Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren, Miami International Autodrome, 2022

Ricciardo drops to 13th after five-second time penalty for cutting track

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo has been given a five-second time penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage during the Miami Grand Prix.

The stewards ruled the McLaren driver cut the track at turn 12, which allowed him to keep his position ahead of Kevin Magnussen.

After examining video of the incident the stewards ruled that: “Although car three [Ricciardo] was in front of car 20 [Magnussen] going into turn 12, it was only able to retain that position by leaving the track and returning to it alongside car 20 then used its speed to pull ahead.”

Ricciardo originally finished the race in 11th position. His penalty drops him to 13th, promoting Lance Stroll and Yuki Tsunoda.

The McLaren driver was also given a penalty point on his licence, putting him on a total of two for the current 12-month period.

Magnussen collected a five-second time penalty as well, after the stewards ruled he was responsible for a collision with Lance Stroll.

“Car 18 [Stroll] was ahead going into turn 11 and car 20 [Magnussen] made contact forcing car 18 off the track,” ruled the stewards. “The driver of car 20 was wholly to blame for the collision.”

The penalty made no difference to Magnussen’s result as he retired in the pits at the end of the race. The Haas driver was also given his first two penalty points of the season for his role in the clash.

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2022 Miami Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Ricciardo drops to 13th after five-second time penalty for cutting track”

  1. Mr Squiggle
    9th May 2022, 0:56

    So, he would have been 10th after Alonso’s second penalty. Damn.

    Just when he needed to deliver after Lando’s error.

    Bad weekend for McLaren. Bahrain level bad

    1. Not sure why the didn’t let him run another 10 laps on yellow then pit him on red..the safety car would of changed that strat anyway..

    2. He would’ve stayed 11th, no? The two Alpines worked together to ensure that I’m pretty sure.

  2. Mr Roo Bix
    9th May 2022, 7:24

    If only he had started on Hards – would have been behind Bottas :(

  3. Quite a lot happened further down the field post-SC, so keeping up with those positions was admittedly slightly challenging.
    He ultimately didn’t lose a single point versus his original finishing position on the road, although he would’ve gained a point with Alonso’s latter five-second addition, so unlucky coincidence.

    1. A real shame the TV race director did not show us much of what went on there @jerejj!

      1. @bascb Indeed.
        World feed directing is generally good when FOM does that, i.e., everywhere bar Monaco, but slightly below the usual standard for this event.

  4. For a large part of the race, Daniel was lapping slower than Albon and even Stroll.
    If we have another race of 2 with Lando finishing in the top 5 and Daniel out of the top 10, Zak Brown and Seidl will have a serious problem on their hands. At the moment, they are a comfortable 4th in the constructors standings [thanks to Lando’s podium at Imola]. But should Alfa Romeo and Alpine continue to chip at the lead with consistent finishes in the top 10, then we’ll have a tight race for P4 in the Constructors championship by the summer break.

  5. David Williams
    9th May 2022, 11:14

    Daniel Ricciardo has had a rough start to the season, but he can’t be dismissed easily. He’s got plenty of runs on the board over multiple seasons

    He seems to have this car figured out, unlike last season

    I look forward to seeing how he and Lando compare when they both get a decent run without mechanical issues etc

  6. Electroball76
    9th May 2022, 14:10

    This guy was once hailed as a potential champion. What happened to the honey badger?

    1. Reality.

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