right. Let’s hope they reverse that trend.

    1. You can follow a driver with f1tv.
      But indeed, it’s nice to see this in writing.
      Explains the frustration that kept building with each new problem.
      Did a great job but in the end it is an mechanical sport with accompanied problems.

    2. oh it was constant and insufferable moaning all race… even the car couldnt handle it and called it quits :) what a moaner

      1. In different with Lewis Max had something real to moan about…

        1. @macleod what’s the point of bringing Lewis up? He’s got nothing to do with this article.

          1. @gardenfella72 Seems Mystic brought Lewis in talking about moaning. I pointed the difference Max had several things to moan about compaired with Lewis who moans about his tyres and then set the fastest time on those.

            Mystic One remind me about someone i don’t like.

          2. @macleod not in this thread, he didn’t. So your point was just to moan about a driver you don’t like, whether or not it added anything relevant to the conversation. Got it. Thank you for your pointless contribution.

          3. @gardenfella72 I like Lewis as driver as i am a long fan of him but he moans a lot.

            oh it was constant and insufferable moaning all race… even the car couldnt handle it and called it quits :) what a moaner

            He is talking about moaning or i don’t understand English it’s just that guy rubs me wrong. as the only thing he does is complaining about Max.

          4. @gardenfella72 thanx for getting my /s :)

            It is clearly evident that those annoyed by my comment are those that does the same constantly and neverendingly. You can feel the pain in their words :)

          5. @macleod no you don’t like Lewis, don’t be that guy saying I like him, but he maons (every driver and team personal does it to certain degree)

            “In different with Lewis Max had something real to moan about”

            This comment is pointless and useless to your argument about I like Lewis comment of yours. I didn’t bring Lewis into non Lewis article, but those annoyed by it clearly are the ones over doing it in every article on this website and moans about Lewis. Just like you did. My comment is sarcastic to those who gets it. I have seen every driver moan Lewis included so many times. They all do it. But regardless of reasons and situations, people love to dig at Lewis no matter what. See how annoying it is when done even in its context.

          6. @mysticus I don’t like Lewis i don’t understand that or are you sarcastic. You start about moaning while i say Max had things to ‘moan’ about and i gave a example of Lewis moaning about his tyres (as he always does) as the difference.

            As i followed F1 a very very long time I was a fan of Lewis from 2007 to present. So you telling me telling i don’t like Lewis is a offense to me as i respect Lewis a lot (ok the moaning not so but every driver does that) and i ask to keep your remarks to yourself and don’t say things I didn’t say OR what you think i said.

            Your comments are yours and and my comments are mine so don’t comment on things i didn’t comment on.
            I hope this is understandable but that is the best English what i could do.

          7. @macleod

            So you telling me telling i don’t like Lewis is a offense to me as i respect Lewis a lot

            No i m not telling you, you are telling that with your pretentious choice of words!

            In different with Lewis Max had something real to moan about

            i didnt even say a word about Lewis you brought it up, and even that implied hidden hate about Lewis. What does that even mean? Lewis never had anything to moan about but Max is entitled?
            My comments are obviously mine, you replied to me but twisting my words and involving someone else to justify your own comment. My comment was to show exactly this annoying attitude a lot of max fans doing. I can tell it irritated/annoyed you, imagine how many others think this way? Now imagine the same about other fans when max fans speak like this? maybe you will get my point and sarcasm

          8. @mysticus Lets us stop this I don’t understand you and/or you don’t understand me and that will us saying the wrong things.

            @gardenfella I am sorry about this it seems i couldn’t expres myself clearly enough.

          9. @macleod i try to be polite when you are likewise. your comments came out/sounded like some max fan (we all know who). everyone are entitled to opinions but some people have these to extreme to the point of hate! thats what people are irritated by.

  2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
    22nd March 2022, 17:53

    Nice write up! Race started to really unfold poorly for Max after that third stop! Curious what that braking bias issue was that was mostly resolved. RBR is going to really need to get on top of that tire degradation if they plan to compete for wins. Ferrari looked in control with minimal lack of tire grip through a stint. Maybe Bahrain specific?

