Juri Vips, Christian Horner, Red Bull gym, Milton Keynes, 2022

Caption Competition 183: Guest of Horner

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It’s been a year of new beginnings for Red Bull in 2022, with the team becoming their own engine suppliers for the first time with the support of Honda.

But what were team principal Christian Horner and junior driver Juri Vips thinking at the recent opening of the new Red Bull Racing gym at the team’s Milton Keynes factory?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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80 comments on “Caption Competition 183: Guest of Horner”

  1. I can’t see any picture…

    1. Best one I read so far ))

    2. Open it quick Christian; I just need ONE lap!!

  2. Like any good racer Christian Horner saw an opening and went for it.

  3. Some typical Netflix editing sees Toto in the gym and Christian outside armed with scissors.

  4. These VIPs always jump the queue, I tell you…

    1. RocketTankski
      2nd April 2022, 11:54

      The Juri is still out on this one

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    2nd April 2022, 11:04

    We now declare our new “The Michael Masi-ve Gym” open.

  6. Red Bull cut ties with yet another talented young driver.

  7. “I officially open Geri’s new en-suite, may God bless her and all who bathe in her”

  8. Horner to Netflix crew – “Do you promise not to put “Oh my lord Max!” over this scene if I cut this ribbon here?”

  9. Christian Horner opens a gym where you can ‘flex’ , ‘bend’ the rules and and pretend you’re a winner.

    1. Good one on the ‘flex’ and ‘bend’.
      Just the latter part makes it appear more about you than about the image ;)

  10. “The teeming masses of top flight athletes queuing to get into the new gym was almost overwhelming!”

  11. Mr Scallywag
    2nd April 2022, 11:31

    “…and of course any Hamilton fan is welcome to come work out their issues.”

    1. They have to expand quickly looking at the amount of hamfans here.
      Not sure if the devices can withstand the amount of abuse that’s normal for a hamfan :)

      1. Maybe you should visit this gym as well; I’m sure it will be full of mirrors :P

        Or in other words discuss and support all you like, but let’s stop this dissing of others

        1. I already visited the gym. After I cleaned up the mess the hamfans left behind that is.
          BTW, I recently suggested to stop t rolling here.” They” were not interested and preferred to destroy the forum.

          1. Then take the ‘high road’.

            You’ll be surprised how quickly others will take you seriously.

  12. Horner’s time was later deleted after he was found to be deliberately cutting.

  13. “Max – this is Juri.
    We have high hopes for him for the future.
    Shall I let him in or do you want to discuss a new contract?”

  14. “I’d like to open the Michael Masi Yoga Centre, where we teach our young drivers about rule flexibility”

  15. “Mr Horner was hoping that he could keep some of the ribbon so that he could stop using his left hand to hold his pants up!”

  16. Leonard ‘Big Lenny’ Persin (@)
    2nd April 2022, 11:56

    At the dawn of the new season, Horner opened the doors for Mercedes to ‘exercise their humility’.

  17. Red Bull gives you gyms ©

    1. Nice one..

  18. “All of our F1 seats are currently occupied, but I told Juri that things would work out eventually…so, eh, here we go!”

  19. Some of these so far are among my favourites since the Caption Competition has returned!

  20. Horner finally cut the ties with all the engine manufacturers.

  21. “red tape, what red tape?”

  22. Electroball76
    2nd April 2022, 13:46

    After a lot of baulking, Horner was now ready to cut

  23. Not the cutting of ties Helmut Marko had in mind.

  24. Horner had his eyes on the Ferrari crew, ready for the undercut.

  25. Vips : “Should I tell him Helmut Marko is already pressing on the bench since the past hour.”
    Christian : ” Something is off, I can sense it. Let me just pose and then I shall threaten Juri with Iwasa fears to speak up.”

  26. No way Gasly. I’m first in line.

  27. Jüri was rather satisfied with the set up he managed to find before the first training session.

  28. Electroball76
    2nd April 2022, 14:35

    And I’ll be teaching the spin class

    1. That is very good indeed :)

  29. Welcome to your complimentary penthouse suite, Mr. Masi. It has its own gym and all modern conveniences.

  30. Yuri and Christian were unimpressed as Helmut used his “VIPs only” joke for the hundredth time.

  31. Junior drivers are getting younger and younger at RBR as Christian Horner is seen here cutting Juri Vips’ umbilical cord.

  32. MB (@muralibhats)
    2nd April 2022, 15:32

    This is the Ferrari voodoo for this season..

  33. Juri Vips waiting to leave the gym as DTS filming ensues.

  34. Horner’s dream has finally come true. After marrying Geri, he only needed the gym to recreate Geri’s “it’s raining men” videoclip.

    1. After fulfilling his dream of marrying ginger spice, Christian can now enact Geri’s “raining men” cover.

  35. Vips waits a split second before presenting his fist to beat his boss’s scissors.

  36. Ganesh krishnasamy
    2nd April 2022, 16:17

    Do this humble Event Manager thinks, This Year RED is GOOD

  37. If he’s already in the space then why am I cutting this ribbon?

  38. Christian Horner, seen here cutting the ribbon on the state of the art gymnasium at The Helmut Marko Institute of Complaints, Whinging and General Hot Air.

  39. Red Bull’s Christian Horner tries to look unflustered whilst struggling to cut ribbon with Adrian Newey designed, ultra-lightweight scissors.

  40. Mercedes cut this ribbon 29 times and no one batted an eyelid.

    1. That is very good

  41. How Juri service works – GOV.UK

  42. Despite taking time away from F1’s rules and formalities, Christian still finds himself faced with red tape.

  43. It seems Juri won’t be making the cut.

    1. Oh yes – another good one :)

  44. Controversial decision made by Christian to let some but not all patrons in before cutting the ribbon.

  45. Should I or shouldn’t I do it, toto is hanging above the toilet by his ankles and this ribbon is holding him up.

  46. At the opening of the multi-million dollar facility, Christian laments that budget cap restrictions required him to borrow some scissors from reception instead of the usual ceremonial pair.

  47. Christian is called is as a back up to cut the centre of the tape. Max was the original choice, but he would only cut the corner.

    1. blast… typo.. called IN, not called IS.

  48. Finally, Juri’s cries for help are heard and Christian rushes in to free the trapped driver.

  49. johnandtonic
    3rd April 2022, 9:11

    Daniel looking at this picture after Christians latest comments on his RB departure……”Christian, it should be a yellow ribbon and it should be tied around an old oak tree if you still want me. Guess, I’ll keep driving the bus.”

  50. Symbolically cementing absolute control over another branch of his empire, Christian channels Alexander the Great by avoiding the complicated knot.

  51. “Welcome to the Masi Memorial Gym, dedicated in honour of our good friend and colleague.”

  52. Cutting yuri loose will be the next step.

    1. Hereby I open the new gym for our 50 new ex Mercedes employees.

  53. Horner Visp-ering to Masi was definitely crossing the red line


  55. Small scissors? Budget cuts.

  56. Now open to any Red Bull driver. Or is it all?

  57. Christian Horner symbolically cuts ties with Honda and slams the door in Yuri’s face.

  58. This is not the VIP’s gym I had in mind!

  59. #See my vest, see my vest
    #It’s real Gorilla chest….

    1. Latest video of opening..


  60. “Shall I cut the corner here?”

  61. @willwood Never saw the result of this competition. Did I miss it or were all the entries unworthy?

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