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342kph along the Strip: First look at F1’s new Las Vegas street circuit

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Formula 1 has revealed the first details of the new Las Vegas Street Circuit which will from next year.

The series has raced in the city before, but the unloved circuit it used for the short-lived grands prix of 1981 and 1982 is a far cry from the one presented by F1 today.

The original Las Vegas circuit was a temporary course laid out in the car park of the Caesars Palace Casino. It was tight, slow and repetitive, akin to a go-kart track. The race took place in the daytime, and the punishing heat took a toll on the drivers.

F1’s new track in Las Vegas is an entirely different prospect. It’s immediately apparent that the number one goal behind it was to create the spectacle of Formula 1 cars racing along the illuminated Las Vegas strip at night. That box has been emphatically ticked, and if the rest of the circuit is somewhat simplistic, it’s far from the succession of 90-degree corners which street tracks, particularly those laid out in American cities, can tend to be.

Report: F1 confirms new Saturday night race in Las Vegas from 2023
At 6.1 kilometres, this will be F1’s third-longest circuit, just 50 metres shorter than the Jeddah Corniche Circuit F1 raced at last weekend. But it has barely half the number of turns compared to the Saudi Arabian track, just 14, several of which will likely be tackled flat-out.

F1 describes it as having “three main straights and 14 corners, including a high-speed cornering sequence and a single chicane section.” While not all its key details have been revealed, the track appears to follow the well-tested route of having a purpose-built area to house the pit and paddock complex including the grid and start/finish line.

From there drivers will have a short dash into the tightest corner on the track, the left-handed turn one. This leads into another kink left and a looping right-hander which opens out at the exit.

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The first significant acceleration zone will follow, the drivers covering a straight of around a kilometre in length before arriving at turn five. This right-hander is the kind of 90-degree bend every street circuit tends to have at least one of, some rather more than is ideal, though that’s not a criticism which can be made of this layout.

The corner which follows appears to owe a debt to turn three at Sochi Autodrom, a venue F1 will not return to following the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix. This 180-degree corner, around 500 metres in length, will likely serve as an acceleration zone and could be one of the trickier sections of the circuit.

Las Vegas street circuit track map
Two more quick corners follow, the course winding right and then left. The second of these brings the drivers to what is likely to be the most important bend on the track, turn nine, as the section which follows will provide a good opportunity to overtake.

After the left-hander of nine the drivers join Las Vegas Boulevard, the celebrated Strip, where they will hit their highest speeds. F1’s simulations indicate they’ll reach 342kph (212mph) after rounding the flat-out turn 10 and flying down towards the tight complex at the end of the track. Drivers will hold the throttle wide open for almost two kilometres.

Such speeds – among the highest seen on the calendar – mean the following corner will need significant run-off space. The wide local roads offer plenty of room for this, and a three-part sequence of corners has been created to allow the speeds to be reduced.

The Strip is several lanes wide, and this section of track will have a Baku flavour to it, drivers enjoying ample space to go side-by-side. They will flash by some spectacular scenery as they do so.

From there the cars accelerate back to the start/finish complex. The final corner is turn 14, which drivers will approach at considerable speeds having again had a long run from the penultimate corner.

It adds up to a long and rapid course. The race distance of 50 laps is likely to pass by quickly.

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Las Vegas F1 street track artists impressions
Las Vegas F1 street track artists impressions

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106 comments on “342kph along the Strip: First look at F1’s new Las Vegas street circuit”

  1. Bit of a simple looking track but maybe 2 over take zones into turn 1 and turn 11. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it, not sure how wide the roads being used will be.

    1. The audacity of listing 14 turns. There are a maximum of 8 turns if you’re being generous. It is really more like 5-6. This track map turns every real corner into like 3 and includes gentle bends as corners.

      1. Most tracks have an imaginary turn or two, so I looked at the map without turns first to try and guess where it would be for this track. I’d been betting on that slight deviation from rectitude that follows T9 being counted but I was wrong. I could never have guessed at turn 4, but there it is: the turn that can’t be discerned with even the most optimistic eye.

        1. (not “the map without turns” of course, but the map without labels on the turns!)

        2. Wonder if that was only counted so that they don’t have to say that the track has 13 turns.

        3. @picasso-19d-ftw Lol had the same thought. How is turn 3 not just turn 3? Might be like anon suggests and that otherwise it would be an unlucky 13 turns. I suppose their argument would be that there is a change in corner radius from what they are calling 3 into 4. Looks at least from this cartoon bird’s eye view, like they’ll just be able to floor it as soon as they’re past the turn 3 apex.

