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Practice crash caused by ‘pushing too far in a couple of areas’ – Ricciardo

2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo said his heavy crash in practice for the Monaco Grand Prix happened because he’d been too ambitious with his car’s set-up.

The McLaren driver clipped a barrier in the Swimming Pool complex early in second practice, and continued to the exit of the complex where his MCL36 came to a stop against another barrier.

Ricciardo described how he felt the car get away from him but was unable to regain control.

“Obviously it happens quickly but it kind of slowed down as well,” he said. “I knew everything that was happening and I tried to save it.

“But already into turn 13 I already starting losing it, I could feel the car was starting to get away from me. A little strange. I think normally you could probably pick up some stuff maybe on turn 14 on the kerb, if you kind of get a bit too greedy and the car can get unloaded.”

He believes some of the changes made to his car for the run contributed to his mistake. “I think honestly we just pushed a few things with set-up.

“Obviously we’re trying but pushed a little too far probably in a couple of areas. I tried my best to save but we couldn’t.”

His team mate Lando Norris finished second practice fifth-fastest behind the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers. Ricciardo said that gave him encouragement for the weekend ahead.

“I know they’ll fix it. Obviously we missed all the session but I’m okay, we’ll be ready to go tomorrow. The morning was good, we’ll use that, and Lando had a pretty good [second practice] by the look of it so we can bounce back.”

“We kind of never really know how you’re going to go around here in terms of if you’re in that midfield scrap, you’re either in the front end or the or the back end,” Ricciardo added. “But I think today at least we showed that we are going to be relatively competitive around here, for our battle.”

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2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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    12 comments on “Practice crash caused by ‘pushing too far in a couple of areas’ – Ricciardo”

    1. Daniel’s ambitions outmatched his talent, and not for the first time.

      He’ll do well as a pundit next year, if he needs the money.

      1. Electroball76
        27th May 2022, 18:46

        He’s just having a tough rookie season.

      2. When you look at the onboard the car is scrapping quite badly but it was the fact that he hit the inside kerb whilst trying to recover the rear that set his fate, the car was skating on the asphalt. McLaren has some questions to answer, why did they sent him out so late and why did they make a radical set up change? Thankfully it is friday.

    2. Hard to see his Talent go to waste.. But to waste it went, years ago.

      1. Harsh comment the set was a factor ,he still has talent as does Sainz who has made more mistakes

    3. Very likeable guy and really hope he can turn the tables…
      … but nice guys don’t often finish first.

    4. It’s about time he started pushing the bl**dy thing. I love Dan, but if he was trying to find the boundaries of a car he has been struggling with it would’ve been in the wall more often.

    5. It’s likely we’ll see Daniel in Alfa Romeo or Williams next. His ‘promising’ days are over and his results days a long past due.

      His smile and Aussie charm can only get him so many pay-cheques.

      1. McLaren will be like Williams soon. Never mind Ricciardo, Norris doesn’t look like winning any time soon. They will replace Ricciardo with the next Latifi/Mazipan/Stroll and there you will have it.

    6. I thought he owned these streets..or was that last year??

    7. From 2014 it all went downhill. Not necessarily right away but that was his peak year.

    8. Well, as mentioned on Sky just now, apparently it was due to an over-ambitious setup (so not RICs fault – set up comes down to the engineer) as commented by Seidl. It was interesting in the McLaren App they mentioned that they were making adjustments to the rear of RICs car before he went out and the rear was the very thing that went off.

      At least they know what not do.

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