    1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
      22nd March 2022, 17:59

      correction: “Ferrari looked in control with RBRs lack of tire grip through a stint.”

    2. I mean, Max was running behind another car (LEC) for the entire race, of course his tire deg is going to be higher. I don’t think it necessarily means Ferrari is going to be better on the tires.

      1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
        22nd March 2022, 19:28

        Max ran the majority of the race 2 to 4 seconds behind LEC! With the new cars, following a car from those distances shouldn’t increase tire deg all that much! So not really.

        1. @flyingferrarim I think they implied tire deg is usually high at this track, plus this is all so new to them, and while you’re right about 2 to 4 seconds a lot of the time, he also spent a lot of time a lot closer than that. I think it is just too early days yet and as these teams work on their setups etc etc I’m sure things like tire deg will improve, as will close combat and all kinds of things. DRS will be different at the next track. So much yet to learn and to play for.

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            22nd March 2022, 22:58

            Agreed that tire deg is going to take a few races to sort. SjaakFoo was pretty to the point in saying that Max was running close enough behind LEC that resulted in higher deg. So I was just making aware that Max was only racing close enough for possible higher deg of (say under 2 seconds for probably a total of (very rough estimate) 15 laps of the 57. In the grand scheme of things… not many laps. But in general I agree with you.

  3. It must be frustrating fighting so many issues and still wanting to win. I hope Redbull fixes these problems.

  4. “Verstappen was advised not to push his fresh tyres too hard after leaving the pits. However, as he had pitted before Leclerc, he also had an opportunity to use the extra performance to jump ahead of his rival.”

    This opportunity was primarily in his head, and is not supported by the lap data.

    1. It is, see the data. The laptime he won in the first stint was incredible.
      The second stint he had to close a gap of two seconds while he easely was those two seconds faster but not “alllowed” to gain.
      In the pitstop charles won 0.5s ( faster stop) and Max gained a full second not pushing.
      He could have ended for Charles .

      1. I wonder too if Max was simply going by how he was able to come out of the pits right behind CL, so even just visually Max may have thought there was more he should have been able to do. And of course even though CL was able to re-DRS Max and stay ahead, I’m sure to Max he would have thought that if he could just get ahead he might be able to find a way to stay ahead. In hindsight it wasn’t meant to be, but I can see in the heat of the moment Max being tempted to just go for it. Worst case scenario he comes second but at least he would have tried everything, and it’s like he was left feeling handcuffed to do that. Of course, race ending issues aside but that was afterwards.

      2. @erikje I don’t know what lap data you’re referring to. Nowhere was he ‘easily those two seconds faster’

        Leclerc had him beaten at every turn. Even when Max was in front, Charles had let him through for tactical reasons.

        1. You are voicing an opinion. That3good but you lack arguments. Look at the hard data. That is proof enough..
          Just look at the gap before and after the first pitstop.

          1. @erikje as I said, I’ve looked at the evidence and it doesn’t back up your opinion.

            Basically, the data doesn’t mean what you think it means

      3. RandomMallard
        23rd March 2022, 21:28

        I’ve looked at the lap times on the F1 Live Timing service. Max’s fastest lap by his second pit stop was a 1:36.145 (I would assume after his first stop). Charles was lapping at about 1:39 before he came in for his second stop. On the lap before they pitted, the gap would was a smidge over 4 seconds. It would have been close, and he may well have got into the DRS, but I don’t Max quite had it in him to get ahead through the pitstops. I also doubt he would have been able to hold Leclerc behind him for the rest of the race but that’s a different matter.

    2. @kerrymaxwell totally agreed. it is max himself and his hooligan fans thinks he is above the team and can do better than the team all alone… oh man, those moanings all race long, i wonder what horner was thinking hearing those moans.

      1. Get a grip, all drivers do this, we’ve seen it from Lewis too numerous times. They’re all the same

        1. No they’re not all the same. It’s just how some people defend Max, instantly making up a whatabout Hamilton, pretty much whatever it is.

