Cordeel banned from Silverstone F2 round after reaching 12 penalty points

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Formula 2 driver Amaury Cordeel faces a ban from the next round at Silverstone after reaching the threshold of 12 penalty points on his licence.

The Van Amersfoort driver had earned 11 penalty points by F2’s Barcelona round three weeks ago, but managed to avoid receiving any more during the Monaco races.

However, his collision with Olli Caldwell during today’s feature race in Azerbaijan saw Cordeel issued a single penalty point which triggers an automatic ban.

His other penalty points had been put on his license for a variety of offences: Failing to slow sufficiently for yellow and red flags in Jeddah, repeatedly ignoring track limits in Imola and failing to be in the correct grid order during the formation lap in Barcelona.

Cordeel and Caldwell clashed in the final moments of the Baku feature race, prompting yellow flags on the final lap.

The stewards ruled “car 14 [Caldwell] was behind car 25 [Cordeel] between turns three and four. Car 14 chose an outside line and was alongside car 25 on the straight approaching turn four.

“Car 25 was focussed on the cars ahead and did not see car 14 on his left. Car 25 moved across to the left making contact with car 14 and forcing them both into the wall. Both cars retired. Car 25 was deemed to be wholly at fault for causing the collision.”

The stewards noted Cordeel’s penalty points tally will rule him out of next month’s double-header at Silverstone.

“In accordance with Article 39.3 of the FIA Formula 2 Sporting Regulations, as the driver of car 25 has accumulated 12 penalty points (see Document 50), the driver of car 25 is suspended for the event following the round six Baku event.”

Roy Nissany and Jack Doohan were also found to be at fault for their collisions with Cem Bolukbasi and Liam Lawson respectively. The pair were issued three grid-place penalties and one penalty point each. No further action was taken for contact between Hitech team mates Marcus Armstrong and Jüri Vips.

Nissany and Bolukbasi have also been summoned to the stewards over a subsequent incident in the paddock. The summons reads that “Alleged breach of Article 12.2.1.c of the FIA International Sporting Code – family of car 23 [Bolukbasi] allegedly caused a commotion with the driver of car 16 [Nissany] – deemed to be potentially an act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport generally.”

Article 12.2.1.c covers “Any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport generally.”

The Campos team was also fined €2,000 (£1,700) for having too many people on its pit wall during the feature race.

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7 comments on “Cordeel banned from Silverstone F2 round after reaching 12 penalty points”

  1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    12th June 2022, 14:22

    The text on the rear wing is rather fitting I’d say…

  2. My man, getting 12 points before Round 13, even missing two races altogether!

    Pastor, we’ve got a new hero!

  3. RandomMallard
    12th June 2022, 15:35

    For some stats, this has taken him 6 rounds. This is one round longer than Mahaveer Raghunathan took to get a ban in 2019, who achieved the feat in just 5 rounds. However, once you factor in Cordeel being withdrawn from the Jeddah Feature Race and not starting the Imola Sprint Race, he has managed this in the same number of races. This means both drivers at the time of their ban had a points-to-races ratio of 6:5, or 1.2 penalty points per race.

    Raghunathan’s ban came 41.67% into the season, and he amassed enough points for another ban before the season’s end (technicalities meant he was still allowed to race in Abu Dhabi). Cordeel has taken a whopping 42.86% of the season to reach a ban, however it is very much not out the question he also achieves another ban before the season’s end.

    1. @RandomMallard
      Thank you dearly for your efforts

  4. Given his off-track activities, Cordeel should be nowhere near a racing car (or a school), so this ban is welcome.

    1. @red-andy Could you fill us in on this? What is he up to off the track?

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