Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, leads Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin, Imola, 2022

2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix driver ratings

2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix weekend offered a different kind of challenge to the 20 drivers on the grid compared to the three before it.

Not only was Imola the site of the first sprint race of the season, rain on Friday and Sunday caused headaches up and down the field with some coping with the tricky conditions better than others.

Here are the RaceFans driver ratings foe the 2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix weekend:

Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri, Imola, 2022
Hamilton spent 43 laps behind Gasly

Lewis Hamilton – 4

Qualified: 13th (-2 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 14th (-3 behind team mate)
Finished: 13th (-9 behind team mate)

  • Eliminated in Q2 after rain fell during red flag stoppage
  • Lost two places at sprint race start but passed Stroll to line up 14th on grand prix grid
  • Inherited three places at start from drivers affected by incidents
  • Lost three places after switching to slicks
  • Spent 39 of the last 43 laps within a second of Gasly but could not find a way past, finishing 13th

George Russell – 8

Qualified: 11th (+2 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 11th (+2 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 4th (+9 ahead of team mate)

  • Eliminated in 11th in Q2 after rain fell during red flag
  • Dropped to 12th at start of sprint race but passed Vettel in closing laps for 11th
  • Gained two places on run to turn one, then three more after Ricciardo and Sainz collided
  • Ran sixth after restart before passing Magnussen for fifth
  • Equipment failure left him on wet tyre wing setting after move to slicks
  • Held off a faster Bottas over the final laps, gaining fourth after Leclerc’s spin
Verstappen secured a grand slam victory

Max Verstappen – 8

Qualified: Pole (+6 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: Pole (+2 ahead of team mate)
Finished: Winner (+1 ahead of team mate)

  • Claimed pole position despite yellow flags due to clear lift, but helped by multiple stoppages
  • Lost sprint race lead off line to Leclerc but blamed poorly synced gears
  • Caught and passed Leclerc in closing laps of sprint to secure pole position and eight points
  • Led from the start of the grand prix and was never troubled across the 63 laps
  • Claimed grand slam of pole, victory after leading every lap and fastest lap for maximum 34 point haul

Sergio Perez – 6

Qualified: 7th (-6 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 3rd (-2 behind team mate)
Finished: 2nd (-1 behind team mate)

  • Qualified seventh in disrupted Q3 session
  • Made his way up the order in sprint race to secure third on grand prix grid
  • Jumped Leclerc to move into second at the start
  • Absorbed pressure from Leclerc and fortunate to get away with missing Variante Alta chicane with second place
  • Cruised home after Leclerc’s spin to complete one-two, but well behind team mate

Carlos Sainz Jnr – 4

Qualified: 10th (-8 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 4th (-2 behind team mate)
Finished: Retired (Spun out – L1)

  • Crashed at second Rivazza in Q2 ending his qualifying and placing him tenth for sprint race grid
  • Recovered in sprint race to claim fourth on the grid behind Perez
  • Hit by Ricciardo at Tamburello sending him spinning out of the grand prix, deemed racing incident
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Imola, 2022
Leclerc’s late spin forced him to pit for repairs

Charles Leclerc – 4

Qualified: 2nd (+8 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 2nd (+2 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 6th

  • Qualified second after multiple red flags prevented him from challenging for pole
  • Beat Verstappen off the line in sprint race but was eventually caught after graining his softs
  • Dropped two places at grand prix start before passing Norris to reclaim third
  • Tried to pressure Perez for second but could not find a way past
  • Spun at Variante Alta trying to catch Perez on softs and had to pit for new front wing, dropping to ninth
  • Recovered to sixth by the chequered flag

Lando Norris – 7

Qualified: 3rd (+3 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 5th (+1 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 3rd (+15 ahead team mate)

  • Crashed in the closing minutes of Q3, but secured third on sprint race grid by doing so
  • Limited to six laps in only dry practice session on Saturday after brake trouble
  • Finished fifth in sprint after being passed by Perez and Sainz
  • Beat Leclerc to turn one at grand prix start and ran third after Safety Car, until Leclerc passed him
  • Ran lonely race in fourth, comfortably ahead of Russell but far off the lead three
  • Inherited final podium spot when Leclerc spun late in the race