        2. @anon
          I purposely don’t add the /s tag, don’t get me wrong please. I know very well that every one of the drivers in the grid moans about something. My dig is at those constantly moaning about “Lewis” moaning but defending it at all cost when max moans about something (regardless of what it is-if you know what I mean). Don’t worry I know and understand why they do it, I just don’t add the /s :)

      2. Hooligan fans?
        Have you seen fans tearing down racetracks?
        Why do you have so much hatred for other people? Just because they don’t support the driver as you do?

        You may think you have smart things to say, but I’m afraid you are in for a harsh reality.

        1. We gave some hamfans tearing down topics. So yes there are hooligans here.
          Mystic is not so mystic as he thinks..

          1. i feel your pain, as my message reached to its targets :) enjoy a sunny day

      3. Noframingplease (@)
        23rd March 2022, 16:59

        @mystic one. I read and read your comment, but can you explain me why, a probably Lewis ‘the Goat’ fan, is better than the Max ‘hooligan’. Really, based on what do you think you understand a type of motorsport better? Is it your arrogance or just you fan bias that gave you your polarized view on things?

  5. And people think the cars drive themselves, nope the pit lane seems to.

  6. You got to wonder what he would have said he if was in the same place as Hamilton in Abu Dhabi last year.

    1. He probably would be just as frustrated as Hamilton.
      That’s not the point. As was his racewin not disputed, except for a short “manipulated” cry by Lewis.
      They are human and as such prone to frustration, thank god.

      1. @erikje there you are again. You just had to find some way to get in an anti-Hamilton comment, didn’t you, despite the fact that this article was absolutely nothing to do with him whatsoever.

        1. So you even missed the name Hamilton in the post I reacted on… Silly you :)
          Try to keep your hormones under control!

          1. @erikje the name Hamilton is not mentioned in the article or the comment thread you first mentioned him on. You do have a problem with facts. don’t you?

            Maybe it’s your hormones clouding your mind.

    2. hamilton when frustrated doesnt moan or curse the team all race, he either quits and gets on with it… but max, man whenever max moaned, i muted my tv :) those moans caused so much annoyance to my tv

      1. You must have a very selective perception then :D I still recall very vividly the times when James had to intervene whenever things didn’t go according to plan, and after several radio messages by Lewis: “Lewis, this is James…”
        He still gets the job done, but he is not silent.

      2. Noframingplease (@)
        23rd March 2022, 17:07

        @mysticus Oh, you mean he never said during every race, during more than one season ‘oh, man, my tires are really gone (and than put another 30 laps on the same tires) oh man, I have no speed, Oh man, he is driving so aggressive. It okay to be a lewis fan dear Mystic boy, but I can assure you when we do a worldwide survey under fans about the most moaning and annoying driver, your boy will win. That this is new for you doesn’t surprise me cuze most fans like to stay in their comfortable bubble.

        1. On the Marbles
          24th March 2022, 16:13

          Is that moaning? or is it just passing comment; or perhaps using coded phrases to pass on other information.

  7. Good news in terms of room for upside for RB. Despite the bulk of imperfections he could reasonably well keep up with Lerclerc. Maybe a week won’t be enough to fix them, but they should get on top of some issues over the course of more races. Same goes for Mercedes I guess who showed way more pac then they said they would. More to come this season, I don’t think we’ve seen the true packing order yet.

    1. *pecking

    2. IfImnotverymuchmistaken
      23rd March 2022, 10:17

      I still hope the pecking order stays so close that it’s track dependent throughout the season, even when (if) Merc joins the fight.

    3. RandomMallard
      23rd March 2022, 21:31

      The packing order is the same as it’s always been. Clothes in the bottom of the suitcase, then all the stuff you’ll need on the first night at the hotel (toothbrush, pyjamas etc), and the stuff you’ll need on the first day (wallet, phone and stuff like that) at the top. Don’t know what’s so difficult?


  8. Some drivers have more attitude, more than others…

    1. some drivers try to do better, but max, he just curse his team all day long, moan all race long to get even his engine to quit… attitude is super strong with max, he never gives up MOANING and CURSING

      1. Mr Scallywag
        23rd March 2022, 2:16

        You have a delicious sense of irony, mystic one, keep it up.

