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“Very physical” Miami Grand Prix put drivers under strain

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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The top three finishers in the Miami Grand Prix said high temperatures and a street circuit made it “a very difficult race, physically.”

The Miami International Autodrome had air temperatures in excess of 30C for the whole 57-lap race, with only a single Safety Car intervention for drivers to gather their breath.

Charles Leclerc said that “it was a very difficult race, physically.

“We struggled quite a bit with the medium tyres, especially in the first stint and got overtaken and it made our race a bit more difficult from that moment onwards.

“On the hard we were very competitive – towards the end I thought I could get Max at one point but today they had the advantage in terms of pace. But it was fun, it was amazing to see so many people again. I keep saying it but it’s great to have so many Ferrari fans too in the grandstands.”

Leclerc added that “I hope now that we can do a step up from the next race onwards but it’s been tight since the start of the season and that’s what we like to see.”

Carlos Sainz Jnr, who had suffered a heavy crash into concrete barriers during second practice, said that he was still struggling with the after-effects of the shunt during the race.

“I’ve been better, obviously after the crash from Friday I still had a neck pain going into the race but I had to manage it and I fought through it, especially with Checo [Sergio Perez] at the end on the medium tyre it was very difficult to keep him behind but we managed to keep the podium which is a decent result,” the Ferrari driver said, having finished third.

“It wasn’t easy at all,” he continued. “It’s been a tough race with the tyres, with the heat. The car was moving and sliding a lot but in the end we got what we deserved, which was a decent P3 and we can build on that from here.”

Winning driver Max Verstappen said that it was “an incredible grand prix” but “very physical as well”.

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2022 Miami Grand Prix

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11 comments on ““Very physical” Miami Grand Prix put drivers under strain”

  1. Was it just me or did Sainz roll his eyes after his interview with Willy T.?

    1. @justrhysism
      Probably not, as Max also seemed similarly exhausted in the parc ferme, even more so than the Ferrari duo.

      1. Yeah, I think all of them were just worn out, especially Sainz with probably his neck still somewhat sore and realising it at the end when the adrenaline wore out. @justrhysism

  2. Mark in Florida
    9th May 2022, 0:42

    To a Floridian this was a very nice day. The humidity wasn’t too bad and it was only 86 F. Wait till July or August the 92- 95 F and 80% humidity will be unbearable for a race. The drivers need to focus on their hydration levels to make it to the end in a race like this.I think it was a pretty good race they need to change a few things on the chicane section but it was a success overall.

    1. @Mark in Florida, Luckily, the Miami GP won’t get moved to either July or August, but drivers indeed need to focus on their hydration levels for such races, which have been absent in the recent past with Singapore GP cancellations.

  3. Unsurprisingly & Max seemed very exhausted in parc ferme like he might fade soon if he didn’t get anything to drink.

    Additionally, Leclerc drank quite a lot in the cool-down room, while Sainz had temporarily taken the driving suit interior off, so indeed physically straining.

    1. @jerejj – indeed the weighting should be done just before the interview so they could drink a bit. Max even was asking for drinks while driving to parcferme. That could be much beter organised.
      The cooling room was too far from the track.

      1. @macleod, I agree that these things could get organized better, although the cool-down room, in this case, is far from the track/pit lane because it’s in the stadium rather than the pit building as usual.

  4. Max looked spent after the race…more than usual.
    Charles was sitting with a bottle of cold water. Not sure if its possible, but I think its in everyone’s best interest if they look at holding this race later in the year or perhaps a few weeks earlier when the weather is a bit mild.

    1. @webtel Temps in Florida stay relatively stable all year round as the climate is similar to Southeast Asia, so holding in May versus April isn’t massively different.
      However, I still wouldn’t mind bringing forward by, for example, swapping around weekends with Imola or even two weeks after Saudi (supposedly March 19 next season), depending on Melbourne’s scheduling next season + whether Chinese GP can finally reoccur.

      1. @webtel, I forgot, no space in the late-season flyaway phase, given how tight that is with other events, so only early-season is spacious enough for event timing flexibility.
        Additionally, the Northern Hemisphere autumn months fall within the Atlantic Hurricane Season, so while temps are okay, this aspect would risk another 2021 Spa.

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