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Coroner rules Mosley took own life after terminal cancer diagnosis

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In the round-up: A court hearing into the death of former FIA president Max Mosley last May ruled he killed himself.

In brief

Wolff: Russell has proven he could fight for wins in the right car

Team principal Toto Wolff said that he thought Russell had done “a great job” in his first two races for Mercedes, however “he’s not given a tool to fight at the front, where him and Lewis deserve to be.

“I think that George has proven that he has the ability of racing at the front, but simply at the moment, we’re not providing it with the car. So I’m very happy with his performance overall.”

Mercedes performance this year not down to delaying work, says Horner

In an interview with The Independent, Christian Horner said that rival team Mercedes had started development on it’s flawed 2022 car well before Red Bull had.

“What we have to do is make sure we address our issues and develop our car as quickly and competitively as we can.” said Horner. “Mercedes started on this year’s car way before we did.

“We are proud as a team to have hit the ground running with a competitive car in a shorter space of time. That motivation of having that number one back on our car is huge.”

DHL recycles trackside banners into exclusive bag collection

DHL has launched a collection of 23 sets of 5 different bags with Been London to make bags using material collected from its trackside advertising.

The logistics company collected the banners that were used at grand prix in 2021 and incorporated them into the collection, with all proceeds going to ocean environmental charity Plastic Bank.

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Comment of the day

As the debate about whether DRS should still be a feature this year continues, Qeki comes up with an almost devilishly simple solution:

Try those sprint things without DRS and see how it works out.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Lee!


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32 comments on “Coroner rules Mosley took own life after terminal cancer diagnosis”

  1. Well that’s sad. Keeping people alive for the sake of keeping people alive can be incredibly cruel in these situations. I assume assisted dying wasn’t an option where he was. A medicated death would be much less traumatic for everyone involved.

    1. @tommy-c

      I assume assisted dying wasn’t an option where he was.

      It’s illegal in the UK.

      There’s even the possibility of upto 14 years in prison if you are found to have assisted someone in taking there own life. Even if the person is taken to a country where it’s legal i think things need to be done in a way so that the family, friends etc… can’t be held legally accountable for helping them get there or something.

      1. That is barbaric if the person wants to end his suffering and terminal C hurts like hell and and morfins doesn’t work anymore without increasing the dosses you comes in a state of dreaming. That is not something i would do and would end it myself. Luckly i live in the Netherlands where it’s possible.

        I would advise those in the UK to visit the Netherlands for one last vacation….

        1. Let’s not oversimplify a very complex issue, who gets to decide what amount of pain is too much or what conditions are suitable for assisted suicide. Then there is the fact of whether the termination of a persons life is their choice or something they’ve been coerced or forced into for others gain.

          I’m absolutely in favour of their being some means of assisted suicide available where suitable but it needs to be properly legislated and controlled to ensure nobody is killed against their expressed wishes and also that the person making the decision is capable of doing so. The problem inevitably with these sorts of legal issues is nobody wants to implement a law that allows the legalization of the killing of their citizens. Also the main people who would benefit from such a law change of course inevitably pass away and their voice is then lost from the cause.

          1. If you can’t give you consent nothing will happen so if you wait to long and your not clairvoyanged anymore (dreamstate) it’s off.

          2. @slowmo Well said and on that note, see us here in Canada as one example, where we have been able to sort it out. And yes, the rules and regs are very very strict as to who qualifies for physician assisted and/or physician administered end of life procedures. It’s all done with the utmost of care and caution to ensure this is absolutely the right way to go for certain patients who are without question terminally ill with no prospects of a cure, confirmed independently by more than one doctor, in order to alleviate completely unnecessary and brutal suffering at the end of some peoples’ lives.

            @macleod mentions visiting the Netherlands if you’re in a country that doesn’t allow this humanitarian assistance, but I note that one cannot just fly over here to Canada and have this done. Only residents eligible for Canadian Healthcare coverage can do this, i.e. Canadian citizens.

          3. It’s pretty robust, here in Australia the person need to request it 3 times, get their condition reviewed by 2 docs to confirm their life expectancy is less than 12 months etc

  2. After watching how my dad went I can’t blame him a bit. I will do the same thing if put in the same situation.

    1. @ppzzus So sorry to hear that about your Dad.