      2. Oh mistic one, surely you look like a moaner moaning that Max moaned on every comment on this section.
        Let is go. Max was really frustrated with multiple problems at that time.

      3. You mean like that time Lewis cried on the radio that his team need to build a new car for him?

      4. You remind me of someone i didn’t see any comment of you changed account? Because you write nonesense ….

      5. So not adding /s does the job to those who needs some reminder when they do it how annoying it is. Every article here gets Lewis comments whether it is about him or not, just some haters doing unnecessary mockery or insults. This to show when it is done back to those (who are irritated by it, maybe just maybe understands it now) to see how they react. No surprises…

        1. Well at least you know very well how to ruin a good topic. You are a repeat offender.

          1. i feel your pain. enjoy this sunny day :)

          2. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
            23rd March 2022, 17:55

            And you never do. Your posts in general are retaliatory or Hamilton put downs with very little substance to the topic at hand.

          3. Well not sunny overhere. Lots of rain. But I guess that’s something you did not caused..
            But apart from the moments I correct your behavior I really like this forum.
            Without hooligans like you it would be even better. As it was for years..

          4. i see, no wonder you are sulking all the time :)

        2. Bravo @mysticus. you made my day.

      6. Kvyat? That’s you, isn’t it?

    2. For what its worth – Jim Clark had the great attitude. The best.

  9. How hard are these dudes when getting slammed with 3-5 gs every time you hit the brakes is “barely braking, mate” because you just lift off 50m early. It’s exhausting just thinking about what that must do to your body for 90 minutes.

  10. Would be nice to compare to Leclerc one.

  11. A lot going on there and seems like more than just fuel pump issues.

  12. Ban radios and let the driver actually drive and make decisions.

    It’s disgusting how much the pit are telling him what to do

    1. That’s gotta be the dumbest take on radios, ofc you’d need radios to communicate car issues and track update with safety and reliability checks

    2. 100% agreed. There should be no need for comms from the pitwall with the exception to tell the driver to stop the car. The driver should be able to manage tyres, brakes, PU, gearbox etc etc without help. They should also manage the race and their pace etc. It all makes a joke of a WDC when so many decisions are made by the pitwall on each lap.

    3. I agree. The comms got out of hand. Imagine all football/soccer players having a piece in their ear on the field, being coached all the time. Since it is a technical components sport some comms is needed I guess, but the balance needs to shift back to the driver. Comms should be restricted to technical messages related to reliability only (to make sure the car doesnt stop on track) plus ‘come in/stay out’, the latter maybe via the old school pit lane physical board. We currently aren’t far away from having no drivers at all.

      I found the race painful in the sense that it made perfectly clear winning has very very little to do with the driver. Lewis not able to fight, kind of switching roles with Leclerc 2021 season says it all. It isnt about the drivers at all leading to questionable tallies for some and leaving other talent empty handed. Talent only gets you in a better car. The rest is having the technical upper hand or not.

  13. Many thanks for this topic, Keith.

    To me it was interesting to read about the power steering issue. I do not know how much power assistance is normal with Formula One cars, so cannot imagine what Max had to cope with. I have experienced total loss of power assistance with a large farm tractor, where the steering motor switched roles and became the pump to move the steering system. It was a shock, because the pumping action was very lumpy, and the steering wheel suddenly hard to turn, but control was maintained.

    I know it is very difficult under pressure such as Max was experiencing, but I would prefer him to moderate his language a little. It is there for all to hear and see in articles such as this one. I do not think Max is the only ‘moaner’ when in his car.

    Keep the good reading coming!

    1. It was not the powers teerling but a bend steering arm during the pitstop.
      Apart from sometimes locking the steer it made steering very hard.
      He did an unbelievable job keeping up the pace while battling with the steer.
      The bend arm also influenced the tires.

      1. As he had only 5 racing laps with his damaged steering I don’t think it harmed his tyres at all.
        It’s hard to judge how his pace was affected, but he certainly did a good job to stay ahead of Sainz.