Daniel Ricciardo – 5

Qualified: 6th (-3 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 6th (-1 behind team mate)
Finished: 18th (-15 behind team mate)

  • Qualified sixth in red flag filled Q3
  • Missed the sole dry practice session on Saturday with a technical problem
  • Passed Magnussen in sprint race for fifth, before losing it to Sainz
  • Hit Sainz at turn one during grand prix start, sustained diffuser damage when struck by Bottas
  • Suffered from damage all race, but proved slick tyres were the way to go
  • Ran at the back, unable to make any progress with wounded car

Fernando Alonso – 6

Qualified: 5th (+13 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 9th (+7 ahead of team mate)
Finished: Retired (Damage – L6)

  • Given new-specification floor for weekend
  • Comfortably through to Q3 on Friday, taking fifth on sprint grid
  • Fell to ninth in sprint race
  • Hit by spinning Schumacher during grand prix start, causing damage to sidepod which led to retirement
  • Quicker than team mate in every session

Esteban Ocon – 5

Qualified: 19th (-13 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 16th (-7 behind team mate)
Finished: 14th

  • Gearbox problem in Q1 prevented him from being able to progress
  • Gained three places at start of sprint and remained there to take 16th on grid
  • Ran 12th after the restart, running behind Hamilton
  • Pitted for slicks with Hamilton, but was released into the path of the Mercedes
  • Ran 11th until the chequered flag, but demoted to 14th after five-second time penalty applied

Pierre Gasly – 5

Qualified: 17th (-1 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 17th (-5 behind team mate)
Finished: 12th (-2 behind team mate)

  • Struggled for pace in wet qualifying, eliminated in 17th
  • Clashed with Zhou on opening lap of sprint race but passed both Williams to take back 17th
  • Ran 13th after restart but passed by Albon after switch to slicks
  • Spent rest of race in DRS train, holding off Hamilton but unable to pass Albon ahead
  • Slower than team mate in every session
Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, Imola, 2022
Tsunoda was faster than his team mate in every session

Yuki Tsunoda – 8

Qualified: 16th (+1 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 12th (+5 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 7th (+5 ahead of team mate)

  • Eliminated from Q1 by 0.004s
  • Gained three places at start of sprint race, then passed Vettel for 12th in closing laps
  • Ran ninth for two-thirds of the race, eventually passing Magnussen for eighth, then Vettel for sixth
  • Finished seventh after being passed by Leclerc in final laps
  • Faster than team mate in every session

Sebastian Vettel – 7

Qualified: 9th (+6 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 13th (+2 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 8th (+2 ahead of team mate)

  • Reached Q3 to line up ninth for sprint race
  • Dropped down to 13th in sprint with graining softs
  • Took advantage of mishaps for cars ahead to run eighth after restart
  • Jumped Magnussen by pitting for slicks a lap earlier
  • Ran seventh until being passed by Tsunoda and then by the recovering Leclerc
  • Finished eighth to secure first points of the season

Lance Stroll – 5

Qualified: 15th (-6 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 15th (-2 behind team mate)
Finished: 10th (-2 behind team mate)

  • Eliminated in Q2 after mistake at chicane on only timed lap
  • Lost a place to Hamilton in sprint race to line up 15th on Sunday
  • Gained four places at start, one from Hamilton and three from spinners ahead
  • Passed wounded Alonso at restart to move tenth, where he would remain for the rest of the race

Nicholas Latifi – 4

Qualified: 18th
Sprint race: 19th (-1 behind team mate)
Finished: 16th (-5 behind team mate)

  • Qualified 18th but last out of those who were not hit by technical problems in Q1
  • Fell to last in sprint race to line up 19th on grand prix grid
  • Kept Schumacher at bay before switching to dry tyres
  • Lost 15th to Zhou and would finish 16th

Alexander Albon – 7

Qualified: 20th (No time set)
Sprint race: 18th (+1 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 11th (+5 ahead of team mate)