          1. @robbie that could be it. Remember how Monza used to have infinite turns, right up until they renamed Parabolica? ;-) Seriously, that could be it, though it’s sketchy! I quite like anon’s theory though, it’s kinda plausible given those superstitious drivers…

    2. It’s like the A1 ring in a city

      1. Well, the circuit is like a pork if you rotate the track shape 180º

        1. I see a saddle. The trophy should be shaped like the track and vibrate, so it can be a massager.

    3. some racing fan
      1st April 2022, 3:18

      The roads, at least on the Strip, Sands and Harmon Avenues are very wide.

  2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
    31st March 2022, 4:04

    Argh… another street race! F1 already has 9 street races on a 22 race calendar for this year (10 out of 23 if Russia race was still on the calendar). That makes almost half the races are on the streets. Far too many imo. As an American… having 3 races in the USA is also ridiculous.

    1. @flyingferrarim Sochi Autodrom isn’t a street circuit per se & neither is Circuit Gilles Villeneuve necessarily as much as the others, but I agree that F1 could have fewer temporary tracks.

      1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
        31st March 2022, 13:23

        Montreal is a race that I’ve attended three times. Ciruit Gilles Villeneuve is on park roads similar to that of Melbourne.

        1. @flyingferrarim True, but less used by regular traffic than the Albert Park roads.

          1. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
            31st March 2022, 17:44

            Sure, its likely less used than Albert Park, but that is likely because its on its own island and the only thing there is a casino! Plus the metro stop goes to it. none the less the roads are open to the public outside of the few racing events that take place there. So by definition it is a street race.

    2. 2 words: MON EY. Temp city circuits bring bazzillions in to the local and FIA/F1 coffers. Hotels will be busting at the seams, restaurants jacked up. And NOBODY (except us) cres about the quality of the race or Track. Long Beach anyone? That race has single-handedly saved that City.

      1. Long Beach has also been one of the premiere Indycar tracks, if not THE premiere outside of the big one itself.

  3. I hate how every new track has to include several really long straghts now.

    That was a trend i was over a decade ago tbh.

    I just struggle to get that excited about new venues now as in terms of layout even the street circuits follow the same template.

    Especially frustrating given how there’s talk Spa is at risk of falling off the calendar with several other fantastic permanent circuits that are a billion times better than most of the newer additions sitting idle.

    Schedule should be about quality rather than quantity.

    1. @stefmeister

      in terms of layout even the street circuits follow the same template.

      Really? I think this is quite a unique street circuit — it’s longer than Baku with about half the corners and what seems like only four braking events, less than Monza. It looks at least as fast as Jeddah, but the complete opposite in terms of layout, direct and wide open. It’s maybe the closest we’ve ever seen to a modern AVUS. It might not be inspiring, but it doesn’t seem cut from the same template as any other street circuit.

      I honestly think the new street circuits have a lot of diversity, certainly much more than street circuits in the past. Baku, Jeddah, Miami, and Vegas — they’re all quite distinct in character.

      1. Does Jeddah really count when the whole thing was built from scratch and could really be said to be a semi-permanent circuit instead?

        1. True, could say the same about Miami as well. In which case the only other street circuits really are Monaco, Singapore, and Baku, which makes this one stand out even more.

          1. some racing fan
            1st April 2022, 3:22

            Miami will have permanent tarmac with safety features that will be installed for the race weekend, then after that those safety features will be disassembled and taken down.

        2. Hiland (@flyingferrarim)
          31st March 2022, 19:18

          Its a street course if the roads are open for public use outside of the race weekend.

          1. Well, by that definition, the Nordschleife and Bathurst are street circuits, too.

          2. @flyingferrarim that still leaves Jeddah’s status as rather unclear, because the track hasn’t yet been opened up for public use.

            As mentioned in the article written back in October last year, they were not planning to actually open the circuit to public traffic until after this year’s race

            Is it truly a street circuit if it is only retrospectively being opened up for public use after two races have already taken place at that circuit?

            Also, how much of the circuit has to be accessible to the public to count as a “street circuit”? A small section of the Montreal circuit is used as a public road by vehicle traffic, and the rest of the circuit is open for use by cyclists – does that mean Montreal is a “street circuit”?

