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F1 confirms new Saturday night race in Las Vegas from 2023

2023 F1 season

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Formula 1 will add a third round of the world championship in the USA next year.

The series confirmed a street race in Las Vegas, organised in conjunction with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, has been added to the 2023 F1 calendar. It will take place in November and, for the first time in almost 40 years, the grand prix will take place on a Saturday.

F1 is rapidly expanding its presence in the USA where it popularity has grown since its takeover by Liberty Media five years ago. It added a second race in Miami this year to the existing round in Austin, Texas.

Now the series has agreed a deal to return to Las Vegas. The largest city in the state of Nevada held the final rounds of the 1981 and 1982 seasons and saw Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg respectively crowned as world champions.

Analysis: First look at F1’s new Las Vegas street circuit
But the new venue will be entirely different from the compact layout contained within a car park which held the previous two races. The new street circuit will incorporate a section of the brightly illuminated Las Vegas strip and pass a series of notable landmarks including the Bellagio Fountain and the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.

F1 predicts top speeds of around 342kph (212mph) which will be reached on the run along the strip between turns nine and 10. The 14-turn course measures 6.12 kilometres (3.8 miles) and the race distance will be 50 laps.

The official announcement of the race took place in the city with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media President and CEO Greg Maffei. Rather than engaging with a third party promoter, F1 will market the race in conjunction with Live Nation Entertainment, another Liberty Media company.

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Maffei said F1 and Las Vegas are “the perfect marriage of speed and glamour.”

F1 raced in Las Vegas in 1981 and 1982
“Our confidence in this unique opportunity is evident in our decision to assume the promoter role for the Las Vegas Grand Prix in partnership with Live Nation,” he added. “We could not be more excited to work with our local partners to create a marquee event.

“The potential of Formula 1 has been well demonstrated over the last several seasons and the Las Vegas GP will only take it to the next level.”

Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, and Wynn Las Vegas and Presenting Partners MSG Sphere, Resorts World Las Vegas and The Venetian Resort were all named as founding partners in the new venture.

The addition of a third round of the world championship in the USA “demonstrates the huge appeal and growth of our sport”, said Domenicali.

“Las Vegas is a destination known around the world for its excitement, hospitality, thrills, and of course, the famous Strip. There is no better place for Formula 1 to race than in the global entertainment capital of the world and we cannot wait to be here next year.”

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93 comments on “F1 confirms new Saturday night race in Las Vegas from 2023”

  1. My first thought was “ugh tacky” but at least it seems that the track has the potential to be wider than a lot of the street tracks so I’ll just reserve judgement until it actually happens.

    Be interesting to see what race gets booted to accommodate this one.

    1. St Petersburg.

      1. some racing fan
        31st March 2022, 8:34

        Liberty tore up the Russian GP contract, so that leaves a space open.

        1. Qatar is already taking that slot on the calendar, so it’s not available.

          1. Qatar is stepping in for 2022. this is a 2023 race, ie Qatar already had a contract before Russia was ousted

      2. @jff I reckon Circuit Paul Ricard.

    2. @dbradock Yeah, the track doesn’t look overly complex, but it might be the most flat-out on the calendar bar perhaps Monza. I like variety, so I like the idea of a fast street circuit made for slipstreaming.

      If the race is really going to be the Saturday after US Thanksgiving, as some have reported, it might be a cold one, which could make it even more power- and slipstream-sensitive. Looks like the average temperature by 9 pm on that day is 10°C — that’s colder than Istanbul 2020.

      1. @markzastrow
        Yes, a November Saturday evening can be quite cold, although the lowest temps are for the night hours rather than evening ones.
        Last year the daytime peak on the 25th was 18 C & the lowest at 7, so I reckon about 15 or something in the 10-15 range in the evening/late evening.

    3. @dbradock there has been speculation that Spa-Francorchamps will be dropped from the calendar to make room for this circuit – their contract ends this year, so there would be no need to pay any sort of cancellation fee for terminating that race.

      1. That would be a tragedy

      2. They are mad really. That’s just plain craziness if they will drop SPA.

        1. @krichelle it is not a given, but out of the tracks that are out of a contract in 2023 – Mexico City, Monaco, Spa and Paul Ricard – it looks like the two most vulnerable are Spa and Paul Ricard.

