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Perez signs new, two-year Red Bull deal

2022 F1 season

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Sergio Perez will remain at Red Bull for at least two more years, the team has confirmed.

The 32-year-old has signed a new deal which will keep him at the team until at least the end of 2024.

Perez joined Red Bull from Racing Point at the end of 2021. He has won for them twice, at Azerbaijan last year and Monaco on Sunday.

“This has been an incredible week,” said Perez. “Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is a dream for any driver and then to follow that with announcing I will continue with the team until 2024 just makes me extremely happy.”

He will continue alongside Max Verstappen, who already has a long-term deal to remain at Red Bull.

“I am so proud to be a member of this team and I feel completely at home here now,” said Perez. “We are working very well together and my relationship with Max, on and off the track, is definitely helping drive us forward even more.

“We have built tremendous momentum as a team and this season is showing that, I am excited to see where that can take us all in the future.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said Perez “has done a fantastic job” in his first two seasons with them.

“Time and again he has proved himself to not only be a magnificent team player but as his level of comfort has grown he has become a real force to be reckoned with at the sharp end of the grid.

“This year he has taken another step and the gap to world champion Max has closed significantly, evidenced by his superb pole position in Jeddah earlier this year and by his wonderful win in Monaco just last weekend.

“For us, holding onto his pace, race craft and experience was a no-brainer and we are delighted that Checo will continue to race for the team until 2024. In partnership with Max we believe we have a driver pairing that can bring us the biggest prizes in F1.”

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2022 F1 season

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62 comments on “Perez signs new, two-year Red Bull deal”

  1. Proesterchen_nli
    31st May 2022, 13:50

    Good for Check! 👍

    Not quite sure what instigated Red Bull’s early commitment to him, though, with no other competitive seat opening up for 2023.

    I guess they decided that at most one of their juniors will make the jump, with Pierre Gasly most likely the odd man out if that happens.

    1. Proesterchen_nli
      31st May 2022, 13:51



      1. The reference to a lack of “competitive” seats … if I may beg to differ.
        In decreasing order of probability:
        Haas (60+%)
        McLaren (50+%)
        Aston Martin (30%)
        Alpine (20%)
        Mercedes (?? could be higher than 20%)
        That could get the “Silly-Season” discussions fired up.
        Musical chairs and new butts in some of them.

    2. Not quite sure what instigated Red Bull’s early commitment to him,

      A good way to calm down any lingering tensions after Spain. He’ll get the order again should the need arise, so better to have him happy until that time comes.

      1. I think any ‘lingering tensions’ were likely dispelled by the evening of the Spanish GP, and I’m sure negotiations were already well under way before that weekend given that we now have this contract announcement.

        So why the ‘early commitment?’ Why not? It shows their utter confidence in Checo. Max has also done a couple of ‘sudden’ shall we say extensions of his contract, with both sides of the table just looking at it as a no-brainer to carry on. They really do seem like a family at RBR and ones that insists on having some fun while they put their noses to the grindstone.

        Great contract extension for RBR and for Checo obviously, and it’s onward and upward for this team.

        1. Not sure I agree with the family comment. RBR have made some ruthless swipe of drivers when they were not happy without any sentiments. But right now, this season they stand a good chance at both driver and constructors championship, so stability is important and keeping both drivers motivated and feeling confident without worrying about next year is important.

        2. Careful @robbie. I’m feeling slightly nauseous at this comment. They have never seemed like a family before. There has been several ruthless changes of personnel over the years, dropping young drivers with hardly a second thought. I think their management is pretty dishonest and untrustworthy some of them, to be honest.

          I have to say they do seem to be quite settled at the moment though.

          1. @phil-f1-21 But how would you know, or support your claim of ‘with hardly a second thought?’ Same with ‘dishonest’ and ‘untrustworthy.’ You sure you’re not just regurgitating stuff other posters have claimed?

          2. @robbie maybe it is because others can remember how Red Bull treated many of the other drivers whom they recruited over the years.

            You can go back to Webber, for example, talking about how the senior management of Red Bull could be quite openly antagonistic towards their drivers, or the rather contradictory way in which they would act towards their drivers.

            Bourdais has talked about how, near the end of his tenure, he was stonewalled by Red Bull’s senior management, who didn’t even speak to him directly to tell him he was fired – they told him via text message that he was being sacked.

            Vergne has talked about how the way that Red Bull treated him ended up destroying his confidence and caused a number of psychological problems in the following years.

