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Codemasters and EA have revealed more details about the new edition of the official Formula 1 game, F1 22, which will be released in July.

The latest entry in the long running series will return once again to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S|X and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Following the introduction of heavily revised technical regulations for the 2022 championship, developers Codemasters promise the new game’s handling model will authentically reflect this year’s ground effect cars. “Significant” updates have been made to the aerodynamic and suspension models as well as an “extensive” reworking of the tyre model to match the introduction of 18-inch wheel sizes for this season.

Alongside the return of the single player career and MyTeam modes – which will both have minor improvements over F1 2021 – the major new addition to this year’s game is the F1 Life mode. Acting as a central hub for the player’s customised avatar, F1 Life will feature a range of customisable items, including clothing and accessories for your avatar to wear, furniture and items to display in a personal lobby and trophies won during races.

New for F1 22 are drive-able supercars which Codemasters say are inspired by the Pirelli Hot Lap events held around circuits during real grand prix weekends. Players can unlock real world supercars by Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, Aston Martin and McLaren and drive them in time trial events and challenges including autocross and checkpoint challenges. Supercars will be integrated into the career and MyTeam modes and both the Mercedes AMG GT R and Aston Martin Vantage Safety Cars will be available, but only as ‘deluxe bonus items’.

F1 22 screenshot
Players have more freedom in formation laps and pit stops
F1 22 will open up new gameplay options during races. Players now will be permitted to drive their cars onto their grid slot at the end of formation laps, while a new pit stop feature means players must now time when they turn into their pit box, with turning in too early or too late resulting in slower pit stops. An adaptive AI system promises to keep players competitive between race weekends.

Long time race engineer ‘Jeff’ will no longer guide players over team radio. Instead, former F1 mechanic Marc Priestley will assume the role of the player’s engineer and provide feedback through lines recorded through real F1 communication equipment.

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Presentation has received the greatest overhaul, with F1 22 receiving entirely new broadcast modes that will affect gameplay, allowing players to skip formation laps and Safety Car periods and jump immediately to restarts if they wish. Commentary options have expanded, with the new option to choose between David Croft or Alex Jacques as commentator for the pre and post-race cinematics, while Sky Sports F1 reporter Natalie Pinkham will appear to offer insight on occasion.

F1 22 screenshot
New livery options are available
Players on PC will be able to play all modes in the game in VR through the use of compatible headsets, including racing online against players who do not have VR.

Other improvements to F1 22 include minor enhancements to car customisation and livery editing. Players will still be limited to editing pre-set designs, but now can select various paint finishes – such as glossy, matte and metallic – and will be able to copy and paste colour values.

F1 22 will be released on Friday 1st July, but players who purchase the Champions Edition will be able to play three days earlier from June 28th, as well as receiving additional content, such as 18,000 PitCoins, a special Miami Grand Prix customisation pack, unannounced MyTeam Icons and more.

F1 22 screenshots

F1 22 Miami International Circuit first play video

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    1. I’ll miss Jeff, but hopefully, Priestly’s voice will be equally fitting for race engineer purpose.

    2. Still zero support for triple screens from any Codemasters PC game ever. Maybe for next year’s Dirt Rally WRC game they’ll finally wake up.

    3. That rounded nosed ferrari irks me to no end… only a championship leader with distinct look…
      I know it is WIP but it really clashes with real life model…
      Curmudgeon out… 😉

    4. I might buy this just for the ability to turn off David Croft alone!

    5. We want porpoising!

      1. RocketTankski
        9th May 2022, 22:06

        That’ll be DLC I expect.
        Play it whilst seated on a space hopper for that true immersive experience!

      2. Apparently, Mercedes’ 2022 car will be portayed as a jelly with Crowdstrike logos on it.

        1. And in the process it will look more like a real marina than the one in Miami :)

    6. “former F1 race engineer Marc Priestley” – he was a mechanic, not a race engineer, right?

      1. Maybe he’s constantly introduced as “former F1 mechanic Elvis Priestley” whenever he comes on the radio a la Wheeler Dealers.

    7. RIP Jeff you will live on forever. Can’t believe it. I wanna run to u. Really can’t believe this.

      1. “Ok. Box for inters. Pit and Box confirmed.”

    8. Awesome, so I get to choose furniture, Woop! Woop!. But still can’t race my mate sitting next to me in my living room.
      Sticking with GT.

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