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It was a successful Monaco Grand Prix for Red Bull, with Sergio Perez winning the race with Max Verstappen taking third place.

But before the race weekend, the pair took part in a bit of fun at the swimming pool in Red Bull’s hospitality area involving hundreds of rubber ducks.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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46 comments on “Caption Competition 187: Ducks & Bulls”

  1. Is that lewis, floating or porpoising?

  2. Is it Alonso cap there ????
    I am out of HERE !!!!

  3. Let’s get the duck outta here.

  4. Neil (@neilosjames)
    4th June 2022, 13:41

    Max had just heard the star prize was a race with a Ferrari strategist.

  5. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    4th June 2022, 14:11

    Time deleted Car 1 (VER) for leaving the track

  6. While Max is cutting the corner, Sergio is just a sitting duck.

  7. Whoever finds the F-duck gets to use it on his car.

  8. RocketTankski
    4th June 2022, 15:04

    Max desperately tries to flee the paparazzi after being caught in the act with dozens of hook-a- ducks

  9. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    4th June 2022, 15:23

    Looks like Charles has left us with a little inchident in the pool! Checo that’s a job for the number 2

  10. Aye-up my duck!

  11. Max having nothing to do with no2 fishing in the pool.

  12. Electroball76
    4th June 2022, 16:56

    At Red Bull, Max not only walks on water, but can do jump splits as well.

  13. Perez: Max be careful with the yellow duck!

  14. The only time at the Monaco GP that wet rubber was used at the swimming pool without needing a red flag.

  15. Check: Hey Max, I think I see a turd floating here. Oh no, wait, it’s just a …
    Max: I don’t wanna know!!

  16. For the dutch fans:
    Er kan er maar eentje nr eend zijn

  17. RocketTankski
    4th June 2022, 19:27

    Hey! I think I’ve found Ricciardo’s mojo!

  18. In hindsight Max and Sergio’s research into the water repellent properties of duck plumage couldn’t have prevented the delayed start to the Monaco GP.

    1. @drycrust – Not bad +1

  19. AllTheCoolNamesWereTaken
    4th June 2022, 19:46

    “Careful now, Max. Your temper has gotten you into enough trouble in the past. The last thing you need is to accidentally flip the bird.”

  20. In the distance. Jos: “I’m not saying anymore. We are leaving now. Last one can’t play with F1 anymore.”

  21. Max skips full wets for another set of slicks

  22. All week long at Monaco there were signs that Checo’s delicate touch with rubber would triumph over Max’s impatience.

  23. Richard Hill
    4th June 2022, 22:43

    In an unusual twist, Monaco saw Max jumping out of the way for Checo

  24. Checo: “I’m concerned that we’re going to breach the budget cap, once you combine all these small bills…”

    1. Very good.

    2. Excellent

  25. Max taking the leap of fate.

  26. Max departed swiftly.

    It was later established that he didnt like Checo’s pole position.

    1. Very good!

  27. With all ducks labelled, the annual event of picking Red Bull’s 2nd driver for next season gets underway

  28. Checo: “I’ve been told that once upon a time a driver fell into a cauldron of a magic potion made of Diet Coke and Mentos and became World Champion, so I’ve thrown gallons and gallons of each in this pool and now i’m stirring…”.

    Max: (getting the d-uck out of there)

  29. And there’s the Red Bill Racing team trying to get all its ducks in a row …

  30. Max panics, as Checo finally manages to get his ducks in a row.

  31. RocketTankski
    5th June 2022, 9:13

    And Max tries to take it!
    Looks like Sergio was caught napping there..
    Max ducking and weaving.
    Ooh, but he’s jumped the corner at the Swimming Pool!
    Sergio still holding on to pole with both hands here at Monaco! But that attempt by Max might have ruffled his feathers.

  32. Checo : “Come on guys this is not what I meant when I said if I win, I need a lot of chicks in our pool.”

  33. Verstappen still having problems with his Duck Reduction System

  34. Derek Edwards
    5th June 2022, 15:25

    Until he signed the contract Checo wasn’t taking his eye off Red Bull’s reserve driver pool.

  35. Mercedes have got a pool full of rubber porpoises.

  36. Checo: No disrespect to Donald and Daffy. But I am getting hungry!!!

    Max: WHOA!!!! A TUNA!!!!!

  37. Checo “He Max, do you think Ferrari can get these in row?”

  38. After some odd comments from Helmut Marko, Checo felt the need to check the pool for piranhas ahead of the race.

  39. Max tried hard to stay out of the wall at Swimming Pool as Checo cleared up the debris from a previous incident.

  40. The Red Bull weather forecaster was known for his cryptic messages when communicating race day forecasts.

  41. I’m telling ya, Checo. Ferrari are going to mess up their strategy royally and then we just will jump them both like this …

    Well, maybe not like this but you know what I mean.

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