            Alguersuari has talked about how he felt that Red Bull deceived him when he was thrown out of Toro Rosso and their programme, having turned down a contract offer from Lotus for 2012 because he’d been given the indication that he was going to get a contract extension, only for Marko to call him out of the blue and tell him that he was out of the team. He’s talked about how the senior management at Red Bull were not particularly welcoming either, particularly Horner, and that the way in which he was treated had long term psychological effects that he’s only recently finally been able to overcome.

            Hartley was not exactly complimentary of the way that Red Bull treated him either when he drove for them – Marko originally wanted to throw him out partway through the season, and was basically restrained only by the fact that they couldn’t get a replacement. When he was fired, even though Honda publicly thanked him for his service, Red Bull didn’t even bother acknowledging that they’d fired him – he had to make the announcement himself whilst Red Bull was busy removing all traces of him from their website.

            Many felt that Kvyat was treated pretty badly by Red Bull over the years – just look at Albers talking about how he felt Red Bull disrespected Kvyat, or Button talking about how he felt that Red Bull were ignoring his contributions to them when he was unceremoniously dumped back into Toro Rosso – and Gasly has talked about how Red Bull’s attitude is pretty harsh and not particularly supportive of its drivers.

            From the experience of a lot of drivers who have been through Red Bull, the idea that somebody might describe them as a big happy family would come across as bitterly ironic at best, and almost open mockery at worst.

        3. @robbie we all form an opinion of what the individuals involved are like by stories or actions we see from a variety of sources. So I don’t think my views are just regurgitated purely from other negative comments, and I am not alone. Obviously I don’t know any of those involved personally.

          Actions speak louder than words. I can think instantly of four RBR drivers dumped either part way or after only one season in their car. This clearly demonstrates a very ruthless, unsentimental streak. Certainly compared to nearly all other F1 teams. On being dishonest, I have seen several interviews over the years where the truth has clearly been twisted and very loosely interpreted by Mr Horner. Not that he is alone in this of course.

          It was the sentiment that RBR are one big happy, supportive, caring ‘family’ which really led me to make my comment. This is not borne out by past experience of their actions/comments I think.

          Having said this I think what they have done with Checo is exactly the correct thing here. Checo seems happy as does Max and the team, for now. So good luck to them. Maybe they are learning and mellowing over time?

    3. Makes a lot of sense. He does what he is told. Besides Masi helping Verstappen win, Checo had the second most influence. If Bottas would have been as good we wouldn’t still be talking about the tainted Verstappen championship. He’s the perfect #2. Lapdog and fairly fast.

      1. Bottas outperformed checo last year. Checo had a big impact in turkey and abu dhabi and was anonymous almost everywhere else. Bottas never put up a great defense but he was close enough to take strategic options away and slow down rb much more often than perez.

        I also think citing masi as the #1 influence on the outcome last year is somewhat childish. The fourteen point swing in abu dhabi is less than the wins hamilton flushed down the toilet in imola and baku, less than the 16 points verstappen lost when he was caught up in the mess bottas made in Hungary, and less than the 32 hamilton gained by driving into max (if unintentionally) at silverstone.

        I also don’t recall bottas reacting to team orders with as much vitriol as perez in spain, he was always happy to move out of the way or refrain from passing hamilton when James asked.

        1. If another director was there the result would have flipped. The same for Checo’s subservience.

          1. If hamilton didn’t miss turn one in baku or got past checo the first lap he tried in abu dhabi the result would also be different.

      2. Verstapen lost Masi help but Lewis never lose stewards help.

      3. Strange i think Lewis was still ahead but got surprised on where Max overtook Masi didn’t GIVE Max the title he earned it.

  2. Good on Sergio, a well deserved spot.

    One really wonders what Aston Martin where thinking when they let this guy go, but that’s Red Bull’s long term gain.

    1. I’m happy that Racing Point’s lack of respect for the driver who had given them so much turned into a big opportunity for Checo while they are struggling in the midfield.

      Sometimes I believe karma is real :)

    2. I was really thinking Seb and Checo and Lance would be kicked out but Lance could be kicked out with his performance this year. His Father didn’t pay everything himself there is a group behind that and they want results.

  3. His continuation & for two seasons had effectively been an open secret since the post-Miami GP days, so unsurprising.
    Furthermore, if Gasly had any repromotion chance left, this move effectively ends the last remaining hope he might’ve had.

    1. Open secret to who?

      1. Mexican media and people close to Sergio leaked the 2 year deal right after Miami. It was a done deal.

    2. As a Gasly-fan, I’m very happy with that. I think RB is the worst team for him, but he would hardly resist if he was given the chance for repromotion. There are quite a few retirements on the horizon, and if he keeps the performance of last year, he could have a reasonable chance for a good offer.

