Leg fracture puts Correa at risk of missing Imola Formula 3 round

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In the round-up: Juan Manuel Correa has revealed he has suffered a leg fracture which may prevent him from taking part in the next round of the FIA Formula 3 series at Imola in two weeks’ time.

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In brief

Correa reveals leg injury

Correa said he began experiencing pain during the opening F3 round in Bahrain three weeks ago, which worsened in the F3 test at Jerez which ended three days ago.

“A few weeks ago in Bahrain during the race I started getting this very sharp pain in my left foot,” he said in a social media post. “We got it checked out, it seemed like it was just some tendon inflammation, I got some rest over the last few weeks.

“But a few days ago in the Jerez test, the pain came back. So we did an MRI scan yesterday night, got the results today and there is indeed a stress fracture there.”

Correa suffered extremely serious leg injuries in the 2019 Formula 2 crash at Spa-Francorchamps which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert. He returned to racing in F3 last year following a long recuperation.

He said he is “extremely disappointed” by the development.” I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with any more injuries this year, and I thought I had enough of it last year. But it continues, it is what it is.”

He was due to take part in next week’s European Le Mans Series season-opener at Paul Ricard. Correa lies fifth in the F3 standings and was due to race at Imola the week after that.

“The doctors have recommended a couple of weeks of rest,” he said. “Let’s see how it heals itself, how the pain improves. Obviously, this means there will be no ELMS race next week. No testing either, and no F3 testing.

“As it stands, even Imola in F3 might be at risk. So we’re going to try to push the recovery to be able to do the Imola race. But nothing is guaranteed.”

Maserati confirm Venturi tie-up for Formula E entry

Maserati, which announced it would enter Formula E in January, confirmed last night that it will attach its factory efforts to the existing Venturi team.

The Monegasque outfit has been supplied a powertrain by Mercedes for the past two seasons, after having spent the prior five as a constructor itself. Following Mercedes’ departure from the series at the end of this year, Venturi has elected to partner with Maserati in a multi-year deal coinciding with the introduction of Formula E’s ‘Gen3’ car.

Team principal Jerome D’Ambrosio said “I think the partnership presents the opportunity to continue being a team that’s going to be fighting on the front and fighting for victories in races, hopefully for championships as well.

“Then there’s something which is obviously very important to us, it’s not only about what you do, but how you do it. And we found a brand with whom we are aligned and we’re very much alike in terms of our core values, what we stand for, and this is important because that’s something that we don’t we don’t want to lose.”

Quotes: Hazel Southwell

Six-place grid penalty for DeFrancesco

IndyCar has handed a six-place grid penalty to Devlin DeFrancesco for this weekend’s race at Long Beach after judging the Andretti Steinbrenner driver caused “avoidable contact” in the previous round at Texas Motor Speedway.

DeFranceso triggered a three-car collision with Helio Castroneves and Graham Rahal which put all three out of the race. He also had a close run-in with Kyle Kirkwood earlier in the race, which left the Foyt driver in the barrier.

Albon will go “full attack” in qualifying to minimise penalty damage

Alexander Albon says Williams will go “full attack” to limit the damage of his three-place grid penalty that will be applied before Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix.

Albon was handed the drop by the stewards of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after he was deemed responsible for colliding with Lance Stroll in the closing laps of the race. The Williams driver says any position he gains on Saturday will help his chances for Sunday.

“We’ve got to fight this weekend,” says Albon. “We don’t know how overtaking is on this circuit. If we can get into Q2, that would be great. Any position helps later on Sunday. I think we’ll go full attack this weekend – but of course we do understand that the race is more of a priority.”

Moved start line for Rome EPrix still ‘sketchy’

After a strangely-placed start line, around a blind corner, led to

Formula E has repositioned the starting line at its Rome track. It was previously located close to a blind corner, and is now on a straight at the most downhill part of the track.

Jaguar’s Mitch Evans, who won the team’s first race in Rome in 2019, said the change is an improvement, but pointed out it means the field will rapidly arrive at one of the narrowest parts of the track after the start. “That turn seven’s still pretty early in the lap,” he said. “So I think turn one should be better, there’s no real ideal place here but I think the run up to turn seven could be quite sketchy because cold brakes, cold tyres, no tyre pressure, no regen, so I feel like it’s going to be messy.

“But there’s no real ideal place, obviously with Formula E one of the downsides is, when you get to the races, there’s carnage at turn one – and turn one’s going to be tight but my concern is more the run up to turn seven.”

Quotes: Hazel Southwell

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  1. Sorry to see Correa having this problem to deal with, but I am glad they found the fracture before it got worse. I hope he will be able to get back on the F3 schedule, but health must go first.

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