Lando Norris, McLaren, Imola, 2022

Imola podium would not have been possible in Bahrain-spec McLaren – Norris

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In the round-up: Lando Norris said he would not have been able to get a podium with the same car as he had driven in Bahrain.

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McLaren’s improvements “amazing” – Norris

After coming third at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Lando Norris said that small improvements from Bahrain onwards had been crucial to his performance at Imola.

“When it’s raining and when it’s wet, especially, you need a car which gives you confidence,” Norris explained. “If I had the car which I had in Bahrain, I probably wouldn’t have done what I did.

“We made some small improvements and it just helps me be able to find the limit easier, push the car and push it to a higher limit and have the confidence in wet conditions in qualifying to put it P3. You do need a good car in order to do that.”

McLaren began the season poorly in Bahrain, failing to score, but have steadily improved since. “I have to thank the team just from where we were in Bahrain to now, it’s amazing to see the improvements we’ve made,” said Norris. “We have so far to go still but we’ve made some good stuff, so we just need to continue trying to take more steps.”

“Trying to do a good job is not good enough” for Formula E success now

Formula E’s only two-times champion, Jean-Eric Vergne, said that the fourth year of the series’ second-generation cars has pushed the competition closer than ever.

“The level of competition is extremely high this year,” said Vergne, who arrived at last weekend’s Monaco Eprix leading the championship and was able to secure a third-placed podium. “It is now the fourth year of this car, therefore all the drivers understand it very well, all the teams understand it very well and to make a difference, you need to look for the details that can make that.

“Now turning up in the races and trying to do a good job is not good enough. Of course there’s huge work that’s done at the factory and also the simulator, to try and understand what we could have done better in the last race and try and improve those tiny details that we will find.”

Powell joins Alpine Academy as coach and talent scout

W Series driver Alice Powell has joined the Alpine Academy as its talent identification and development mentor, to find up and coming drivers and provide coaching and mentoring to those in the scheme.

Powell, who has been Alpine Academy associate driver Abbi Pulling’s mentor for several years, said: “More and more opportunities for women within motorsport are emerging now, but budding drivers often lack guidance and experience in the early days of their career.

“The Alpine Academy is an extremely useful stepping stone for all drivers. It provides a sense of credibility and has a defined place on the motorsport ladder. Mentoring is very important. We need to change the mindset of young women that these opportunities do exist, but to also give them the resilience to reach out and grab these opportunities with both hands.”

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Comment of the day

Looking at the evolution of the Miami track design, StefMeister says that regardless of where F1 adds new tracks and on what streets, circuits are starting to look extremely familiar to each other:

My biggest gripe with most of the more modern circuits, Especially the more recent temporary one’s is how they all follow the same template.

They all have to have really long straights with a tight corner at the end, The corners at the end of straights have to be really open on the entry, They all have to have a tight fiddly ‘stadium’ section, They all have to have a really long corner like Sochi turn three or a long multi-apex Istanbul turn eight replica and then they all have to have a fast sequence sort of replicating Maggetts/Beckets/Chapel.

I just struggle to get all that excited about these new additions because of this. Each circuit is clearly different in layout but when they are all following the same template they still just end up feeling too similar which just makes it tricky to get all that interested in them.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Jack Sargeant, Martin Stanley, Three4Three, Skodarap, Vickyy and F1_Barbie!

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5 comments on “Imola podium would not have been possible in Bahrain-spec McLaren – Norris”

  1. Of course Lando. For the bahrain spec “someone” forgot to tick the box for carbon brakes on the options list.

  2. The surrounding features in the game mightn’t necessarily match real life.

    I’d wholly forgotten Leclerc did the 2017 Monaco GP FP1, which is surprising as teams never sacrifice practice time from regular drivers on temporary tracks, so weird Team Hinwill did so on this one occasion.

    I see COTD’s point, but don’t really feel the same way.

  3. Agreed in principle with COTD, though I think the quality of these less-than-classic circuits has risen in the last decade or so. I would take Miami over Sochi, Valencia, or Yeongam for example.

  4. 1000% agree with COTD.

    Reminds me a little of the last years of champcar. Move away from permanent circuits and ovals to focus on very similar feeling street circuits. Just made the season feel very samey where nothing really stood out and everything sort of merged together due to feeling so similar.

    Adding more races to the every growing schedule of races that all have a very samey look/feel doesn’t help stop a 20+ race season feel like too much.

    Also a shame with so many great permanent circuits around which could be used (including many in the us) that we just end up with these dull car park Street circuits that do nothing but generate boring drs highway passing on the boringly long straights.

  5. So Alpine isn’t helping Powell advance her career? Unfortunately for her she is too old for F1 but she may be a good fit for a GT program.

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