      1. Yes I agree Peter707. I think Gasly would be better off trying his luck elsewhere. He must know he’s not going anywhere with the Red Bull organisation now. I think he’s better off out of it.

        1. But where is Gasly going? I don’t think he would go to Haas or Williams it must be a improvement.

          1. McLaren is the number one candidate.

  4. Gasly hasn’t done anything this year to really justify a promotion to RBR. Checo deserves this extension with what he has done there during his time there.

    1. He did last year and has been consistent this year. Gasly is stuck in no land now though. Can’t get a top 4 drive. He might not have been in F1 if not for red bull, had his rookie shot in a RedBull and didn’t deliver what RedBull wanted
      ..and that is the problem for drivers in the red bull program, if you don’t get it right instantly aa a rookie and match your experienced teammate, you likely won’t drive a top 3-4 F1 car ever again. Gasly is boxed out due to his performance at Red Bull even if Hough he became a far better driver at Alpha

      1. I doubt he had to ‘get it right instantly as a rookie and match your experienced teammate,’ as that would not be fair and not something RBR would realistically expect. However, I think it safe to say they did expect more than what they got from PG, and AA. And it of course has to do with some things that we likely don’t know as much about that go beyond actual performance on the track, such as ability and attitude off the track in communication, car development etc. Fitting in with the family…potential growth…that sort of thing. I’m sure it can be like splitting hairs sometimes though, and I’m sure PG would fare much better given another shot in the RB car, however…he has done what he needed to do which is show some growth and show some worth to the grid in general, and who knows, perhaps if AM hadn’t dumped Checo, perhaps it would have been PG’s time again. Hard to say but so often it is just right place at the right time and all that stuff.

  5. I’m really pleased for Checo. He is showing himself to be a capable driver and is showing his ability in a top team.

  6. Well deserved for Checo. Looking forward to his future victories!

    1. Good for him! Well deserved. He is a great driver on his own accord and he is also a great team player and seems genuinely one of the nicest drivers on the grid

  7. I think Perez and Verstappen are an excellent pairing so a great decision by Red Bull. They’re both deserving race winners and complement each others skills by having different strengths while not often ending up fighting on track.

    1. I agree. I think although they were close last 2 races he is still not a major
      Threat to Max and that is good for the team as they have a solid #2 that can help with constructors without causing too much drama between the 2 drivers that will affect the team (aka Rosberga and Ham, or even Daniel and Max)

  8. Yep no brainer for Red Bull and well timed as well.
    Very good driver pairing.

  9. Chris Horton
    31st May 2022, 15:07

    Great news, well deserved.

    Massively under rated talent. I still wish he’d have stayed as part of the Ferrari driver academy and not signed for McLaren.

  10. Observant viewers of the race found out that this deal was signed just before the race actually. We saw Christian Horner and Perez walking towards the podium, with Sergio joking ‘I signed too soon eh!’ :)

    1. Yeah, funny for it to slip out like that and maybe they were waiting to announce it later. But after that Monaco win, it was a perfect time to announce it. It must be a great feeling for Checo right now. I really hope he takes that momentum and carries it through to the end of the season.

  11. What about recision clauses? Checo said earlier this year that if the F1 calendar extends too much races in the next years, he will no be part of it. That was just before he became father for the third time.

  12. You get consistently beaten by your teammate and you’re happy? I don’t think 80% of the grid would be happy with that kind of career.

    1. @ivan-vinitskyy It’s about perspective though. Don’t forget the high percentage of drivers that never even make it to a top team, let alone to a lasting career in F1, let alone to F1 at all.

      So let’s see…he’s doing what he loves to do, he’s highly paid for it, he’s on a top team, he just won Monaco, and yeah, there’s a reality that he has a super strong teammate in Max. Life could be loads worse for Checo. And as tall an order as it might be to beat Max, hey at least he has the opportunity in an equal top car. Checo has waited a long time for this and survived to get to this point. And now he has the equipment and the opportunity that most can only dream of. If he never wins a WDC he’ll have still had a far far better career than the vast majority of racers.

      1. Indeed, and I think unlike sainz perez deserved this promotion, he’s been driving a lot better this year than last, and he also risked to never make it to a top team after being unfairly fired by force india, so good that red bull noticed him in time.

        1. Sainz did a cracking job at McLaren and earned his chance. He might be having a mare this year but he definitely deserved a chance in a top car.