            Similarly, as noted by @markzastrow, would you classify the Nurburgring as a “street circuit” given that it is officially classified as a toll road? That is actually part of the reason why, if you crash and cause damage to the track, you have to pay for the cost of the repairs: because it is classed as a toll road, any crash damage counts as damaging public infrastructure and requires you to pay for the repairs – however, whilst your insurer would normally pay those costs for a more normal road, most insurers refuse to pay if you’ve crashed at the Nurburgring and pass the cost on to you.

      2. And let’s not forget that whilst Baku has a castle, Las Vegas has the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Piazza San Marco, a pyramid with Sphinx, a volcano, and the Mob Museum. Beat that, real places!

        1. I bet there will be an amazing atmosphere and it will be photographers paradise but is it too much? I hope I’m wrong but I can see some of these 3 races (Austin, Miami, Las Vegas) to be cancelled in the near future. Is america really ready for 3 races in a year?

          1. In all honesty I think a place as fake Vegas is perfect for Netflix, and probably deserves to be the season finale. But we have a year to find out if fakery has been banished from F1.

    2. Additionally, the rendering makes Vegas look much nicer than it is (it’s a gaudy dump in the desert) and it only has 5-6 actual turns. It is an AMAZINGLY boring circuit, which is one reason why there have been so many failed Las Vegas GPs in the past.

      If they want to make F1 really standout, they should find an attractive second tier size city and create a beautiful and original circuit. Honestly, I’d love a second Canadian GP much more. Vancouver and Canada would be the strongest single country GP pairing ever. However, I am guessing Vancouver would be similar to most four star cities. Filled with obstacles from wealthy residents.

      1. When was the last time you visited? I’ve been building on the strip the past 20 years and I can tell you it’s not even close to a dump. I’ve worked on things that are absolutely amazing. From elaborate world class restaurants , suites that are as elaborate as you could imagine, night clubs that are world class. , . The entire strip has remodeled and renovated and expanded just about everywhere. The Wynn, Encore, Resorts World, Cosmopolitan, Aria, Vdara, bellagio, palazzo. And even Circa downtown are all classy Hotel/Casinos. I personally take offense to your review of my hometown. I think the renderings are virtually identical to what I see every single day going to work at 5am on the strip. I forgot to mention one of the most beautiful NFL stadiums in the US , Team Mobile arena. You’re wrong about Vegas . If you tell me you live here I say maybe it’s time to move away.

        1. But it’s still flat, straight, and all the intersections are 90 degee. This makes for a terrible street circuit.

        2. TheTradesman Great input.

  4. Jordan Harris
    31st March 2022, 6:00

    I could see this being a 1 time race. I’m assuming there will be walk bridges above the course or how else would you leave the inner course. There’s a lot of variables with this race when it comes to the casinos making money. I think there’s a reason they didn’t say how long the contract was for. The businesses are probably worried. It’s like how do you shut down the vegas strip for the weekend while allowing people to travel. It’ll be very interesting to see the logistics behind this race. Regardless how long this race will be beautiful to watch. Can’t wait.

  5. Ugh. Another street race.

  6. Truly awful. What a farce.

  7. Allan (@allancuttingedge)
    31st March 2022, 6:49

    Not a fan of this.
    One Monza Circuit is enough.

  8. This has to be the ugliest track layout ever.

  9. Decent layout. I am sure it will look better on TV than on map.

    But F1 should do something about the lights they use to illuminate the track. The track lights in Singapore are so bright that one can’t see anything in the background.

    1. @sumedhvidwans The lighting is a problem from a tourist / iconic imagery / promoters point of view. At times in Singapore we’re told the “cars a now passing the famous Raffles Hotel!”, but they may as well be passing a McDonalds for all you can tell. There’s no track side landmarks that you could identify from the TV feed.

      If Las Vegas is doing this to promote Las Vegas (of course it is, it’s not a charity). They’ll have to figure out the problem, with really high crane shots or something. Even though everything in Vegas is covered in Christmas lights, you’ll never see these things behind the luminous blur that is the trackside lighting.

      1. @sumedhvidwans @bernasaurus It’s in both F1 and the city’s interests to highlight the setting, since that’s really the only reason F1 wants to be there in the first place. And it will certainly help that the Strip’s lights are far brighter than those on Raffles Boulevard.