  • Failed to set a time in Q1 after brake fire caused by incorrect setting
  • Passed Latifi in sprint race to line up 18th for grand prix
  • Ran behind Gasly in early laps but eventually passed him along main straight without DRS on lap 20
  • Ran 12th for remainder of the race, taking 11th at the flag after Ocon’s penalty was applied
Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo, Imola, 2022
Bottas missed the entire second practice session but finished 7th

Valtteri Bottas – 7

Qualified: 8th (+6 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 7th
Finished: 5th (+10 ahead of team mate)

  • Qualified eighth after stopping in Q3 with broken exhaust
  • Missed the entirety of second practice as team rebuilt car
  • Finished seventh in sprint race
  • Passed Magnussen for sixth during early phase of grand prix
  • Lost over 10 seconds to Russell with cross-threaded wheel during pit stop
  • Gradually caught the Mercedes over the latter half of the race but could not pass Russell for fourth

Zhou Guanyu – 4

Qualified: 14th (-6 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 20th, Retired (Crashed – L1)
Finished: 15th (-10 behind team mate)

  • Eliminated in Q2 after failing to get tyres warmed up on first run before rain came
  • Crashed out of sprint race after contact with Gasly at Piratella
  • Forced to start grand prix from pit lane due to overnight repair work
  • Passed Schumacher for 16th on intermediates but lost position during pit stop
  • Gained place back when Schumacher spun
  • Stuck behind Latifi until eventually passing the Williams for 15th on lap 40, where he would finish
Mick Schumacher, Haas, Imola, 2022
Schumacher had multiple spins during the race

Mick Schumacher – 3

Qualified: 12th (-8 behind team mate)
Sprint race: 10th (-2 behind team mate)
Finished: 17th (-8 behind team mate)

  • Eliminated in Q2 after rain fell during red flag but admitted mistake cost him a second
  • Gained two places in sprint race to line up tenth on the grand prix grid
  • Spun over the Tamburello kerb avoiding Sainz at start, hitting Alonso and dropping to 17th
  • Fell to last after spin at Variante Alta pursuing Latifi
  • Received black-and-white flag for exceeding track limits
  • Finished second-to-last on track after passing Ricciardo’s damaged Mclaren

Kevin Magnussen – 6

Qualified: 4th (+8 ahead of team mate)
Sprint race: 8th (+2 ahead of team mate)
Finished: 9th (+8 ahead of team mate)

  • Qualified career-best fourth on the grid in disrupted Q3
  • Fell to eighth in sprint race on the medium tyres to take last point
  • Ran fifth on intermediates in race but was passed by Russell and Bottas
  • Lost eighth to Tsunoda and finished there, taking home four points
  • Faster than team mate in every session

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52 comments on “2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix driver ratings”

  1. Over the weekend, VER & NOR impressed me the most while in the race, also RUS, BOT, & TSU.

  2. Not sure if Micks surname will save him in F1, Mazepin has been the worst thing for Mick

    1. I worry about Mick as well. It seems not to be happening as he resembles his uncle rather than his father.

      1. Mick’s uncle won six Grands Prix and finished fourth in the championship twice. I suspect he would be very happy if he were to emulate that career.

        1. Yes, but that depends on the car too, I think I remember ralf was quick on his day but not consistent at all compared to michael.

    2. Magnussen ( only-6?) Is the worst thing for Mick. At least Mazepin made him look better.

    3. Mick had a scrappy weekend but I can’t imagine how someone scored worse than sainz jr. Benefitted from his own crash not to lose a lot more places, then though risking it he did have a sensible red flag race(sprint) only to retire yet again with another reckless start. He should had been more careful. Anyway sainz jr clearly had a very similar weekend to leclerc, no point in questioning these numbers. They not relative to car performance, they look to be relative to each driver.

  3. I think i totally agree with Will on this one.

  4. Not sure why Russell outscored Norris and Bottas to be honest.

    1. And gets equal rating to Max at that. Verstappen gets a grand slam weekend, a rarity to say the least, and only gets an 8 as a reward? Because of a slightly slower start? It’s a consistent score with LEC’s grand slam weekend in Australia, but if performing that well only gets you an 8, what do you have to do to get a 9? Lap the entire field?

