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Red Bull wary of Ferrari’s high-speed cornering strength in Barcelona

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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Ferrari’s performance in high-speed corners will make them strong opponents in the next round of the championship in Spain, says Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

Red Bull came from behind to win last weekend’s race at Miami International Autodrome thanks to its superior performance on the straights. Max Verstappen was able to overtake Charles Leclerc and keep him at behind after a late Safety Car period bunched the pack up.

“I think we had just enough straight line-speed to be able to defend,” said Horner. “So I think we picked the right balance in terms of set-up and straight-line speed.”

The new technical regulations introduced for 2022 prompted the team to pursue performance on the straights, said Horner.

“Obviously it’s very different this year with the set-up,” explained. “There’s no rake in the car, essentially. So we’ve developed a car that has good straight-line speed and we’ve seen that in pretty much every race this year.”

However that advantage will be less of a benefit in the next race at the Circuit de Catalunya, which has only one significant straight and several medium-to-high-speed corners.

“Barcelona is a whole new challenge now,” he said. “High-speed corners, Ferrari’s strong in that area.

“So it’s horses for courses. This circuit suited us, we were able to make it work and thankfully got the result.”

Verstappen closed to within 19 points of championship leader Leclerc last weekend. Horner increasingly expects this year’s world championship fight to go down to the final races.

“There’s a long, long way to go,” he said. “I think it’s so tight with Ferrari. There’s been some great racing. You can see the there’s a great respect between Charles and Max. They’re enjoying racing each other, you can see that.

“I was rather hoping we weren’t set for another competitive year, like last year, but it looks like this one could well go all the way as well.”

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2022 Miami Grand Prix

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22 comments on “Red Bull wary of Ferrari’s high-speed cornering strength in Barcelona”

  1. I don’t want it to be a close title race
    I want us to dominate if possible and grab a few 1-2s for majority of the races
    Next year after we’ve won our first titles in a long time can be close but not this year

    1. You can log a request with Michael Masi. He makes things happen.
      8 Place de la Concorde
      F75008 Paris

      1. Michael Masi isn’t working for FIA anymore

        1. @jeorge Has he? I thought he was going to a different role.

          1. That’s fair

    2. Ferrari isn’t getting another 1-2 with Sainz behind the wheel, unless Max have another DNF. Sad, but true.

    3. Ferrari is not going to fight for another victory after monaco. Hard to win anything like that.

  2. Or Ferrari wary of Redbull’s straight-line speed in Barcelona.

    1. Not really, Max won his first ever race in F1, in Barcelona, with a really slow car (straight-line speed wise). He kept higher top-speed cars behind by just managing the chicane and last corner better. The rest of the track is impossible to pass.

  3. I think Barcelona will give us a clear idea about how the season will unfold not only for the title race but for the entire grid. Ferrari is strong in the high speed corners but judging from the previous races it is mighty in slow speed corners. Sector 3 in normally an indication about how the car will perform in Monaco and the slow corners in general.

    It will be interesting to see how the RBR with their aerodynamic efficiency philosophy will behave in high downforce tracks. Mercedes will have the chance to evaluate their sidepodless car concept with their launch car version with track data. Their pace in this GP will be the decisive factor with regard to their development plan. We will also have a clear idea about the midfield battle and who will probably lead the F1.5 championship.

    1. @tifoso1989 I think the relevance of the final sector of Barcelona to Monaco is basically non-existent anymore. The chicane is the only slow speed corner left in the whole sector now, and Barcelona is the polar opposite to Monaco in terms of tyre usage, and setups also vary. I think it’s time we ditch that old S3-Monaco relationship.

      1. @mashiat
        The last chicane is still considered an indicator about how teams will perform in Monaco. For example last year Ferrari were quick out of the final chicane and the rival teams predicted that they will be quick in Monaco which was the case.

        1. @tifoso1989 And Mercedes were the best team through the final chicane in 2021, yet were only 3rd quickest in Monaco. There are only really two chicanes in all of Monaco, and if slow corners are your reference, why is the chicane at Barcelona any better of an indicator than Turn 8 in Bahrain, Turn 13 in Melbourne, or the whole second sector in Miami?

    2. RB were faster than Ferrari in the tight twisty bits in Miami…with a low downforce setup.

  4. Strange comment that he was hoping for a non-competitive year, I guess it means he was hoping on dominating, not certainly for a ferrari vs merc battle.

    1. @esploratore1 I think more likely a tongue in cheek comment referencing ‘like last year.’ That you are calling it a strange comment makes me think you think CH was being serious or concerned. Personally I think he was grinning when he said it.

  5. Pjotr (@pietkoster)
    12th May 2022, 1:46

    Yep, and they burn their tires even faster.

  6. Horner is now taking over Toto’s role, telling media they anticipated opponent would be much stronger and faster on the next race.

    1. His opinion on the matter makes sense though. Most are saying Ferrari should have the upper hand in Spain and Monaco.

    2. That could only be true if the RedBull had a clear advantage, which they don’t. Ferrari haven’t even upgraded their car yet.

      1. Apparently Ferrari are bringing upgrades for Spain, and I have just read Marko saying they’re going to be bringing an even lighter car for Spain. A car that will be close to the minimum weight from what he is saying. And this after Binotto speculated that RBR couldn’t possibly have much more in their budget for upgrades.

        1. The budget cap is a joke for fools created by FIA to show they try to create more competition. There are housands ways to bypass.

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