        1. It’s like highlighting Disneyland. There’s nothing actually visually appealing to highlight.

  10. This looks like a very uninspiring track to say the least. Its also a street race; so the obvious thought on every fan’s mind would be the reduction in overtaking opportunities/positions on the track. Vast sections of the Las Vegas Boulevard are actually quite wide and comparable to what we see at the start finish straights in Jeddah and Baku as mentioned in the article. So there is hope after all for overtaking with or without DRS.
    On the other hand, this is a massive business opportunity for those entities along the strip as hotel rooms will turn into viewing galleries–a grander version of what we have at Monaco.
    One major issue could be the timing–since this is a night race in November on the west coast of the USA and should the race start at 8pm local, F1’s fan base in Europe will have to wake up early on Sunday or rather stay up the whole night on Saturday to watch the race.

  11. Anyone translated this to Google Maps yet?
    I think they’ve chosen the wrong corner for T1, but I guess they’re limited by where the pit lane can be.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      31st March 2022, 15:18

      @eurobrun Can’t do a picture as my work PC won’t let me upload but I’ve found the track on Google Maps.

      Turn 1 looks to be currently a car park by “Harbor Island Apartments” and they go North along Koval Lane before doing a loop around the new MGM Sphere before heading west on Sands Avenue towards turn 9. That puts them on Las Vegas Blvd foing South for the long straight. The chicane takes them on to East Harmon Avenue and back towards turn 1.

  12. Maybe as replacement of Monaco it could do something but i think it stays rather boring.

    1. Monaco doesn’t offer overtakes, but it’s spectacular driving experience, a huge challenge; which ia still fun to watch (at least qualy, which is the best on calendar). Ther’s also history, which matters to some of us silly Europeans. All Vegas has to offer is Kitsch.

      1. Very well said, Sir.

      2. IfImnotverymuchmistaken
        31st March 2022, 13:58

        Agreed. I have no problem watching 10 Monaco processions in a row, since even a procession there is interesting to watch. I’ll never grow tired of slow motion of an F1 tire passing within 2mm of the railing.
        And once in a while, the weather conspires to give us an exciting race, and it’s usually one of the best in the season.
        Also, DRS has virtually no effect, so it’s kind of like watching F1 as it should be.
        And a shoutout to Mick Schumacher who made a pass on Mazepin last year on the approach to Loews corner, don’t remember seeing that since Gerhard Berger.

  13. Reminds me of the Sochi track

  14. I don’t think I can get on board with another street circuit – they all look the same to me nowadays. Add in the pure cheese and cringe of Las Vegas and this will likely be a round I choose to do something with the family instead.

    1. Hey, at least F1 hasn’t gone to North Korea or some other authoritarian hell-hole.

      Mind you, if Trump retakes the White House in 2024…

  15. A straightforward-looking circuit, but I don’t mind as I prefer high-speed tracks over slower ones.
    As this track is only marginally shorter than Jeddah Corniche Circuit & possibly only four corners into which brakes get applied (speed reduced generally), I reckon a similar avg lap speed.

  16. Wow, think of how many DRS overtakes we might have!!!


  17. The season is already full so which classic European track will we lose to put this on the calendar? No one I know wanted another Formula E style track

  18. I really hope the 11, 12, and 13 complex isn’t a rehash of the ‘Singapore Sling’.

  19. Glad there’s no “Turn 27” – a bit of a retreat from unnecessarily long, fast, dangerous street tracks that snake between concrete walls and look like Valencia on TV, while in racing terms everyone’s just waiting for the one main overtaking spot in the lap.

  20. There are ONLY 6 TURNS if you’re being generous. What a joke. Worse, Las Vegas is such a dump, but a large demo loves it. So fine. However, a lot of events held there come off feeling like an after thought with no character.

    It’s an obvious venue for the US because there will be zero local opposition/the CoC and local gov. will be extremely helpful and accommodating, very accessible from a transportation POV, unlimited hotel capacity, etc. And the average foreigner who has never been there thinks it’s a glamorous place. So, they’ll want to watch.

    1. Only six turns? Scandalous and preposterous, we should cancel Monza immediately.

    2. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
      31st March 2022, 18:35

      Are you hoping the TheTradesman isn’t watching the second time you call his home a dump?

      1. lol, I posted this prior to my comment calling Vegas a dump. Calling it is a dump is hyperbolic, but it depends on your definition of what makes a city great Vegas has nice stuff the way Trump has nice stuff. Gaudy and sterile. If you’re into the glitzy pop up cities of the UAE and its ilk, I am sure Vegas will feel familiar and comfortable (but downgraded). I feel like I’m in the middle of a big Disney World for adults or a realistic movie set when I’m there. As I said before, some people love its atmosphere and aesthetic. I cannot stand it.