      1. I guess 9+ are saved for the drives where incredible adversity is overcome (like Hamilton in Brazil 21 or Perez in Sakhir 2020). Whilst it’s certainly impressive to achieve a grand slam, if you’ve got the fastest car and conditions go your way it’s not quite so noteworthy.

        FWIW I generally agree with these rankings, although Russells’ is a bit generous – he got a good start then was very fortunate that a lot of the roadblocks melted away in front of him and he was able to tootle along in clean air whereas Hamilton got stuck behind a throaty Honda powered AT in his under powered Merc. He doesn’t deserve an 8

      2. @sjaakfoo I think the difficulty lies in that the author tries to compare the drives with all drives in the history in F1, so when you have for instance Fangio’s recovery drive on the Nordschleife, Senna’s victory at Donington and Schumachers victory at a soaking Catalunya, then it makes sense to score no higher than an 8 for a quite straightforward victory by Verstappen or Leclerc this year. On the other hand it’s difficult to score lower than 4 because of the same reason.

        1. @matthijs Verstappen actually made history this weekend with getting 2 pole positions with the grand slam over the same weekend. This makes him the first driver to do this.

          1. @maddme I cannot disagree with that. But personally I don’t think it was a legendary drive that warrants an 9 or a 10.

            If I were to rate drivers with the history of F1 taking into consideration (I don’t want to though), I’d say a 6 or a 7 is for a driver who performed as expected, an 8 is a bit better than expected (like Verstappen this weekend), a 9 is way better than expected so quite rare and a 10 is for a legendary drive such as Donington 1993 or Barcelona 1996, like I mentioned before. On the other hand a 5 is a little disappointing, a 4 is a bad race and 3 is dreadful. A 2 or 1 is virtually non-existing, perhaps only to drives that were a disgrace to f1.

    2. I much prefer the old Star Performers format.

      This Will thing reads totally arbitrary.

  5. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    26th April 2022, 8:14

    I agree with these too, but Bottas I feel probably should get an 8 given he couldn’t complete qualifying which likely cost him a place or two. He even got caught out losing a place from a driver behind when he found himself behind the incident with Sainz and Ricciardo.

    Given he missed an entire practice session, I think he did really well. Just to think that he almost certainly will have been challenging for a podium if it wasn’t for his 12 second stop. He was only 8 seconds off third, even with that stop.

    1. I think he should count himself lucky to only get 1 point deducted versus VER/TSU/RUS.
      Once again he did not deliver when he had to overtake a slower car. He did never really made a serious effort, and he kept on trying the same over and over again.

      He is fast as a driver but not so much as a racer IMO.

  6. Is it just my impression or British drivers are overrated here (except for LH because there was no choice) ? Norris, Russell and Albon (British in denial) ahead of Perez (who fought back in Sprint and then held Leclerc back throughout the race) doesn’t seem to me to be reasonable …

    For others, Sainz should be rated much lower than 4, Gasly, Ricciardo and Ocon much lower than 5.

    Also, Verstappen only 8 ? This looks like those professors who never give the highest mark as a matter of principle, perhaps out of arrogance or denial of perfection. His weekend was seamless even with the start in the Sprint. He kept himself close enough to Leclerc to attack and grab the first place in the end. At least a 9 if you don’t forgive that ?

    1. I think you are 100 percent right. Giving Max an 8 and the “blamed the poor start in the sprintra e on the poor gear sync” says it all. If someone claims that a technical issue is being used as an excuse you know all you need to know about the person writing and his position on Max.

      1. @w0o0dy I think the difficulty lies in that the author tries to compare the drives with all drives in the history in F1, so when you have for instance Fangio’s recovery drive on the Nordschleife, Senna’s victory at Donington and Schumachers victory at a soaking Catalunya, then it makes sense to score no higher than an 8 for a quite straightforward victory by Verstappen or Leclerc this year. On the other hand it’s difficult to score lower than 4 because of the same reason.

