Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2022

2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix grid

2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Sergio Perez 1’28.200
Red Bull
2. Charles Leclerc 1’28.225
Row 23. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’28.402
4. Max Verstappen 1’28.461
Red Bull
Row 35. Esteban Ocon 1’29.068
6. George Russell 1’29.104
Row 47. Fernando Alonso 1’29.147
8. Valtteri Bottas 1’29.183
Alfa Romeo
Row 59. Pierre Gasly 1’29.254
10. Kevin Magnussen 1’29.588
Row 611. Lando Norris 1’29.651
12. Zhou Guanyu 1’29.819
Alfa Romeo
Row 713. Lance Stroll 1’31.009
Aston Martin
14. Daniel Ricciardo 1’29.773
Row 815. Lewis Hamilton 1’30.343
16. Alexander Albon 1’30.492
Row 917. Nico Hulkenberg 1’30.543
Aston Martin
18. Nicholas Latifi 1’31.817
Row 1019. Yuki Tsunoda No time


Daniel Ricciardo: Three-place penalty for impeding Esteban Ocon


Mick Schumacher: Crash in qualifying

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41 comments on “2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Get in there Checo!

  2. So happy to see Checo on pole!
    Glad the gremlins of last year seem to be dusting off, and he can show the quality we’ve seen from him in the past!

    1. Took many years for the great pretender to be shown out. Without the superior car and motor Hamilton the worlds “so called driver” wheels are coming off!

  3. Boy, how depressed did the Red Bull pitwall look just after Perez got pole. Horner even smirked.

    Checo deserves so much better than a ‘max fan’ team.

    1. Well, without that team, he’d be probably be watching the session from somewhere in Mexico. I’m sure he’s very happy.

      1. When did I say that he is not happy where he is? Do you even understand what I wrote!

        1. Maybe you need to read through stuff before posting?

          1. You are a bit lost. Its okay.

            For your sake, I’ll say you are right so atleast you can be happy.

          2. Emma is red bull fan, just be patient with her and she will let us breath.

    2. Newey even looked like he was about to fall ill.

    3. I thought they looked pretty happy when Perez got pole, only afterwards when they didn’t get a 1 2 was maybe a bit disappointed.

    4. Isn’t smirking in this scenario a positive? As in, when Max didn’t put a good enough lap together, we still managed to take pole from Ferrari?

    5. They seem pretty chuffed to me. Also I can understand that the other car lining up P4 was not what they had in mind, and would take the edge off the celebration.

      1. I wonder if Perez was on a qually setup, and Max was on a race setup.
        The BS stops when the green flag drops.

    6. Wow, I saw nothing but happy faces and then some sad when Max didnt match it. Seems natural. But it doesnt fit some people’s narrative I guess. Wow

    7. You must be blind with hatred, they looked quite happy. Perez had out qualified Max in the 2nd race last year too.

    8. I think they were just a little surprised by Max not getting in front of either Ferrari. I’m sure they’re very happy that at least one of their drivers got pole.

  4. Very interesting grid for tomorrow. Can’t imagine this being a procession.

  5. Big cohones of this mexican guy

    1. Mexican Style Racing !

  6. Interestingly mixed-up grid. I hope the race will be exciting, but crash-free.

    1. Only mixed up considering previous championship years. These are the new Q3 usual suspects.

    2. red flag guaranteed.

  7. What a lap, thought LeClerc had it in the bag but then there was Checo! Well done!

  8. Verstappen incedent noted?

    1. @sel1700 what incident?

      1. Horner said he crossed the white line to the pits, said a lot of other cars were doing it.

        1. He will get reprimand, in worst case. They don’t want to interfere with close championship result

          1. There is nothing close at the moment ;-)

  9. beautiful, but he just needs a victory with max on the race, really hope is this one.

  10. RandomMallard
    26th March 2022, 19:32

    Very, very entertaining quali session, obviously not including that horrifying incident, which, along with the events yesterday, I believe should disqualify this track from ever hosting another F1 race. Without that, it could have been one of the best sessions of recent years, but I think Mick’s crash could slightly overshadow what was an otherwise very entertaining watch. Decent session to choose to be the first one I watch since crossing to the dark side of Sky Sports (well, NowTV).

    Hamilton out in Q1 was a big shock, as was Perez out-qualifying Verstappen. First time Hamilton has gone out in Q1 on pure, dry pace (i.e. no engine gremlins/penalties, weather, crashes etc) since Silverstone 2009 I think, and first time Max has been out-qualified by a team mate (again, on pure, dry pace) since Abu Dhabi 2018 I think (although I may be wrong on that, please correct me if so). Both absolutely phenomenal records.

    And those were stunning laps from both Leclerc and Perez. Amazing to watch. And congrats to Checo as well. He’s waited a long time for this (another long-running record ended today in fact), and it’s amazing to see happen to him after everything he’s been through in F1.

    1. ulysses mendes (@)
      26th March 2022, 19:57

      They were stunning indeed! As per your request, Checo had outqualified Max at imola 2021, but by turn 1 Verstappen had already overtaken both his teammate and Hmailton

      1. RandomMallard
        28th March 2022, 0:05

        @barbosa Yep I had completely forgotten about Imola (partly because the race that followed was so crazy), so cheers for that! Horner said it was “only the second time he’s out qualified Max” or something like that so I assumed he meant the first was Russia last year (where Verstappen had an engine penalty so didn’t run), without even thinking of Imola. My bad.

  11. Such a dangerous track, but so cool to watch. Checo was flying, RB and Ferrari seem to really have the same pace. Which is really great and promising. Great season so far.

  12. Alpines got their stuff together it seems. Wonder if it is an overall step forward, or just that this circuit suits their car.

  13. Great lap from Checo, big fail from Lewis

  14. Bottas is living his best life right now. Looking at the back of his “old car” with Lewis way behind.

  15. Bottas continuing to prove that he is a top quality Grand Prix driver. Go on Valtteri!

  16. Great qualifying. This season has started well. Verstappen not at his 2021 level. Hamilton embarrassed by Russel. Maybe both suffering a bit of a 2021 hangover. Can’t be easy to be in such intense competition and go again after a few months. Need to reduce the season in my opinion, or top drivers could suffer mental burnout.

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