          Whilst Paul Ricard is probably the more vulnerable of the two and thus more likely to be dropped first, Domenicali’s comments about a race’s history not being enough to guarantee a spot on the calendar did make some speculate that he was referring to Spa with that remark.

          Others have noted that Spa has tended to be one of the more cash strapped venues – the fee it pays is one of the lowest amongst the circuits as a result – and the debacle over the 2021 race will not have helped with negotiations, given the damage that did to the reputation of both the sport and the circuit.

          There has also been speculation that the alternative option would be for Spa and Paul Ricard to alternate, which Domenicali has talked about as an option recently. Spa is known to have looked a couple of times at the option of alternating the race with another venue, and Paul Ricard is thought to have been one of the venues it has talked to about that option.

          1. @anon Yes, he mentioned the alternation option, but not specifically what tracks. We’ll see.

          2. Shame it’s not Monaco going…. A circuit that’s now too outdated for modern F1 cars!

          3. Shame it’s not Monaco going…. A circuit that’s now too outdated for modern F1 cars!

            And has been for 40 years already.

          4. That’s a massive shame really. They could just alternate between Miami and Las Vegas. We cannot have a classic track off the calendar. SPA is like a “crown jewel” for F1. I am sure drivers and teams will object to removing SPA or even alternating it.

  2. since we’re talking Vegas, anyone want to take bets on this actually happening? I’d give it 50/50 odds at best

    1. It’s definitely gonna’ happen, they’ve sold us out.

      1. I think that 4 races must dropped out next season china las vegas qatar is there maybe kyalami

    2. The house always wins!

      1. I believe I read that Liberty is a joint promoter.

        It’ll happen.

  3. So purpose-built tracks are on their way out?

  4. some racing fan
    31st March 2022, 4:25

    This will be interesting. I don’t know how they are going to pull this off but I will say one thing: I’m glad this is being held on a Saturday night- Vegas looks like a desert graveyard during the day- it really comes alive at night. But I’m not sure how the classy European crowd will like this- although it has a lot of good restaurants Vegas is at the best of times tacky and with all its fake world monuments honestly hilarious. But the track looks somewhat interesting, if simplistic.

    Vegas is quite a different place than it was in the early ’80s- back then, it was a tacky, dirty, depressing gambling town where every hotel lobby smelled like an ashtray and had way too much bad and cheap buffet food. Ever since it was largely taken over by corporations, the parts south of the original strip have been much more thoroughly developed and nowadays it is a tacky, super-ostentatious corporate events, nightlife and gambling town that has a lot of restaurants ranging from bad to amazing, and most (but not all) hotel lobbies smell like an ashtray. Compared with the old Las Vegas, neo-Las Vegas is more like Disneyland for adults, but also has stuff for children to do too.

  5. Does anyone else think that F1 is spreading itself out a bit thin? Its great news for revenue etc, but what about quality full time racetracks? The purist in me is not excited but I suppose moving with the times is inevitable. Well done F1

  6. Next year, really? This smells like the time that Bernie and (I can only imagine) the LCN, said there would be a race in New Jersey “next year”. A lot of people got paid, but there was never ever going to be a race. The only thing that this has going for it, is Bernie is not involved: it is probably legit.

    But next year seems a stretch. Granted, I only get my knowledge of that city from mob movies, but Las Vegas seems like one of those towns that has a lot of “green tape” to navigate. A lot of competing interests, and what have you. Perhaps a lot of union problems. Just needs more money is all and it will definitely be ready for “next year”, every year.

  7. I remember the last Las Vegas F1 race. Sorry this will happen; as a Yank it wasn’t my call. What a waste. I also remember Dallas and Phoenix; not a good history.

  8. Not excited. First 3 races in one country are too many. Then it’s another street track. Then it’s Vegas, the tackiest place ever. And then it will probably mean one of the classic venues we have will get dropped

    1. Remember that the US is HUGE. To drive from Miami to Austin is about 20 hours. It’s ANOTHER 20 hours to drive from Austin to Las Vegas. They’re spread out so far they’re in three different time zones. For comparison, it’s only about 18 hours to drive from Silverstone to San Marino, and you could reach the tracks in Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, etc. in less time.