    2. Norris, Russell and Albon all had pretty faultless weekends though. Consistently ahead of their teammates and likely achieving the best results possible with their equipment, ahead of several faster cars. Perez had a decent race but ultimately had a poor qualifying and circulated around 10 seconds behind his teammate and was fighting Leclerc while Verstappen was comfortably ahead. He also missed the chicane once while we didn’t see errors from the others. The difference is only 1 point so it seems fair to me.

    3. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      26th April 2022, 9:08

      No not just your impression and it has gotten worse in recent years.
      Standard approach is Lewis +1 and Max -1 which happened above yet again.
      Lewis have gotten 9 and 10 when he had near perfect weekends even when Mercedes was clearly dominant yet when Max does it at best a slightly faster car than the Ferrari (debatable considering Leclerc real pace versus Perez) it is only worth a 8.

      Guess it is surprising somehow Hamilton was even given a 4 instead of a 5 or 6, they get creative in finding reasons giving him a higher grade.
      Lewis should have been a 3 at the most – to be that far behind his younger less experienced teammate (both in # of races but also years with team) in all sessions.

      “Spent 39 of the last 43 laps within a second of Gasly but could not find a way past, finishing 13th”
      How is this considered positive – Bottas in his Mercedes days was ridiculed for it and had points deducted, Lewis seems to get extra points for it.

      Lewis didn’t even get close to try and make an overtake, that he was unable to find a creative way in 39 laps to get passed Gasly given his experience as well as DRS being available for quite some laps. He just didn’t try hard enough, didn’t push himself hard enough nor took any risk trying to make an overtake, not once did he really try.

      Also why didn’t Lewis make the call to come in for slicks 1 or 2 laps earlier considering he was in lost position anyway – as a proclaimed rain master he should have at least tried.
      As written earlier this was a very poor, plain and uninspired dull drive – he certainly didn’t drive his heart out.

      1. @jelle-van-der-meer

        Lewis have gotten 9 and 10 when he had near perfect weekends even when Mercedes was clearly dominant yet when Max does it at best a slightly faster car than the Ferrari (debatable considering Leclerc real pace versus Perez) it is only worth a 8.

        Yes, but Hamilton’s 9s and 10s were not from this year. This year this site follows a new approach, as explained in the first ratings (Bahrain)

        With a brand new season comes a brand new approach for how RaceFans assesses the performances of each driver through the 2022 Formula 1 world championship.

        But keep in mind, these drivers will be judged not only against each other, but against over 70 years of Formula 1 history. Only the most outstanding, exceptional feats of driving excellence will earn the highest scores.

        So a 10 or even a 9 will be very rare, unlike last year when a different approach was taken.

    4. Exactly. Scoring maximum 34 points over the whole weekend + P1 in everything, would require absolute/100% focus, not to mention changing weather conditions throughout the weekend, would deserve a 10 (also since it’s the first Grand (Max?) Slam). Gotta give it to Max.

      Fastest car? Sure, but Ferrari/Leclerc were pretty close this weekend (as evident with Perez battle) so it wasn’t a dominant car.

      1. It’s right in the middle between a dominant and the fastest car tbh when the number 1 driver of the closest competing car has a hard time and can’t overtake the number 2, just like baku 2021.

  7. I like RIC, wish Ferrari tried to get him in the 2nd seat instead of SAI (would have been better for the WCC for sure), but giving him ”5” after causing a DNF to SAI and destroying his own race, then giving LEC a 4… don’t think it’s fair.

    1. 4 to leclerc is not fair at all imo, he made a mistake but it also could’ve only cost him 1 place if they had let him out, people finishing a race with a damaged front wing is not unheard of.

  8. This time I mostly agree on the ratings above. I feel a bit sorry for Mick. Last year he managed to outperform his teammate but he looks like a fool compared to Magnussen. Maybe Max deserved a higher score after a perfect weekend but this time it all looked to easy for him. The only one that I can’t really agree on is Yuki, the car is better than Q1 and compared to Bottas he shouldn’t be higher than 7

    1. Also think so about tsunoda.

  9. Mick Schumacher’s career is veerying off course… unless he finds some pace and consistency, he’s being as impressive as Latifi this year… and now he does have a car that works, so no more excuses.

