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Hamilton linked to deal to buy Chelsea football club

2022 F1 season

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Seven-times Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton could become one of the new owners of the Chelsea football club.

The Mercedes driver has been linked to an investment group headed by former Liverpool football club chairman Martin Broughton, along with multiple tennis champion Serena Williams. Sky reported Hamilton and Williams have contributed £10 million each as part of the bid.

The club was put up for sale last month after Roman Abramovich, its owner since 2003, was sanctioned by the British government in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, due to his close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Abramovich has said the proceeds of the sale will be used “for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine”.

Broughton was previously chairman and chief executive officer of British American Tobacco during which time it entered a Formula 1 team, British American Racing. It later became the Mercedes team Hamilton now drives for.

Rival bidders for Chelsea include figures connected to other sports organisations including the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, the Boston Celtics basketball squad and Italian football club Atalanta.

Hamilton has previously indicated he is a supporter of Chelsea’s London rivals Arsenal. His other business interests include Zapp, an on-demand grocery sales app, and Neat Burger, a vegan fast food restaurant chain.

Chelsea sponsored the Sauber Formula 1 team, which now races as Alfa Romeo, in 2012.

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16 comments on “Hamilton linked to deal to buy Chelsea football club”

  1. 😯😯😯

  2. The world is an odd place at times.

  3. “These boots will never make it to the end of the match Bono” ;)

  4. Click bait story… the whole world and his uncle has been linked to buying Chelsea. From a consortium including George Osbourne to Conor Mcgregor. Pointless story

  5. If he really wanted a challenge, he’d buy Birmingham.

  6. £10 Million is a very minor investment in ownership terms as the club is “valued” between £2.5 and £4 Billion. Running costs are about £3.5 million a week for player wages alone.

    1. Maybe it’s a bit like Uralkali ‘investment’ in Haas and will we see Lewis a Serena as a player during half a season.

    2. For their investment they’ll have access to a vip booth to watch the match whenever they are in town looking to impress their friends.

  7. It would be telling if Hamilton replaces a Russian Oligarch.

    But then again would be awesome to see an athlete a sports person own a premiere league football club. Much better than owning Neat Burger.

  8. johnandtonic
    21st April 2022, 14:14

    If you are prepared to promote Russia, China, Saudi why not Chelsea. Values.

  9. Ok. Then.

  10. What is it they say about a fool and his money….

    Investiment in sporting venues and clubs is surely only done if you have spare cash and
    go into that venture as a passion, or for the kudos, than for any guaranted returns.

    1. That seems to be only true about F1, unless you do it brilliantly like Brawn. Not sure what you’re basing that on or about soccer, but in America our major sports franchises are immensely profitable both from an annual revenue standpoint and in terms of the ROI on selling them at a later date.

  11. Meanwhile an increase of more than 2000 black persons murdered in US… Hamilton is silent.

  12. …thought he would forget about a bottomless-pit sport and join his mate “Tommy” in a venture for a niche market in fire retardant ‘jocks‘.
    I take it the same rule applies for the W Series?

  13. Interesting move from a self confessed Arsenal fan……..

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