Sergio Perez, Red Bull, Baku Street Circuit, 2022

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has a 21-point lead in the drivers’ championship after his victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Sergio Perez has moved up to second place.

F1 drivers championship after the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

1Max Verstappen150
2Sergio Perez129
3Charles Leclerc116
4George Russell99
5Carlos Sainz Jnr83
6Lewis Hamilton62
7Lando Norris50
8Valtteri Bottas40
9Esteban Ocon31
10Pierre Gasly16
11Fernando Alonso16
12Kevin Magnussen15
13Daniel Ricciardo15
14Sebastian Vettel13
15Yuki Tsunoda11
16Alexander Albon3
17Lance Stroll2
18Zhou Guanyu1
19Mick Schumacher0
20Nico Hulkenberg0
21Nicholas Latifi0

F1 constructors championship after the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

1Red Bull279
6Alfa Romeo41
9Aston Martin15

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2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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15 comments on “2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix championship points”

  1. It’d kind of crazy that Leclerc is only 17 points ahead of Russell, and Ferrari are only 38 points ahead of Merc considering how much better the Ferrari is (when it’s working).

    1. @t1redmonkey Indeed. Things aren’t always what they seem.

  2. Wow. Russell only 17 behind leclerc.

    Schumacher very much becoming a Stroll or Latifi

  3. From a near 50 point lead in the WDC to struggling to stay ahead of Russel in the bouncy Mercedes.

    Ferrari’s loss of form has been one of the sharpest in recent years.

  4. Ferrari clearly don’t deserve to be champions. They were given all the breaks, had every chance to win this thing, and yet here they are, not for the first time, squandering their advantage. Next we’ll have them threatening again to abandon f1 because their share of the pie isn’t big enough.

    1. The only solace is Leclerc not making the mistakes Vettel did especially in 2018; he just needs Ferrari to be bloody competent for once in a WDC fight.

      1. Leclerc put his car in the wall at Imola not too long ago, and was lucky to recover to grab a meager few points.

        More importantly, he’s been very timid in defending his good qualifying results. With the exception of Bahrain, Verstappen has never had much if any issue overtaking Leclerc.

        1. The car broke down on him 2 times already, the team botched the strategy once.
          He was defeated by Red Bull’s massive top speed advantage twice.

          Of all the issues he had for not winning these races, being timid is on the bottom of the list.

        2. Leclerc put his car in the wall at Imola not too long ago, and was lucky to recover to grab a meager few points.

          If that was the only problem…. 3rd was the best results possible at Imola for Ferrari/LEC. He lost like 7 points or so.

  5. Ferrari’s incompetence is breath
    They are no Mercedes, they won’t fix it and bounce back.
    Red Bull already have this on their bag.

    1. Its makes you wonder just how Ferrari are achieving their speed advantage when a cluster of Ferrari powered cars can break down like this on the same circuit. All it seems are very close to the edge.

      1. Its all relative, everyone was praising Ferrari and mocking RedBull for building a unreliable car and now here we are. 2 reliability DNF for both Max and Charles.

  6. It’s very possible that Russell will overtake Leclerc in the WDC by mid season, if Ferrari’s reliability remains pathetic. George is doing phenomenal work in that dog of a car.

    1. And now we know why Ham is the #2 driver at Mercedes

  7. playstation361
    13th June 2022, 6:08

    Checo. Cheko. Che.

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