    1. True that, if he wants to be at least a ralf-like driver he should match magnussen.

  10. Max surely deserved the first ‘9’ of the season for his weekend. A brilliant pole in the wet (despite having to lift for yellows). A great sprint where he caught and passed for the lead in the dying laps. A faultless race in tricky conditions. Full points for the weekend and in doing so resurrected his championship hopes in the process after two DNFs in three races.

    Too harsh.

    Based on this scoring Senna would only score an 8 for Donington ‘93 because ‘he lost places at the start’…

    1. .. and he didn’t even lose places.
      The sprintrace is qualifying and he finished first. These ratings are pretty biased.

  11. Leclerc an Hamilton equal? Verstappen 8? Perez not much better than the worst? First you need to be honest with yourself, than you may be with others. This is not how one gains his credibility.

    1. Yeah, Lewis had an awful weekend and was nowhere near George by the end. Leclerc was 2nd only to Max for most of it, but made one error towards the end of the race and gets the same score?

      Laughable, really…

      1. Yes, that one is not fair at all, if there was a race to give hamilton a 3 it was this one, they don’t seem capable to give him really bad marks, a 4 is not good ofc, which is some improvement, but there tends to be some leniency.

  12. See what I mean about Bottas! 5th in an Alfa Romeo, which would have been higher had he not had a pit stop issue which wasn’t his fault, and he gets a 7.

  13. How has Riccardio got a 5? Takes someone out, spends the race in last yet is only 2 points less than his team mate who finished 3rd, and one point more than Leclerc who dominated his team mate again yet gets the same number of points?
    These ratings are a joke.

    1. I can absolutely understand being harsher on Leclerc because his own mistake cost him dearly where it counted most, so I’d agree not giving him a passing grade, but n lower than a 5–and even that is punitive.

      someone like hamilton, otoh, should be lower.

      1. Yes, leclerc should’ve easily got a 5, a 6 is probably too much cause getting 4th (could have without pit stop) with that car is below expectations.

  14. So…. Perfect 1-2 for Red Bull since 2016… Maximum points for Max, scoring the Grand Slam.
    Have an 8 and a 6.

    Your bias is showing.

    1. Having said this, this is rating the drivers, not the team, and as far as the drivers were doing, red bull should’ve got 2 1-2 in recent times: mexico 2018 and baku 2021, but there was always some mechanical problem happening ruining it.

      As for the ratings here, if they want to keep 9 and 10 for overcoming adversities, then I understand 8 to verstappen, 6 is still too harsh on perez.

  15. The way I read these is that they are really out of 8, because it seems even doing everything perfectly will only get you an 8. To get more it seems something truly special needs to happen. Senna’s drive in Estoril 1985 would be a 10, or Damon Hill’s in Suzuka 1994 would be a 9.

    Hopefully that lets the comments section simmer down….

    1. So getting pole, winning the sprint race (with an excellent overtake on the penultimate lap), winning the main race (with a massive lead), leading from start to finish in tricky conditions and getting the fastest lap, without 1 single mistake (not even a small one) is not considdered special?

      1. There’s a mistake at start in the sprint, ofc don’t know if it was verstappen’s fault, but even without the mistake I don’t see them giving him more than 8, if you check leclerc’s other race rating, unless you get a puncture and recover from the bottom to the top etc. I think 8 is max here.

      2. No, but I believe this is the way the author is ranking the races.

  16. How on earth can Verstappen only get an 8? What else has the guy to do to earn the last 2 point to make it a 10?

    It is like doing a multiple choice test, get all answers correct, yet getting a 2 points reduction without given an explanation…

    This site isn’t getting any better…

    1. I just figured it out. You earn two more points when changing your nationality to British.

    2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      26th April 2022, 17:54

      why so irritated?