          1. I think @esploratore1 is referring to the contract extension handed to Carlos earlier this season, I don’t think he is questioning the original opportunity for Carlos to race for Ferrari rather the extension when results aren’t just there this season.
            However, I think Carlos is a great fast driver and is just having a hard time with the new car regulations. His time will come to win a race and Ferrari still has a chance to prove why they gave Carlos his contract extension this season

    2. Yeah, why would any driver want to drive in a top team like Red Bull with a fat cheque.

    3. petebaldwin (@)
      31st May 2022, 18:26

      @ivan-vinitskyy – What would you suggest he does then? Quit the sport? Join a weaker team so he can beat a lesser team mate?

      He’s clearly taken the option to remain in one of the best teams to keep fighting and trying to improve.

      1. @petebaldwin He’s doing the right things… signing the contract and getting / staying at the top team. It’s the happiness bit that’s bothering me, because no driver should be this happy when the most important metric isn’t being met. It almost shows he accepted his position as second.

        1. It’s the happiness bit that’s bothering me

          Loving family, three kids, no financial issues + feeling at home in your team and having a realistic chance to win more races in the top category of motorsports.

          Why the happiness? I don’t get it, either.

          BTW the guy had no seat, no victory barely 20 months ago…

        2. @ivan-vinitskyy You have a strange take on this. You think he should be moping around and frowning that he is on a top team in F1 through 2024…potentially the WCC car for 3 seasons? That only he and Max will have that hugely desirable seat?

          I think the problem here is that you are convinced, no doubt from fan comments, that SP is some designated number 2 or something ridiculous like that. Oh he might be a natural number 2 based on Max’s extreme talent, but that doesn’t mean he’s not free to race for number one status, to rise to the occasion.

          But even more basic than that…does he sound unhappy? Does not the very fact that he sounds over the moon and that he actually signed this contract mean that he is chuffed and stoked about it? Otherwise why would he sign?

        3. He is not only doing the right things, but also SAYING the right things. He wants to be WDC … he even said it at the beginning of the season.
          If he was contempt with being 2nd driver he would’ve let Verstappen pass him or caused a messy situation with Carlos so Verstappen could pass both.
          I bet you Verstappen would’ve loved finishing 1st in Monaco. A driver who is happy being Team’s driver #2 would not be happy but worried he finished 1st ahead of Driver #1

    4. 100% of the grid wants to be in a car that is capable of winning races, so why on earth wouldn’t you want to be one of the four drivers who get that chance?

  13. Well deserved for him

  14. Sensible decision and at this point with Gasly stuck in a rubbish car I wonder if McLaren might make a move. He showed us last year of his quality and Ric is not performing. I thing Gas will be in McLaren next year

    1. That would be a great pairing!

    2. McLaren would be crazy to go for Gasly, he had his chance against Max is the big team and came up well short. Ricciardo is the better option, if you only have a choice between them two. what McLaren should do is go after some super hungry young talent, like they did with Lando. Picking old castoffs is going to result in less points and positions. If they stay the course that has future potential, by picking up a driver with boundless enthusiasm, comes cheap, doesn’t make excuses and potentially runs rings around Lando. Picking another Red Bull castoffs has not given them anything, they’ve had 2, one ran off for a better drive without any benefit to McLaren, the other won a race, but is underperforming. Young stars are McLarens future.

  15. From almost leaving Formula 1 to getting multi year deals at a top team, I’m loving this guy’s story so far. I’m sure it will only get better from here.

  16. Given the performance of McLaren this year, I was expecting Norris to try to force his way out of McLaren and into RB. As he came through the ranks with Max and Charles it must be very difficult for him to watch them competing for wins and championships while he’s on a mid-field team at best. With Lewis making noises that he’s not leaving anytime soon, Ferrari having their line-up set for at least a couple of years and Max and Checo not going anywhere at RB, the chances of Lando getting into a car that can regularly compete for podiums and wins is drying up quick.

    1. @velocityboy That said, Mac is a top team and they ‘should’ be able to improve during this season and for next year. There are worse places he could be. The potential should be there.

  17. The Dolphins
    1st June 2022, 2:58

    Good on Perez, “Red Bull gives you lemons” (2nd rate strategies, 2nd call on new parts) and he makes lemonade. Time for a tequila!

    P.S. Hope he read the fine print this time.

  18. “Not bad for a number 2 driver”

  19. Prashanth Ramadas
    4th June 2022, 22:12

    This person does not look like a true champion.

  20. Prashanth Ramadas
    5th June 2022, 11:59

    Mark Webber was a very good driver.

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