Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, Miami International Autodrome, 2022

2022 Miami Grand Prix championship points

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2022 Miami Grand Prix

1Charles Leclerc104
2Max Verstappen85
3Sergio Perez66
4George Russell59
5Carlos Sainz Jnr53
6Lewis Hamilton36
7Lando Norris35
8Valtteri Bottas30
9Esteban Ocon24
10Kevin Magnussen15
11Daniel Ricciardo11
12Yuki Tsunoda10
13Pierre Gasly6
14Sebastian Vettel4
15Alexander Albon3
16Fernando Alonso2
17Lance Stroll2
18Zhou Guanyu1
19Mick Schumacher0
20Nico Hulkenberg0
21Nicholas Latifi0

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F1 constructors championship after the 2022 Miami Grand Prix

2Red Bull151
5Alfa Romeo31
9Aston Martin6

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2022 Miami Grand Prix

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7 comments on “2022 Miami Grand Prix championship points”

  1. George Russell and safety cars…

  2. Leclerc’s lead cut to 19 points (it says 20 on the main page).

  3. Strangely Brown
    9th May 2022, 1:27

    Sainz, Hamilton, Alonso and Ricciardo definitely need to find something extra sooner rather than later…….especially Sainz.

  4. This is why I want mercedes to do well. Unfortunately people seem to hate them but right now there is a possibility that RedBull could sweep this championship now that reliability looks ok. As far as I am concerned the more cars at the front, the better

    1. 3 cars that fight for wins are usually good, I’m ok with mercedes improving, as long as THEY don’t do the sweep, given their history on the hybrid era.

  5. I think this season Max Verstappen demonstrated monstrous race pace, so far I guess only 2 races Leclerc was very very slightly ahead after fights with Max and then Max’s PU gone faulty. Meanwhile on most races Max can afford to play catch-up starting behind and overtook Leclerc for the wins.

    1. Haha when will max be called out for his engine when a driver like perez is killing hamilton then you got a great car. 5 mph with drslec gained. Its laughable

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