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F1 wants more concessions from Monaco to keep race on calendar

2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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The Monaco Grand Prix may have to surrender more of its historic privileges in order to keep its place on the Formula 1 calendar.

Due to its status as one of the sport’s longest-running and most recognisable races, Monaco has long enjoyed privileges not extended to other rounds of the championship. However it has already given up some of these as F1’s owner Liberty Media seeks more favourable terms from the iconic event.

Race promoters surrendered the long-established four-day format which previously saw F1 practice begin on Thursday until last year. This weekend’s F1 track activity began on Friday in a break with Monaco tradition which moved it in line with every other round on the 21-race grand prix schedule.

Monaco also pays one of the lowest race hosting fees, retains control of the lucrative trackside advertising arrangements and produces its own television coverage of the race – the quality of which has been criticised previously.

However F1 is close to agreeing deals to hold 24 races per year in coming seasons, which is the maximum permitted under its agreement with teams. As Monaco’s contract expires at the end of this year, F1 is pressuring the promoters to make concessions in some of these areas.

Monaco may also have to accept a move away from its traditional late May date as the calendar grows. F1 is seeking to reorganise its schedule in order to reduce the amount of travel between venues, bringing down costs and emissions.

Las Vegas will join the F1 calendar next year while Qatar and China are poised to return. RaceFans understands the French Grand Prix will not take place next year, meaning F1 could reach its 24-race limit if Monaco and Belgium remain on the schedule.

However the future of F1’s races at Monaco and Spa, another of the sport’s long-cherished venues, is not certain as the series is keen to leave room for further growth. A race in Africa, the only inhabited continent which does not have a round of the world championship, has been identified as a target, and a race in Cape Town is believed to be under consideration for future seasons.

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2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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    17 comments on “F1 wants more concessions from Monaco to keep race on calendar”

    1. And Monaco could respond with “Our Formula E races have been infinitely more interesting than your dross, they’d love to have the Monaco Grand Prix and honestly as a coastal city, it’d be a much better look anyway.” – Formula 1 kinda overestimating its value here.

      1. someone or something
        28th May 2022, 10:42

        Erm, no. Let’s be realistic here. While Formula E may have delivered much more interesting races, Monaco could lose the EPrix and retain 99% of its appeal in terms of motor sport. Without F1, that figure would be closer to 30%, and that’s if you count the Rallye Monte Carlo.

        1. petebaldwin (@)
          28th May 2022, 13:25

          I don’t know…. If they got Formula E and put some good support races on as well, I think it’d be a really popular weekend. I’d certainly tune in.

    2. Does Fernando consider this “social media talk” or…?

      1. someone or something
        28th May 2022, 10:42

        Quite rightfully so.

        1. someone or something
          28th May 2022, 14:34

          I realise I completely misunderstood the context of your comment, and therefore retract mine. You have a point.

    3. Jonathan Parkin
      28th May 2022, 10:22

      While I do think we shouldn’t take it too far, tradition is important and it makes the F1 championship what it is. If we move from that it loses what makes it special. If it hasn’t already of course

    4. This would leave F1 somewhat vulnerable to attack from rival entities. Monaco is such a huge part of F1 culture, that if F1 decides it has no value, then someone else might and use that as a tool to expose F1 as nothing more than an entertainment entity. If you could bring the FIA on board, and we’ve heard about possible splits, then you have something very very potent indeed. If done correctly of course.

      Liberty and F1 have positioned itself as the all dominant motorsport platform, I am not sure anyone has noticed just how explosive their involvement has been. However, they are not totally immune.

      A good set of new F1 Technical Regulations, the FIA and Monaco on the calender… a well managed social media campaign with drivers as well (there’s no shortage of high quality drivers)…. then who knows? Bets are off at that point.

      1. That’s complete nonsense. The only people who are basing what series they watch based on who’s racing at Monoco are the people who live along the track. Monaco is irrelevant as a race track without F1. They’ll make every concession they need to to keep their spot on the calendar.

      2. Sounds like a good idea, a Monaco Grand Prix, Belgian GP at Spa, German GP at Hockenheim/Nurburgring, US GP at one of the classic American circuits, Japanese GP at Fuji, and you’ve got a basis for a “Grand Prix World Championship”.

    5. This is what you get when you give into pointless demands like changing around the session schedule.

      Now Liberty know they can bully you around. And you still have to find the testicular fortitude to say no.

    6. I wouldn’t like to see Monaco move away from it’s current late May date not simply because it’s tradition but also because I love how we have Monaco & the Indy 500 on the same weekend.

      Having 2 of the biggest, most historical races one after the other just always makes this weekend feel even more special.

    7. I find it interesting that while some of us are arguing about the quality of the racing in Monaco, Liberty and F1 are fixating on the $$$. Bring back shorter,lighter,nimbler F1 cars with today’s technology and watch some “entertaining” racing on the streets of Monaco. Monaco is being designed/ engineered/ regulated out of the F1 calendar.

    8. If they remove SPA I am done with it after 30 years.

      1. I couldn’t believe that aside that Spa is also on the table. That is the one racetrack I want to go to F1 or otherwise but preferably for a F1 event. I am all for expansion into Africa but there are several races they could remove in terms of quality to make that happen before getting rid of Spa and Monaco.

    9. monaco and spa need to play rough with liberty i dont want to lose historic circuits to car park circuits

    10. This current generation of cars look lethargic and unexciting around the circuit. I’d not miss it if it becomes a once every few years event.

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