Mick Schumacher, Haas, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2022

Schumacher’s 33G Jeddah crash leaves Haas with repair bill of ‘up to $1 million’

2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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Haas face a repair bill of up to £760,000 ($1 million) as a result of Mick Schumacher’s heavy crash during qualifying for last weekend’s race.

Schumacher struck a barrier at the exit of turn 10 at a speed of around 270kph, sustaining a 33G impact. The driver spent the night in hospital but was released the following day without any significant injuries.

Team principal Guenther Steiner said the damage to the car was extensive but the chassis appeared to be salvageable.

“The chassis itself doesn’t seem to be broken,” he said. “The side impact structure is, but you can change them. Obviously we need to do a proper check on the chassis but it looks not too bad, to be honest.

“The engine also, I was told from Ferrari, seems to be okay. The battery pack as well. And then all the rest is broken.”

The extent of the damage leaves Haas with a steep repair bill, he admitted.

Start, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, 2022
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“I think the cost is still pretty high because all the suspension is gone, except the front-left, I think there’s still something on there,” he said. “The rest is just like carbon powder.

“I don’t know money-wise but with these cars, between gearbox, the whole bodywork is gone, radiator ducts are gone, so it’s between half a million and a million I would say.”

Teams are allowed to exclude some costs for crash damage from F1’s budget cap. However Steiner pointed out they cannot afford many more crashes of this scale before it starts to affect how much they can spend.

“There is a nominal amount but in a racing team you never could stick to a budget like in a normal commercial business,” he said. “Because you have this risk, you have got obviously a contingency in there. But if you have two or three like your contingency is pretty quickly not a contingency anymore, it’s a loss.

“So you just need to manage. Obviously, I hope we don’t have a lot more of them.”

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Schumacher’s Haas damage

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2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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    30 comments on “Schumacher’s 33G Jeddah crash leaves Haas with repair bill of ‘up to $1 million’”

    1. Really glad that Mick is okay! I do appreciate the opportunity to get a good look at the underside of a new-gen F1 car as well.

      1. Very surprising that Haas (or F1) allowed such clear pictures of the underside of the car to be out there! Haas has been one of the surprising teams with their performance gains this year, so allowing all to see their floor in such detail is interesting!

        1. Somehow, I doubt that they had any choice in the matter.
          Truth is, I was waiting for the first pics of a car underside.

    2. 33g is far from dangerous. These big cars make crashes look more spectacular than they are. I went back to 03 interlagos to relive Alonso hitting Webber’s wheel, that crash was a lot worse and Alonso bounced off of the tyres the car on a bad angle. The car lost all corners but it did not break in half. Mick’s car looked like confetti.

      1. This one didn’t look bad at all. If he would have gone in nose first, maybe. I can’t believe they didn’t show it for so long and the commentators didn’t look at it on youtube to tell the viewers what happened. If they truly didn’t get to see it. Those commentators are awful. Playing into the whole “he’s dead” Netflix over the top drama aspect.

        1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
          28th March 2022, 17:17

          I can’t believe they didn’t show it for so long and the commentators didn’t look at it on youtube to tell the viewers what happened.

          What stopped you from looking on youtube?

          The commentators were waiting to be told he wasn’t seriously injured or worse. It was the same when the cameras showed the scene it was not zoomed in.

          The team lost all radio contact with the car so had know knowledge of how Mick was.

          1. Why would anything stop me from looking? What a dumb question. I would think they would want to be informed and since I pay their salary I would like them to be informed. They just seem to mail it in and the stammering of “Crofty” is unbearable. Get a guy in a wheelchair if you want diversity.

        2. @darryn Exactly my thoughts. Since I saw the crash I knew that it wasnt that critical of an accident. I’ve seen worse but yeah, this is what you get when people talk more about a stupid TV drama than the sport itself. It seems to me like they run this sport for DTS rather than the other way around.

          1. All of these comments are way off “you saw the crash so knew he’s ok”, when the cameras moved away Micks head was slumped forward then the cameras cut away, just because a crash looks less serious than others doesnt mean a driver will be fine, just ask the Earnhardt family (don’t know how to spell his name).

            As for 33g not being dangerous there have been far worst of course but that’s a pretty major impact 270kph into a wall sideways, nothing minor about it

            1. I was right and Apophis was too. I’ve seen fatal crashes quite a number of times. You know. You always know. This wasn’t even close.

