“Way too bumpy” Baku needs to be resurfaced for next year – Verstappen

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen says parts of the track need to be resurfaced before Formula 1 returns next year.

The six-kilometre Baku City Circuit in run on streets around the capital. The venue sees some of the highest top speeds of the year – drivers reached around 350kph (217mph) last weekend.

As F1 teams are running the latest generation of cars more stiffly than before, many drivers complained about the severity of the bumps during Sunday’s race.

Verstappen said the track is “enjoyable to drive” but felt the surface was bumpier than it had been before.

“I think, it’s getting a bit bumpy in some places, especially now with the new cars being so stiff and low to the ground,” he said.

“The main straight is way too bumpy, we have to really try and find a bit of a line. So it would be nice if that could be resurfaced for next year.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Baku Street Circuit, 2022
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“But overall, I think it’s a special track. The second sector, between the castle bit, it’s quite unique, I would say.”

Verstappen scored his fifth win of the season after championship rival Charles Leclerc retired from the lead. The two drivers have now both failed to finish two races each this year.

“Of course we had our misfortune in the beginning of the year, so we knew that we had to play a bit of catch-up,” said Verstappen. “But then of course it seems like now it’s more or less evened out with the bad luck.

“You have to score points every single weekend if you want to really fight for the championship. Everyone knows that, everyone of course tries that, but it’s not always that easy.”

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2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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16 comments on ““Way too bumpy” Baku needs to be resurfaced for next year – Verstappen”

  1. Pedro Andrade
    13th June 2022, 12:59

    Well well, I wonder what Mr. Horner will make of this?… Eheh, so it seems their ride is a bit bumpy as well after all…

    1. @Pedro Andrade
      I think you get two things mixed up. This is not about the propoising/bouncing. This is about the track being bumpy. Different thing.

    2. the same we will make of this.. the circuit is bumpy.
      Bumps trigger porpoising but that seems not the problem with the red bull.
      Still a bumpy road.

    3. Bumps are part of a street circuit. Deal with it or make the car more compliant for the bumps (oh wait, that would be a slower car … didums)

      1. The bumps would not be an issue with a conventional car design, however with the ground effects cars it does become an issue as they rely on consistent air flow under the car to achive vital down force.

        Maybe we should be reconsidering the compatibility of these bumpy street circuits with the ground effect era cars.

        1. An alternative would be for the FIA to specify a minium ride hight on certain ‘bumpy’ circuits, to which all the car adhear and therefore compensate for with additional rear wing. If all the cars are in the same boat then no one is taking chances to match the pace of the front runners pace.

          1. I’m gong a bit sarcastic, for those that need the warning: Why not enforce a maximal speed along the straights?
            Back to serious: How would you propose to check the ride hight? Add another piece of wood that can’t be worn too much? That one is already implemented, I’m afraid.
            Measure the height statically? Enter soft springs, or springs with a progressive rate.
            Add sensors that measure during the lap and average out?
            Not an easy solution for the FIA.
            The ride hight isn’t the issue, the heavy bottoming out is. If the FIA wants that gone, they can limit the allowed G-forces during bouncing, and the teams can figure out how to comply to this rule.
            Some teams want a rule change allowing active suspension, but that goes against the cost reducing efforts.

  2. Big difference Max dnf were fuel cel/hose mistake and hydraulic hose loose related and if we see Charles are both ICE deads.

    Charles is getting a 10 place penaulty IF Ferrari can’t re-use a older one in Canada.

    1. I think all a 10 place penalty means is you can’t win if verstappen is in the race, there should still be a chance for 2nd place with the pace perez and sainz had for example this last race.

  3. I guess this means that Horner has told Verstappen to b*tch about the bumps as much as he can to gain advantage.


  4. He’s correct about Baku. It’s become one of the best tracks for me showing how a historic street circuit can still be relevant in 2022.

    1. Yes, I like that track too.

  5. So it’s the track that is the problem not the car’s porpoising. Game on.

    1. Exactly, Horners remarks and this statement from Max seem to be the counter lobby to what Mercedes is trying to achieve with FIA. Game on (off-track) indeed. Hope it doesn’t reach last year’s level.

      1. Ofc this is expectable RBR tactics here, but FIA should use it as reasoning to change suspension rules, as also RBR drivers complain about the effects of bumps on tracks. Would be kindof funny.

  6. I’m sure someone will somehow blame this on Mercedes for playing the politics card.

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