  3. Why assisted suicide needs to be more widespread. Best toupee in motorsport though.

    1. Debatable, Eddie Jordan had some crackers

  4. When my dad decided it was time to go, they stopped all treatments and said it would take days to several weeks. He tried to apply for euthanasia, all the family came by and he said his goodbyes so that was a good week and then when the doctors didn’t want to help him he spend the next five days frustrated, not talking, and for the last three days refusing to eat. Until the family doctor intervened and they put him on palliative care so he was put in deep sleep and passed the next day.

    Waiting in a hospital bed in misery for inevitable death is just inhumane really, and I can understand why people resort to desperate options if they aren’t allowed the help they need.

    1. @sjaakfoo that’s incredibly sad, sorry for your loss. It has been a hot topic in many countries and honestly I don’t see why, a person should have the right to end their own suffering.

      1. @sjaakfoo So sorry to hear how it went for your Dad and of course by extension you and your family.

        @eljueta Can we assume you meant to say you don’t see why a person “shouldn’t” have the right?

        1. @robbie I put the comma after the why to separate the sentences but now I read it and it doesn’t read well. You assume correctly.

          1. Harry (@harrydymond)
            1st April 2022, 0:44

            I took it that you meant that you don’t see why it’s a “hot topic” in so many countries – i.e. why there’s fuss and controversy over something where you feel the “correct” solution is self-evident. In that case, you should have used a semi-colon after “why”, rather than a comma.

          2. Harry (@harrydymond)
            1st April 2022, 0:45

            forgot to @eljueta

  5. Agree with COTD. I was just thinking yesterday that if they can “trial” sprints, they can “trial” no DRS.
    Cars may be able to follow closer but the passes are Very much DRS assisted for the moment

  6. Thanks for the shoutout @keithcollantine

  7. Chris Horton
    30th March 2022, 7:29

    RIP Mr Mosley. How sad.

  8. 1. Imagine the excitement of the Miami fans seeing Mike Krack up and close.
    2. Does Maldonado’s NFT crash your computer as soon as it is downloaded?

    1. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      30th March 2022, 18:45

      Well it’s only waiting until that market crashes now

  9. I never thought his death was suicidal. Still RIP.

    I’m surprised Nissany still competes in F2 despite the fact he won’t become an F1 driver anymore.
    He should move to a more pro series a la FE, WEC, IndyCar, SF, etc., rather than keep filling the F2 grid forever.

    Yes, he could, as he proved in the Sakhir GP.

    Yes, Merc switched full focus on this season earlier than RBR, so they simply got the new aero rules wrong, or not necessarily wrong, but just less well than RBR (& Ferrari).

    Good move by DHL.

    Miami GP: Interesting.

    Harry Benjamin: Funny & weird.

    How could K-Mag have lost those horns? Contact with that car portion is impossible, LOL.

    COTD: Decent suggestion for Interlagos & or Red Bull Ring Sprint, but not Imola.

  10. But it was quite a shock to read those news about Mosley

    1. @qeki Heartbreaking. The only smallest comfort is at least he’s no longer in pain. Poor man.

      1. Nothing to the pain the racist scumbag caused to many innocent people of colour with his vile election leaflets (about which he perjured himself) and violent rioting (for which he was convicted). Heartbreaking? No, just karma.

  11. Mark in Florida
    30th March 2022, 15:16

    Sad to hear that Max killed himself. Where I live if you are in hospice care they will medicate you to control the pain. As your condition declines they give you more and more meds to control the pain. Eventually they medicate you to sleep and then you can guess the rest. It’s not euthanasia but your not suffering either. I’ve been through this several times already with different family members. It never gets any easier.

  12. The dates in the Mosley articles are all over the shop?

  13. I have an opinion
    31st March 2022, 10:43

    First time I have heard that Mr Mosley shot himself. Next we’ll find out he did it in his personal Führerbunker.

    1. Good one. I wonder if he hired half a dozen prostitutes in uniform to spice up the occasion.

  14. Good riddance to a vile racist, perjurer and pervert.

    1. ahh, I forgot we only mindlessly support middle eastern regimes and faceless corporations now.

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