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Wet start to weekend but sunny Sunday expected as F1 returns to Montreal

2022 Canadian Grand Prix weather

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Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix is expected to be dry race, but a stormy start to the weekend is forecast which could affect teams’ early running at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The race around the Montreal circuit has seen several famously wet races over its 40 previous occasions hosting a round of the Formula 1 world championship. However, this year’s is unlikely to be one of them.

Thursday morning saw rain and some thunder around Quebec’s biggest city. The high humidity levels and risk of thunderstorms are expected to continue on Friday – albeit with a reduced risk.

Friday is expected to be cloudy and relatively warm, with temperatures reaching a high of around 24C, which is the warmest that ambient temperatures are expected to be around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve all weekend. However, there is a 40% risk of rain on the opening day of practice, which may mean one or even both sessions are affected.

Saturday’s crucial qualifying day has an even greater chance of being impacted by rain, with around 60% chance of showers over Montreal. That could create plenty of intrigue for the afternoon’s session and potentially offer opportunities for some surprise eliminations or progressions through the three stages.

However the rain looks increasingly likely to disappear by Sunday, providing a welcome dry circuit for the race itself. Forecasts indicate there is almost no chance of precipitation on Sunday with little cloud cover over the circuit, allowing teams and drivers to head into the race without having to keep one eye on the weather radar.

With Sunday’s temperatures expected to be in the low 20s Celsius, Sunday will likely be less of a physical challenge for the drivers than recent dry races in Miami, Spain and Azerbaijan proved to be.

F1 hasn’t raced at this circuit since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That race saw the mercury push past 30C, yielding track temperatures of over 50C. Although Sunday’s figures will be lower than that, they should still be among the highest of the weekend, which teams will need to ensure they are not caught out by.

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5 comments on “Wet start to weekend but sunny Sunday expected as F1 returns to Montreal”

  1. I imagine teams raise their ride height for wet running, will this effect the decision by the fia regarding ride heights?

    1. I don’t think they use only the data of this circuit but take the other races in account.

    2. I imagine teams raise their ride height for wet running

      Not anymore, @djarvis. The wet tyres simply run a larger circumference than slicks to raise ride height.
      And since that is known by all parties, it’s not a factor.

      The only time a team would run their car higher and softer is when the track surface requires them to. With so much performance in aero now, running as low as possible is generally more advantageous than suspension compliance.
      Which is the exact reason that cars are bouncing so much this year.

      1. From the published info from the FIA, it doesn’t seem that they are dictating an increase in ride height.
        All they seem to be doing is enforcing regs on the wearing of floor sections, skids and the plank.
        For teams that have been flirting with high wear, this will have an effect, but have they specifically regulated ride height .?? Doesn’t look like it.
        Standing water … this is a track and road surface that hasn’t seen use (or possibly maintenance) for over 2 years, almost 3, so the expectation would be for a few issues floating around.

  2. Living within 6 hours drive of Montreal, to the west in Southern Ontario, I’m seeing sunny and 24 for today’s practice, but wet tomorrow (not soaking wet though) and then sunny and 21 for Sunday. Could change of course but so far it just looks like intermediates or wets for quali but nice and dry for today and Sunday.

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