Formula 1 confirms two more seasons of Netflix’s Drive to Survive

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Formula 1 has confirmed another two seasons of Drive to Survive will be produced.

Filming for the fifth season, which will arrive in 2023, is already underway. The announcement marks the first time F1 has confirmed multiple seasons of the production, which airs on Netflix.

Drive to Survive debuted in 2019 and has been credited with increasing F1’s popularity, especially in America. The contract extension has been announced on the eve of the Miami Grand Prix, one of two races which will be held in the USA this year, with a third to follow in Las Vegas next year.

The fourth season of Drive to Survive, which launched earlier this year, attracted its biggest audience to date, according to F1. It ranked among Netflix’s top 10 most-viewed programmes in 56 different countries.

However reaction to the series among drivers hasn’t been entirely positive. World champion Max Verstappen has refused to participate in it, accusing the programme makers of “faking a few rivalries that didn’t exist”. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has said he intends to encourage drivers to take part in future series.

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2022 F1 season

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13 comments on “Formula 1 confirms two more seasons of Netflix’s Drive to Survive”

  1. Paolo (@paulsteward40)
    5th May 2022, 18:02

    That’ll please Max LOL

  2. Um…marvelous.

  3. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    5th May 2022, 18:17

    Seeing as how the final season was an absolute farce and plenty of people spoke out against it, I sure hope Netflix gets its act together.

    Then again: it’s Netflix, of course they won’t. Which is great, means it’ll be gone after 2 more seasons of doodoo :^)

  4. A kind reminder… you don’t have to watch it, nobody will force you, it’s alright.

  5. How surprising.

  6. Can’t wait to avoid these!

  7. Lots of negativity on here to DtS. But I quite like it, it sets me up for the upcoming season, injects some excitement by reminding me of some of the previous season excitement, and I can generally ignore some of the fake rivalry stuff going on.

    1. Agreed. The vitriol is comical honestly. There’s a hardcore that wishes we had 15 races a year on classic tracks and the wider world didn’t give a crap about our sport. And it may be purer but would atrophy over time until you’re lucky to catch a highlight of a race on ITV4. I’m pretty happy that F1 is booming in popularity, as it should. If some of it is a bit fake and a bit for show then that’s the risk we take to have a viable and world leading sport.

      1. @davidhunter13 The more they move in this direction the less of a sport it becomes. A world leading entertainment.

  8. I wish we have an Anti Drive to Survive side or group here. 😡😡

  9. Never seen it but i will ignore it!

  10. If you find yourself in a clique, help is available. Tell take signs can include obsessive interest, and concerns that as a new forum member you must tow the narrative line.

    Real racing takes part at a track, where spectators do not know always know what is going on. If you watch and listen to the tannoy, radio or watch racing on TV that is entertainment, it’s not always accurate, as it is a live event.

    Drive to survive is also entertainment, it is popular and moaning about it not being real is of no interest to the programme producers.

    The boring “only true fans…” narrative on this site makes me wonder if I will renew my subs.

    1. Some people are ridiculous.
      full disclosure: I really don’t like the show.

      But hey, it’s not for me. I watch F1 regardless, as I’ve been doing for almost 30 of my 34 years of life. Who cares if I like it–not the target

      It brings in new fans and that’s good for everybody. No show survives without fans. “Real” or otherwise.

      Sometimes the gatekeeping is unbearable.

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