      Lets be honest. Not everything was perfect / outstanding about verstappen’s weekend if you insist for a 10. He didn’t have a perfect sprint in every way possible, as he did have a bad start and while he managed to have an “excellent overtake”, he only had to do that because of his “underwhelming start”

      In the race, he pretty much was flawless, but had zero challenge from anyone, and Perez finished closer to him than most races last year in fact. If you include all these things, surely an 8 is acceptable? If he had made 0 mistakes and make an absolutely massive gap on the whole field, then things could be different. But I could easily think of weekends where Verstappen has looked more impressive than this, and if you want this to be a 10, then you won’t be able to go higher if he does even better. 8 is in no way bad…

      Please don’t be thinking i’m implying verstappen was bad. I just don’t think it was worthy of a 10 as it has been implied that a 10 is more like a simply outstanding performance that very rarely will be archived by anyone.

      1. Yes, the biggest reason is not the tiny mistake from verstappen but that the ratings are based on all f1 history, so a 10 is very rarely given, this was a win of the likes of hamilton in the merc dominant years, without competition, and 8 is considered max in those circumstances by this rating system, 9 needs to be something special, 10 even more so, I’m really curious if and in what circumstances we’ll get a 9 this year.

  17. This appeared as a reply to someone when it was meant to be a comment by itself:
    Lando crashes in Q3 – third in the race: 8 points
    Perez finishes the sprint third, passes Leclerc – 6 points

    Maybe Perez needs a British passport to have a better ranking.

  18. 8 Verstappen Dominant throughout only slight flaw was the Sprint race start
    8 Norris Unchallenged as best of the rest and mixed in with faster cars
    7 Russell Actually was in the 5th fastest car (behind McLaren and Alfa) yet finished 4th. Nearly went off trying to pass Magnussen before making a much better move shortly after
    7 Tsunoda Got better throughout the weekend and his stint on Mediums was masterful. Not taking too much out of the tyres early on holding up the pack before unleashing later on passing Magnussen and Vettel and lapping faster than all but the 2 stoppers.
    7 Bottas Fifth place despite terrible luck is pretty good. Great non-DRS moves on Alonso and Magnussen but couldn’t get past Russell
    7 Vettel Solid throughout and awesome first lap on dry tyres gained position on Magnussen, but would be disappointed to lose out to Tsunoda.
    7 Perez Poor qualifying but fairly close to Verstappen on race pace and made crucial pass on Leclerc but made quite a few errors giving Leclerc some chances.
    6 Albon Performed well and easily beat teammate, got ahead of Gasly and Hamilton on the first laps on dry tyres but got stuck. May be disappointed to see his usual rivals Aston Martin both ahead of him.
    6 Magnussen Great qualifying but fell back throught the sprint and main race
    6 Stroll Solid point and held off faster cars to get it, but would be disappointed with gap to teammate
    5 Leclerc Was going OK but poor start and then later spin left him a disappointing 6th but it could have been worse
    5 Gasly Collision with Zhou in sprint may have been avoidable and progress in race was disappointing compared to Tsunoda
    5 Latifi Slower than teammate but kept other cars behind him
    4 Ocon Slower than Alonso and really underperformed car, only plus side is he drove a good outlap on dry tyres
    4 Hamilton Really shown up by Russell. Poor qualifying and sprint then lost out to both Albon and Gasly on his outlap, who he never repassed
    4 Zhou Collided with Gasly and his progress in the race was too slow compared to the pace of the car
    4 Alonso Qualified well but never nailed the Rivazzas in the sprint gifting easy passes. Retired with damage after 1st lap scrum
    4 Ricciardo Good sprint race but his first lap crash was followed by a poor race (presumably there was damage) finishing dead last with his teammate third
    3 Schumacher Outpaced by teammate, good sprint, but race was comical, he crashed, he spun, ran at the back, then put on soft tyres at the same time as the leaders and matched their pace, demonstating his car was undamaged and showed how much he could have achieved
    3 Sainz Crashed in qualifying, good sprint recovery with easy passes and then ended second consecutive race backwards in the gravel

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