        The only thing I ever enjoyed there was the fact that at my friend’s place in Henderson we could drive straight onto an ATV trail from his house. Bring F1 to Montecito (where I live right now). That would be a setting…and completely unrealistic.

  21. It looks like a big Formula E track

    1. It looks like a big Formula E track

      Maybe F1/Liberty are aiming for the fan boost :)
      OK, bad joke…

    2. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
      31st March 2022, 18:35

      It looks like an animal with its head cut off!

  22. This is just hilariously bad.. even a galore of 90 deg chicanes from the blocks would have helped

  23. A lot nicer, than some random desert in middle east..

    Government marginally more democratic aswell, so a markable improvement.

  24. Really fast but featureless, but I suppose that’s what the poker machines will be for. To relieve boredom during the race.

  25. Amazed at some of the catty comments on here. Then again, it’s rare any track is welcomed by the F1 fraternity who seem to long for San Marion or Magny Cours been on the circuit.

    To me this looks different to all the other tracks we have, a largely fast circuit and it’s certainly more welcome than turgid Monaco or Singapore.

    1. @banbrorace speaking of Singapore, remember how many people hated that Singapore was getting a circuit? And at night, no less!?

      1. I do. Actually, I prefer it to at least four other circuits.

        And Bahrain got slated at the time.

        Some people just don’t like change.

  26. Could have been worse. Could have been an oval with 4 runs instead of 6. That’d really up the appeal for all the ‘Merican viewers.

    I worry that some seem to equate speed as being the be all and end all. I suppose it has some appeal but even I can drive a car fast down a straight. It’s the stopping and cornering that takes the skill in a F1 car, or any race car for that matter.

    1. The appeal for me, is that since the brilliant old Hockenheim, i.e. the great circuit they butchered in 2002 and turned it into a non-event – we need some genuine fast tracks to counter all the boring technical slow speed ones.

      I see no issue with speed been the main ‘driver’ at say 3 or 4 of the circuits – when definitely not the main factor at 4 or 5 of them.

    2. @dbradock a bit disingenuous given the open wheel racing in the US actually divided itself over the “left turn whoooo!” and the “let’s have SOME semblance of skill” back when Indycar was stealing F1 drivers (JV, JPM, Nigel). And while the “left turn whoooo!” team finally won out, they won out by leaving a lot of ovals behind.

  27. When you rotate the layout by 180 degrees, it looks like a pig 🐖

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      31st March 2022, 15:22

      @johnbeak – If you turn it 90 degrees clockwise, it looks like a dog sitting down.

      1. lol you two.

      2. Tilke Engineers&Architects
        31st March 2022, 19:43

        You could both be perfect family members in the exciting future of Formel-1 Circuit-Design.

        «It’s emotion, it’s passion, it’s a business, it’s relationships, it’s culture and it’s intensity. And this is the reason why this is the perfect place to be.» Stefano Domenicali

        Please submit application and TikTok-Dance-Video by 12pm tomorrow (1.April)!

      3. However, no matter which angle you view it from it will still look rubbish.

  28. Teams my have to take the rear wing off the car entirely for this. It’s just super long straights and then slamming on the brakes.

    1. It’s nice to have something different.

      Seriously, I’d have no issue with one oval type circuit – it can’t be any more boring than watching Monaco!!

  29. Race where there are some money and sparkles …
    New F1 deal

  30. My two cents…..BOO! Liberty are far more interested in marketing than racing.

    1. Shocking. The commercial rights holder is interested in marketing?

      Well I’d never heard of something so weird in my life, imagine being a commercial rights holder and being interested in the commercial side of the sport?! Woah.

      1. @sjaakfoo Do you see Barclays holding Premier League games in an undersized cow pastures as a marketing exercise? The sport doesn’t have to be compromised in the name of marketing, Liberty simply choose to do so.