      So while they might all three be in the same country, they’re still spanning an enormous area equal to crossing most of the European events.

      1. Indeed. You can drive north from Miami for 350 miles, and still be in Florida. And still on the East coast.

        And that 20 hours to Austin is only if you can average 70mph, without passing out from boredom on I-10 (a very real risk– they’ve added curves in some sections to reduce the risk of drivers falling asleep).

      2. No, four time zones. Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. This of course neglects Alaska and Hawaii. Add those in (Hawaii-Aleutian and Alaska time zones) and there are six time zones. Not that that really matters as Alaska has 732,000 people and Hawaii 1.4 million; a drop in the bucket as I suspect the F1 viewing audience in Alaska is double digits at the most.

  9. We’ll that’s going to suck

    1. If you got the money, it can blow too.

      1. technically you have to leave the city limits for that.

        1. @lancer033 shh what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

  10. I am all in for new races but I am strictly against having more than 1 race in a country

    It just doesn’t feel right. With a confined calendar, it feels as if F1 is loosing it ‘Global’ appeal with such decisions.

    1. The distance between the venues in USA is longer than the furthest apart European races. I am not a fan of having 3 USA races either but USA, China etc as a country is much bigger than the European continent so I don’t think it is a huge problem in terms of ‘Global’ appeal as you put it

    2. In that case, let’s make sure there’s only 1 race in all of the EU.

  11. First Formula 1 had to go outside Europe since it is World Championship, now it is going to USA because why? Money!!! Oh, I get it now.

  12. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    31st March 2022, 7:28

    Great another trash circuit.

  13. Surely the only way this will work is if they drop more European races, there’s no way those circuits will be favoured over oil rich countries. Hopefully they’ll start rotating some some circuits so we don’t permanently lose more. I was hoping an African country would get a grand prix. no country should have more than 1 race

  14. As much as I love watching races there’s no way I can follow all of them live as they get to 23/24/25 races. Kind of loses it glamour when there’s so many and It makes me forget most races

    1. I agree, I’ve just given up trying to watch them all this year and I’ll be tuning in to the races I want to watch. F1 is tracking viewership and that impacts their advertising revenue as well as the teams’ — you are not obliged to watch the races, your time is worth more. F1 knows this is a zero sum game, they are not fighting for your attention against other motorsports, or sports in general, their first is against all forms of entertainment. The more content they produce (races, Netflix, social media) the more it battles with other forms of entertainment that you could choose. So remember you have a choice.

  15. Lets consider what other circuits US has. Watkins Glen, Road America, Mid Ohio, Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Road Atlanta, even Daytona Road Course. All those tracks would easily be in the top 10 tracks on the F1 calender if added but instead we get this.

    1. I’d hate to think it has to do with money. Surely they wouldn’t.

    2. Those circuits all have FIA Grade 2 licenses and cannot host F1 races. Sonoma doesn’t currently have any FIA license (though it too had Grade 2), and I can’t find the one for Daytona though one imagines it’s also in that category. So too is the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, for reference.

      To make these tracks suitable for a Grade 1 license, major changes would probably have to be made. Some of which would no doubt be resisted by people who prefer the somewhat dated look & feel of these circuits.

      It’s a bit surprising that Barber Motorsports Park wasn’t made to be a Grade 1 track, since it is a relatively new venue and built like a proper classic circuit. Maybe it didn’t seem worth the extra investment, as Indianapolis already hosted the USA F1 race back then.

      1. If you can make the F1 street circuits meet Grade 1 specs then it should be easy to upgrade a real racing circuit to that spec. I was at Road America back in the CART days; awesome circuit. I suspect the actual deal is they aren’t willing to pay $30 million for a race and then not even get the track side sponsor money….

  16. Why is it taking place on a Saturday?! And I think is should alternate with Miami.

    When was the last Grand Prix on a Saturday, and what was the reason behind it then?

    1. You may want to check the time difference between Las Vegas, Nevada and Europe and see how this works if the race is held on Sunday.

    2. As Las Vegas is all the way on the western side of the Americas, starting the race on a Sunday evening at 22.00 would mean the race starts on a Monday afternoon at 13.00 in China, and Monday morning at 07.00 in much of Europe. Both of which are regions with far more F1 viewers than the USA.

