Porpoising ‘hopefully not something to stop me racing for longer’ – Hamilton

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton if hopeful Mercedes will fix its bouncing problems before it affects his desire to continue racing in Formula 1.

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In brief

Hamilton doubts porpoising will affect his F1 future

Hamilton does not expect Mercedes’ current problems with violent bouncing to be a factor in whether he wants to continue driving.

Speaking at the Canadian Grand Prix Hamilton, whose current Mercedes contract expires after the 2023 season, said “I imagine we’re going to get this fixed. We’re going to get this fixed by the end of next year at least.

“So, hopefully that’s not going to be something to stop me racing for longer, but time will tell.”

Alpine have taken “two or three steps backwards” – Alonso

Fernando Alonso feels Alpine have gone down the order in recent races, compared to early form.

“I think right now we are struggling a little bit more than at the beginning of the year, when I think we were top five or six initially,” said Alonso. “Then as Mercedes fixed some of their problems, I think we were in the fight with them and now we seem two or three steps backwards compared to Australia or Jeddah.”

Speaking before practice began, Alonso said he was optimistic about Alpine’s form in Montreal. “There are some new parts again this weekend to fine-tune the car for this track because we were very fast on the straight in Baku, the car seems to like the medium-speed circuits and Canada is one of those.”

Ferrari unreliability “a bump in the road” says Sainz

Carlos Sainz has said Ferrari’s reliability problems do not worry him compared to the team’s progress, after both the team’s cars retired from the last race.

“We are still motivated, we are united,” he said. “We are going through a bump in the road, which I think after this step that we’ve done in the end of this year, I would much rather take this step and then take a bump in the road and have a powerful engine that is reliable.

“As a team we’ve done a great job with this year’s engine and it’s just we’re just going through some issues that are going to be solved, I’m sure.”

Vancouver Formula E race cancelled, promoter expected to refund tickets

The Vancouver EPrix, which was postponed from 2022 to 2023 last month, will not go ahead after promoters failed to secure licenses and file paperwork with the city.

Ticketholders were initially told their bookings would be honoured for the 2023 event. However Formula E has now distanced itself from the promoter, placing responsibility for refunding 2022 ticketholders on the local organisation, and removed Vancouver from the provisional 2023 calendar.

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Comment of the day

After the FIA’s technical directive to teams regarding the effect of porpoising and bottoming on drivers, John H suggests it is an inevitability in such a heavily restricted era:

There are other ways to keep the cars fast without further compromising the drivers safety. This is not just a performance issue it’s become a safety issue.

The ground effects design is a good idea but obviously not yet developed to a mature enough state to be used. The lack of development time and the reduction is resources is in my opinion a large part of the problem. If the rules had not been changed to such a degree, if the teams had been allowed to continue developing their existing chassis we would be seeing closer and faster racing without the damage. This is not 20:20 hindsight me and others said this on the announcement of the new regulations.

How Red Bull was able to get it right I don’t know.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Chris P and Jh1806!

On this day in motorsport

  • 55 years ago today Dan Gurney took his last win, and the only one for the stylish Eagle-Weslake, at Spa-Francorchamps

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16 comments on “Porpoising ‘hopefully not something to stop me racing for longer’ – Hamilton”

  1. So, hopefully that’s not going to be something to stop me racing for longer, but time will tell.

    He was just five laps short of his fairytale ending, probably already checked out from Formula 1.

    Then he went full Donald for a couple of months, only to be lured back by Mercedes’ wind-tunnel-Championship-winning design.

    And now he’s stuck in a car that isn’t dominant, in a team that apparently can’t get on top of it, and with his own patience running out.

    This could turn pretty ugly before his final lap in an F1 car.

    1. @proesterchen ,
      I have a strange feeling that, somehow Sir Lewis Hamilton will win the British Grand Prix, ans celebrate with a super-‘crowd-surf’ session. After that, he may go on to win another drivers’ championship. I think that M-B have something up their sleeve.
      I could be wrong too!

      1. Think a hamilton win would be pretty special this year.

  2. Oh dear, Mercedes mucked it up and now it’s everybody else who needs to change.

    The FIA is doing the correct thing by enforcing rules on wear of the plank – teams facing a DSQ will have to make things better for their drivers.

    1. You make it sound like up until now they haven’t been enforcing one of the most basic of technical rules!

  3. petebaldwin (@)
    18th June 2022, 2:49

    Domenicali wants a race in Nice huh? 20km away from Monaco… And we’re supposed to believe this isn’t being done to put pressure on Monaco in order to negotiate a more favourable contract with them?

    1. Sure seems like it. If Liberty can’t have the visuals of Monaco, they’ll make it themselves, only on this side of the pond they’ll need less faking (see: Fauxnaco, Miami GP )and Nice, must admit, does have a similar feel

    2. The main problem with a GP on the streets of Nice is that all that dog excrement will ruin the tyres within a few laps.

      1. Steveetienne
        18th June 2022, 7:38

        Marginally more appealing than a race in the human excrement lined streets of San Francisco.

    3. Nice is great city but if if you have a city like Monte Carlo next to it it doesn’t look quite as cool as let’s say if it would be next to Stevenage

    4. If they want a race in Nice be sure to remind the population that the race is going on on the streets, we don’t see people get mowed over do we?

  4. Chris Horton
    18th June 2022, 9:45

    Another nudge to the FIA to change the regulations to suit Mercedes or else their star 7 time World Champion might quit.

  5. I already knew about the Melbourne arrangement, but still, an interesting but slightly weird one, that at least (more is, of course, possible since this is a minimum thing) a given number of seasons will have to begin in Melbourne & five specifically.
    Understandably partly given Ramadan will cover most of March in 2024 & 2025. Bahrain & Saudi Arabian GPs could get placed before Ramadan begins, but placing them after ending is probably easier as this way more flexibility with weekend choices for Melbourne, Kyalami(?), etc.

    Interesting, if the French GP location changes, albeit somewhat unsurprising as Nice’s location is more favorable access-wise than the Le Castellet area.
    LV, Qatar, China, & Kyalami, all four, simultaneously feature on next season’s schedule, at least two present tracks have to get axed or start rotating with other present ones to avoid exceeding the upper limit.
    Interesting that he said rotation could also happen outside Europe, which is slightly weird as quite a few non-European events are lucrative ones, which certainly will remain annual, in any case.
    Lastly, Chinese GP back (at least temporarily) in the late-season flyaway phase would be unsurprising & wise as this would give the event more lead time COVID restriction-wise & thus a greater chance of avoiding a 4th consecutive-season cancellation.

  6. Nice-Matin local newspaper asked its readers for what would be the best circuit layout:


    Some parts a bit like Baku while other parts of it are quite unseen on the F1 calendar, like that nice part on the waterfront.
    It looks fast although it has a bit too much 90° turns, looks like 5 or 6

    1. There is a rough estimation of this layout, based on the video:


  7. Electroball76
    18th June 2022, 16:11

    that “brave little fella!” must be the new FIA ride height inspector

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