Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2022

2022 Miami Grand Prix grid

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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Charles Leclerc has taken pole position for the Miami Grand Prix.

Row 11. (16) Charles Leclerc 1’28.796
Ferrari F1-75
2. (55) Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’28.986
Ferrari F1-75
Row 23. (1) Max Verstappen 1’28.991
Red Bull RB18
4. (11) Sergio Perez 1’29.036
Red Bull RB18
Row 35. (77) Valtteri Bottas 1’29.475
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
6. (44) Lewis Hamilton 1’29.625
Mercedes W13
Row 47. (10) Pierre Gasly 1’29.690
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
8. (4) Lando Norris 1’29.750
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
Row 59. (22) Yuki Tsunoda 1’29.932
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
10. (18) Lance Stroll 1’30.676
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22
Row 611. (14) Fernando Alonso 1’30.160
Alpine-Renault A522
12. (63) George Russell 1’30.173
Mercedes W13
Row 713. (5) Sebastian Vettel 1’30.214
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22
14. (3) Daniel Ricciardo 1’30.310
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
Row 815. (47) Mick Schumacher 1’30.423
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
16. (20) Kevin Magnussen 1’30.975
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
Row 917. (24) Zhou Guanyu 1’31.020
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
18. (23) Alexander Albon 1’31.266
Williams-Mercedes FW44
Row 1019. (6) Nicholas Latifi 1’31.325
Williams-Mercedes FW44
20. (31) Esteban Ocon No time
Alpine-Renault A522


Ocon: Did not lap within 107% of the Q1 time, given dispensation to start the race.

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20 comments on “2022 Miami Grand Prix grid”

  1. Go Ferrari! Max losing his head…

    Not a bad qualifying tbh. Looking forward to the race tomorrow…

    LEC showing he has real speed. Let’s go!

  2. Ricciardo is back to his 2012 form, but Bottas faster than both Mercs is surprising & funny.
    However, Max gifted Ferrari a 1-2 through an unforced error, but tomorrow is what matters.

    1. Agree it’s slightly surprising. Then again, he has the new upgraded Ferrari power unit, so…

    2. 2021.

    3. Err Just like Max was gifted the 2021 championship by M Masi 🤬who incidentally was outed as race director and justifiably so for breaching the rules fact !

  3. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    7th May 2022, 22:08

    Nice looking grid for tomorrow, few drivers out of position but the top 4 are all clear to battle it out 2 vs 2.

  4. Bottas living his best life. Looking for the outqualifying Mercedes “traditions” memes now.

    I think for Mercedes, the fact that they have mostly stopped the bouncing, at least in Hamilton’s set up, but are still .7s down is painful. And it seems like the the car is a handful either way. Both drivers were dealing cards.

    1. Yes, it’s what I noticed too, as I recall in the first quali russell was up there with hamilton, then was nowhere in q3; hamilton was nowhere in the 2nd quali and now suddenly russell was no longer competitive in q2, I thought immediately when he finally managed the lap that it would be a risk, was like 3-4 tenths slower than hamilton and indeed.

  5. Great job by the Ferrari boys, Bottas and Stroll. Ferrari’s PU upgrade certainly helped them to lock out the front row today. Let’s see what RB has to offer in the race.

  6. The difference was not that huge with the Red Bull though. It was about putting the sectors together and Leclerc is a one lap ace. Surprised that Sainz was in contention and came back after his crash in free practise.

    1. This was meant to be a reply to @srga91

    2. @tifoso1989
      Yes, Ferrari and especially Leclerc did a better job than RB on their final runs in Q3. However, the laps of both Ferraris weren’t perfect either, as they didn’t set personal best times in S3.
      Of course their engine upgrade wasn’t the sole factor for their good performance today, but it certainly helped. It should also come in handy tomorrow, should they have to defend against the RBs on the long straights.

  7. Leclerc is a one-lap ace.

    1. Just a Fan
      8th May 2022, 9:02

      Yeah, as mostly a Max fan, he tends to choke during qualifying (that’s why he has 50% more wins than poles) but he’s race speed and craft is really good.

      Leclerc is a one lap beast and arguably the best qualifier since Senna (and even Hamilton?) based on his 2019 quali laps alone against Vettel – a 4-time champ and outqualifying him by ~0.7 seconds on circuits such as Spa and Silverstone (real drivers’ circuits).

      It’s just that his race pace and craft is still not as good as Max but he has a golden opportunity this year for the WDC.

  8. Pleased to see Mick ahead of Kevin, gives more or an indication of his ability than we’ve had before.

    Interesting grid, seems like offline there’s no grip so hopefully passing will be a thing?!

    1. True, magnussen as I recall was not the driver who had the highest and lowest at haas in the past, that was grosjean; magnussen was more consistent, so being able to get into q2 when magnussen doesn’t is good, now he has to work on the race pace, as I recall his previous q2 starts didn’t end up bringing the results one would’ve hoped.

  9. Arnold Fong
    8th May 2022, 2:27

    Poor Zhou!He hasn’t got much luck since race 2:facing pit and penalty issue in race 2, getting stuck in a DRS train in race 3, failing to deliver a good lap in Q2 due to weather conditions in race 4. But given a Bottas P4, I would like to see some overtaking shows from Zhou tomorrow.

  10. Verstappen obviously had the pace for pole today, that mistake opened the door to ferrari’s front row lockout, at least it was a mistake and not a mechanical problem as it may have looked at first.

    1. Just a Fan
      8th May 2022, 9:04

      As mostly a Max fan, he does choke a lot during Q3 **sighs**. But thank goodness his race pace/craft is good so Leclerc won’t be running with the WDC… unless the RBPT goes Kaput

  11. How could a new venue like this (Miami) EVER get sanctioned by F1 while it still has that potentially lethal section of concrete wall on a proven trecherous corner? Who at F1 approved that obvious flaw? Let’s hear them explain their justification on ESPN or Sky Sports.

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