      1. [cries in Australian]

  17. I guess its Saturday night so that everyone in Europe who doesn’t want to stay up for a 2am start can watch the race replay on Sunday, rather than trying to catch up around work on a Monday?

    1. some racing fan
      31st March 2022, 8:33

      It’s supposed to start at 10pm local time, which is 6am UK/Portugal time and 7am Western European time.

      1. Okay, so that will be why and is much better for people in Europe (it’s still a Sunday Grand Prix for me). Was it for similar reasons last time there was a Saturday race, does anyone know?

        1. some racing fan
          31st March 2022, 17:27

          The last time a GP was held on a Saturday was Kyalami ‘85. The South African GP in those days was held on a Saturday for religious reasons.

  18. RocketTankski
    31st March 2022, 8:32

    Bright lights, sleaze, high rollers, the Mob.
    But enough about F1!
    We’ve only gone and got ourselves a new race in the heart of Sin City itself!

    1. Comment of the day

  19. The more the merreir*

    *F1 isn’t resposible for your free time or family time or your wellbeing and even more as F1 is expanding and in the future is expeted to race up to 30 races per season. F1 is a business and as every business it too needs to look to the future and find ways to expand and open new doors for the future of racing. Terms and conditions apply
    Sincerely yours
    F1 and Liberty Media

  20. The locations Liberty wants to race at become more unethical by the minute. Miami and Las Vegas, also known as Soddom & Gomorrah.

    If you really want spectacular racing go to the Green Hell, the Nordschleife, its been given FIA Grade 1 status.

    For LM only the highest bidder counts, and where the blood money comes from is clearly not important.

  21. Is F1 becoming a night race series? How many of them do we have now? 5. And Azerbaijan may be planning a night race, and now Las Vegas. Qatar is also going to be a night race I guess. 8 of about 24 races. That’s a third of all races being a night race. So, so, so pointless. And against every environment conscious goals. Sure, Last Vegas is fitting as a night race. The problem is the others. Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Miami, Qatar, etc? Why?

    1. *Las Vegas

  22. Wow, Liberty Media must have been completely nuts for a Vegas GP if they decided to go ahead with it without anyone actually footing the bill.

    Seems odd for them to take on that extra risk regardless of how confident they are in the outcome.

  23. I disagree with those saying no country should hold more than one race. The US is a huge country, similar in size to Europe. Each state is more like a country in its own right. So, providing the races are in different states (which they are: Texas, Florida, Nevada), then it is not the same as having multiple races in what us Europeans would typically think of as one country.

    In my mind it’s similar to if the EU was a country made up of all of it’s member states. Nobody would argue that Germany shouldn’t have a race because Italy already has one.

    The area that is most over-saturated in my opinion is the Middle East and we all know why that i$.

  24. This is going to be genuinely spectacular. 212mph down the strip is going to be astonishing.

    Asking for anyone that’s been to Vegas: Is there any spray from the fountains at the Bellagio?

    1. @mattj A little when there’s no wind.

  25. Pretty inevitable for a little while, so entirely unsurprising.
    Holding on Saturday evening/late evening locally is good news & effectively a must for racing under artificial lighting as Sunday evening/late evening would be unideal for the entire European market (i.e., the one with the most TV viewers), while also more unideal for the US/NA than the same time Saturday.

  26. I am sooooo going to this race!

    1. Id expect you to go to Miami instead!

    2. I just told my wife I was going to spend a few thousand dollars next year. I asked if she wanted go with me.

      “No, I’ve already been to Las Vegas”.

      Then we agreed I’d have to sleep in the car if I did, in fact, spend a few thousand dollars on a ticket.

  27. At least this race will be on at a decent time for Australians for a change. Assuming an 8pm start in Vegas on Saturday that will be 2pm in the afternoon on Sunday on the east coast.

  28. I think it’s not a bad move for Liberty. Vegas and night race put together is exciting. Hoping for a wide track there.

    And while we’re at it, we should can Monaco altogether now Vegas took over their prestige and whatnot.