            2. I can’t seem to directly answer you @darryn but I disagree. I too have seen multiple fatal crashes and you don’t “just know” there was a real feeling Grosjeans could be and he wasn’t, canada 08 also looked pretty awful at the beginning. Just because a driver is cacooned in a survival cell doesn’t mean a minor looking accident is ok. Absolutely Mick wasn’t moving when the cameras cut away. You never know and perhaps a marshal was injurer, these things aren’t always clear

            3. His head was not slumped, he was moving. On the live world feed you can see him lift up his visor just before it cuts away.

            4. @franco. I just went back on the f1tv app and watched the live feed. The camera immediately cuts to the haas mechanicsand we don’t see him lift his visor plus his head is tilted forward. Nothing about the crash was minor, all the commentators say it was a big one and 33g and 270kph sideways into a wall confirm that. The fact there are worst crashes that happened in the past doesn’t mean Micks wasn’t big, also not showing the accident unless you know the driver is fine is standard practice and it took a few minutes to confirm he was ok, so if the haas team didn’t know he was ok there’s no way you could

    3. When does a pay driver like Schumacher or Mazepin cost more than they bring in? At least they have Magnassen now even though he is a journeyman he doesn’t bit it twice a weekend.

      1. Noframingplease (@)
        28th March 2022, 21:38

        @darryn I’m not really a Schumacher fan but what makes you think that he is a paydriver? I never hear brits talking about Norris who is/was actually a paydriver (but his talent overshadowed that probably)

        1. Interested to hear how Norris is a pay driver?

          All drivers – even the top ones – bring sponsorship but that does not equate to being a pay driver.

          1. You learn something new every day!

            “The good news for Norris and McLaren is the kid has the talent witnessed by multiple karting championships, an F3 championship, and now top ten finishes in F1.

            His dad Adam Norris made his fortune as a founder of stockbroking firm Hargreaves Landsdown and is believed to be sitting on a $200m cash pile.

            He first got the chequebook out at McLaren through his Horatio Investments fund back in 2017 to secure Lando’s role as test driver.

            Lando was upgraded to reserve driver in 2018 before landing the coveted race seat in 2019 in a three-year deal costing Snr $12m a year.”

        2. I consider a pay driver one that is only there for the money brings and/or his name. You could say Norris or even Alonso are pay drivers. They bring money, but they are there on merit. Schumacher is there solely for his name. Look at him. He made Mazepin look actually decent. Then compared to Magnusen who is a mediocre, journeyman he is nowhere other than in the wall.

          1. Formula 2 championship looks now overrated

          2. I think it’s a bit early to compare the two. Magnussen’s career was mediocre but occassionally he truly shines, especially after getting a seat. :) Remember his debut race, he qualified 4th and finished 2nd (his only podium so far…).

          3. Mazepin looked terrible even in comparison with schumacher, everything but decent. If anything you can say mazepin made schumacher look decent, if it turns out he isn’t, but it’s a bit too soon imo, although certainly magnussen, an average driver, is looking better.

    4. Maybe the teams should be able to auction off parts of the damaged car (of course not to shady organizations or people) and put that money toward their cost cap.

    5. Fortunately Mick is OK, that high speed crash was quite ugly !

      On another note, isn’t it the first full clear picture of a 2022 F1 car’s floor ? I guess most teams have taken the opportunity to analyze it as that Haas definitely has some pace.

      1. Williams were changing the car’s floor during a pitlane walkabout with Sam Collins (video on the F1 site at the Bahrain test, I think) and we got a good look under and through it.

        Maybe there’s less interest in what Williams are doing!

    6. Sergey Martyn
      28th March 2022, 18:18

      Steiner is biting his toenails – Gosh I need Uralkali money…

    7. While it of course affects Haas, I don’t think it’s problematic for the budget cap, because Haas isn’t going to get near it.

      1. The money still needs to come from somewhere.
        Just because you have room in the cap, doesn’t make it appear or to happen. Gene and the team will need to find it somewhere.
        One can wonder if the effect of Magnussen doing well and scoring points is pushing Mick to be more aggressive.?
        No doubt the reference K. Mag provides can and should be good for Mick, but he needs to be closer to silence the pundits.

    8. I dnt k ow how people can say that vrash was not bad. How many crashes have any of us been in on a race track druving at 270km hit a concrete wall. Experiencing 33g? Senna gently crashed when compared to shumachers and he not here today. I also say the moved camera feed cos his head was slumped forward and he was not moving.

    9. Mick is an expensive driver, a lot more than Nikita. Mazepin did not ruin so many cars.

      I am sorry Nikita can’t show the World how much better than Mick he is!

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