  31. The track layout looks like it’s the least fun thing to do in Vegas.

  32. Looks like the only area that has to be built from scratch is the Start/Finish/Pit area between T14 and T4.
    T6 looks like will be going around the MSG Sphere (Since on Google Maps it is still under construction, I don’t know if they have to do anything there or if it will have a road already there).
    Knowing how much F1 likes the Aerial shots, I am not sure how likely it will be for a Helicopter to fly along around T1, due to the proximity of Runways 19R and 19L (depending on Winds that weekend and if Runways are in use). As long as they don’t go past the Virgin Hotel area it might be OK.
    As for Fans, staying around/near the Strip that weekend will most likely be crazy expensive, plus the Tickets being one of the highest ever most likely too. A race for the Rich. I will stick to COTA as long as they are willing to go there.

    1. In one video (or article) someone mentioned they will have to resurface the whole track as it is too bumpy for F1 now.

      As for the shots from above, they could use the “zipline”-type cameras, that are used to cover the whole pitlane at other tracks. They also use them in stadiums nowadays. Perhaps here they could just hang them between some of the buildings.

  33. Awesome, just what F1 needs another BS circuit!

  34. I will be driving 13 miles from my house to watch this one so I guess I won’t be offended by the comments from all of you arrogant “oh my god Las Vegas is so trash” types and enjoy it while I can. I’m not gonna trash the races in places I might not like because it’s pointless and I have no benefits in it. Harsh criticism almost always come from below .

    1. The drivers don’t seem too offended by the location…

        1. Sorry I don’t know why my link won’t post, but its a video on of the drivers’ reactions to the Las Vegas race.

    2. I hope it ends up being a fantastic race, and not just for the sake of my entertainment but for your sake as well having paid good money to go see it live. History has shown that tracks which didn’t look good on paper deliver some great racing (Azerbaijan)

      1. @The Dolphins That’s just one track I’m not sure that counts a history. Also, the Saudi track looked awful before anyone raced on it and well it turned out to be true.

        1. @johnrkh track layout had little to do with the Saudi race being awful.

  35. That’s one boring looking track, and if you turn it upside down it resembles a Pig. F1 is about sweeping slow and fast corners

  36. RandomMallard
    31st March 2022, 18:38

    I’m pretty indifferent on the concept personally, I don’t have too many opinions either way, but I won’t lie I do quite like the circuit. At least it’s a “proper” street circuit unlike some of the pseudo-street circuits that have been popping up recently (Jeddah, Sochi, Miami, the original plans for Hanoi, etc.). It’s quite wide (especially along the Strip of course) as well, which should be good for racing.

  37. It’s funny how people are so quick to criticize, literally every change that F1 makes. I understand nobody wants to see a street race every race weekend, but isn’t there still a decent split of street & circuit tracks?
    I know there are several tracks in the US that could in theory host an F1 race, but there are probably (certainly) reasons they’re not hosting a race. And it makes no sense to build a brand new circuit in the US just for hosting F1 races, just look at the issues COTA had.
    This makes sense for F1’s ambitions to break into new markets because of the location. Literally the easiest city for their marketing team to work with. I don’t know if 3 US races is sustainable every year, but at least they’re testing out different tracks and locations to see what sticks.
    As for the layout, who knows. It could be a dud or a decent race. But the drivers and teams seem excited, more so than the last street circuit they raced at (Jeddah). And I’m sure it’ll be better on TV than in person so everyone complaining about Vegas being a dump won’t have to worry because most probably won’t actually be going to Vegas for the race.
    Just be happy their changing things up a bit and giving viewers a change of scenery. Also I know some street circuits are boring, but this at least seems to be a bit more exciting than most.
    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a dumb American that’s contributing to the growth of this awesome sport…

  38. Maybe we can have one formula that does promotional events and another proper one that does, you know, racing. This is just… I don’t have the words.

  39. I think Formula 1 is really missing a beat with the races they want in the US.

    Austin is a purpose built track that has given F1 some fantastic races, and it should undoubtedly stay.

    Las Vegas, now that it is confirmed, may well be on it’s way to creating a legacy for itself just like Monaco. I’d still give it a chance regardless of the boring track layout, hopefully it will be changed to something more F1 appropriate as it matures.

    Miami, with it’s tightly wound carpark “track” should definitely get axed. F1 should replace this inevitable borefest with a track that contains a significant portion of an iconic American motorsport feature. I mean, what is more american in motorsport than an oval?

  40. This is one track layout you wouldn’t dare to design if they’d put a gun to your head. And maybe that’s why it might work. We’ve had countless Tilke designed tracks by now, and nobobdy seems to like those either.
    I haven’t seen the length of the contract. I do hope they haven’t given them a 15 year one too. Let’s see how it goes first.

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