  29. We all despised Bernie and hoped Liberty F1 would be a breath of fresh air. Instead, they’ve turned it into a circus; fewer proper tracks, more street venues designed to sportswash a Middle Eastern regime or sell a tacky tourist trap; new teams aren’t welcome; and the rules are bent for the benefit of Netflix.

    1. Liberty Media was a mistake.

  30. Why night race we must woke up in 5 race better that is in afternoon 10 pm we have 6 night races

  31. Claire and Keith, thank you for the article. Las Vegas does not interest me one iota!

    Formula One under lights does absolutely nothing for me! Same with those Middle East races as well.

    Liberty Media, here is a suggestion – why not make it an all USA based ‘World’ Championship? That way the timing of races will suit the viewers in USA. The rest of us do not count at all.

    What a mess! I have been a Formula One enthusiast since 1950, and I am now sort of happy I may not have much longer to endure the stupid fiasco that Formula One has degenerated into.

    1. What’s crazy about this is the time of the race makes no sense for US viewers. The race will start at 10pm Vegas time, so in Eastern time, the most populous US time zone, the race will start at 1am! They will hold a race in the US at a time most people in the US will be asleep.

      1. @danarcha It’s really quite amusing to see all these “world” viewers, these people who look down on American sports in general (don’t lie), and have no fffing clue how time zones work lol

        1. Ummm, I’m a Yank living in Seattle. Las Vegas is in the Pacific time zone. 10:00 pm Las Vegas time is 1:00 am Eastern time – that’s like New York and Florida et al. What is the lacking clue here that we are all too dense to understand? I’m certainly not going to watch at 10:00 pm let alone 1:00 am…….

  32. Bit cold to it to be honest.

    A couple of street tracks were a unique oddity, the thrill and spectacle of F1 machinery on a street. I’m not sure we need more them especially when there are so many excellent purpose built tracks available. People say ‘it’ll look amazing!’ but think about it, no it won’t. It’ll be as cold and classless as Sochi or Jeddah with the amount of walls and barriers it’ll need for safety. At least Baku & Monaco in the daylight can show off their unique architecture, and the quality of the racing isn’t going to be as good as you’ll find on a track literally built for that purpose.

    Also, sorry but F1’s popularity in the US isn’t going to grow by simply adding tracks there.

    1. @rocketpanda unless they put up 20 foot walls, yes it’ll look like Vegas.

  33. Isn’t this a bit self defeating except for those attending. No coverage, no results. After all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  34. Why do we have three different races in the US? Especially in a country that cares the least for F1? We should instead be trying to add races in Argentina, Scandinavia or Israel. Maybe even Hong Kong. Three in one country is ridiculous. Especially since there isn’t even an American driver.

    1. @Ben Argentina GDP $383 Billion, Sweden (largest Scandinavian economy) $554 Billion, Israel $402 Billion. USA $31 TRILLION. As a refrersher, a trillion = 1000 billion.

      1. Orders of magnitude and all that.

    2. What is a country? The “states” in the “United States” get to control their own roadways, prisons, health care availability, hunting/fishing licenses, business licenses, what is taught in schools, etc. There are more state & county laws than there are federal laws.

      Also, the United States is quite large. If you want to complain that it’s “one country”, consider that there are a solid 4 time zones. When it’s 6am on the west coast, it’s 9am on the east coast. There are quite a few European F1 tracks that are much, much closer, physically, and even within the same time zone!

  35. As expected the comment section is littered with whinging comments. Moaning about adding races in the USA. Strangely the majority fail to realize just as many European races have been added in the last 2 years. Zandvoort and Imola. Both narrow boring circuits with limited opportunities for overtaking. Enjoy clinging to your dreams of F1 reverting to a mostly European calendar with free to air TV coverage. Get over it. Change happens.

    1. @spencer it’s little more than “Europe is better”. They’re still a tad upset that America beat the Brits for independence, then managed to equal them in terms of “literature” and manage to care little for Europe’s sports while serving up a hefty helping of our own in basketball, “American” football & baseball.

      Oh, and it probably still stings that Nigel could only win 1 Indycar championship. ;)

  36. I thought this was an April fools joke but it’s still March lol

  37. “Money talks” — Lewis Hamilton

  38. playstation361
    7th April 2022, 0:03

    Nice to see new things in US.

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