        1. It happened at the second pitstop probably. So not 5 laps as you assumed.

          1. No, at the third

      2. Thanks Erikje,
        I do not get to see any live, or minimal highlights, broadcasts here in Australia, so my information is of a very minimal amount. I rely, mostly, on this Website. A bit like reading about Formula one races while at school in the 1950s.

        Those track rods must be quite delicate.

      3. @erikje the steering never locked. Not once. You’re making things up to make your boy look good.

        The fact that he was able to drive round the issue points to the problem being minor and his complaining being major.

  14. To me two things stand out. First, I see a lot of comments about moaning and strong language, but being dutch this is a pretty normal conversation when things don’t go according to plan. A lot of swearing is kind of common over here. Nothing too drastic. Second, I think the steering rod breaking would be a reason to park the car then and there. I’m not too convinced by Horner saying it was not a safety issue. When the steering wheel feel like it is stuck in some places as Max said, it pretty much screams safety issue to me.

    1. @tielemst the track rod bent but didn’t break. Even a small deflection in the part is enough to upset the finely-balanced steering set-up.

      It definitely wasn’t a safety issue. About half the cars on the road have poor alignment, a lot of which is caused by bent steering components.

      1. About half the cars on the road have poor alignment

        not sure in which third world country you live. But that is simply not true in Western Europe.
        Several tests on road cars, like Mot and such will notice wrong tire degradation as a result of poor alignment. But maybe you have some sources for your statement. I am interested in some proof.

    2. Some people do not want to understand that there are cultural differences with people from different parts of the world and prefer to judge everyone from their own little corner. What they miss is that these cultural differences make the world beautiful.

  15. Maybe redbull went too thin with the rids etc. To save weight. Which when the car dropped it bent… So now they have to make it stronger, heavier.

  16. Reading all this interaction between Max and his engineer and his troubles through race, it makes me wonder how he could still fight Charles that way.

    This kid is a bull fighter!

    1. @becken-lima either that or he’s over-stating his problems. His race engineer must have the patience of a saint.

  17. Tommy Scragend
    23rd March 2022, 13:49

    Max is the oil heavy in both directions, so both left and right-hand?

    I think what Lambiase said was “is the wheel heavy in both directions” – they were talking about Verstappen’s steering.

  18. Listening to Max’s radio I feared for ny life! Congrats, comment section is really brave for withstanding this.

  19. What a c u n t Max is.

    1. Great Post. You are allowed in the hamfan collection. Keep up the good work.
      /s should do the trick here….

    2. Noframingplease (@)
      23rd March 2022, 17:16

      @darryn Thanx for keeping the level high. @mysticus Is this the level of civilized fan communication you meant the Lewis fans are way above the ordinary Max Hooligans?

      1. If he is a Brit it could be a term of endearment?
        Although you guys seem to applaud when Max comes out with that sort of nonsense.

      2. @nofanboysplease
        i speak for myself. i dont condone this kind of behavior. but there are hooligan fans of any sports/athletes… when it goes way beyond being a fan, these extremes comes out unfortunately ! i never supported this of response, but as previously mentioned, certain dutch fans seems a bit aggressive, hence these kind of responses comes out… it may be normal for dutch, but you dont expect everyone to have the same sense of humor in cursing

  20. Verstappen, in his post race comments, made a comment about how the power steering is affected by track rod damage like his car suffered. I was under the impression that F1 cars had no power assisted steering. A certain Sky TV commentator/analyst seems to be of like mind. I have heard him say on numerous occasions that F1 cars have no PS.

    1. Sky is often wrong.. Nothing new there.

    2. @myrrve They have hydraulic power steering (no electronic assistance allowed) as the drivers would not be able to steer through high G corners without it.

  21. Someone might want to let Max know that the last time it’s acceptable to act purely on emotion and “not hold back” is when you’re a child.

  22. Being Dutch I would say: Max is definitely not Belgium. And he is actually quite nice on his radio. Try a Dutch truck driver.

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