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Rate the race: 2022 Canadian Grand Prix

2022 Canadian Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Canadian Grand Prix.

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45 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Decently OK race overall.

      1. I’m torn. Race was fine, following is easier, slipstream is weaker, tracks like montréal are tougher than usual, drs trains make it harder than no drs.
        The real issue though was that Tsunoda blunder. That mistake is so bad that is Nelson Piquet jr bad. I also didn’t like how mercedes sabotaged Russell’s race, I guess they foresaw no more sc or vsc and decided to put Russell on a safe strategy whilst avoiding a track battle between George and Lewis, the 1st vsc benefitted Ham, the 2nd George and even though George pitted after Ham they decided to pit George again. Merc was wrong, there was an sc and if they had not pitted Russell it would have been much better for his strategy.
        8 Tsunoda’s crash is just a bad mistake.
        0 if Tsunoda binned it on purpose.

        1. @peartree Why would Tsunoda bin it on purpose? To slightly favour Sainz for some reason?

          1. @keithedin Tsunoda’s crash favoured RB. Max had pitted a 2nd time not long before. The SC forced Sainz jr to abandon the 1 stop as sc erradicates gaps. After the 1st stint, sainz jr had 11 lap fresher tyres, he could try the 1 stop unlike Max and at that stage he had a gap and obviously track position. Because max had just pitted sainz jr tyres were not that fresher even if verstappen’s tyres were not new when fitted on the car.

          2. Facetius, I see some sense with what you’re saying but seems absolutely far fetched they would engineer something like this, you must know with roles reversed verstappen would’ve passed sainz in this situation, it’s only cause they’re not evenly matched as a drivers (and maybe the straight line speed helping) that he wasn’t able to overtake him.

  2. A close finish but it looked like Max had Sainz covered pretty comfortably. The Ferrari just seemed to really struggle on exits and couldn’t recover the loss despite DRS. I feel a little sorry for Fernando. Alpine’s strategy left him in no man’s land after giving up the VSC opportunities after such a promising qualifying. Such a shame for Haas too after their brilliant qualifying. Great to see Mercedes more or less holding onto the leaders. Gave it a 7.

  3. Decent race, 6/10, taking a point off for Freitas still handling yellows like he’s directing a ELMS race with seniors in GT cars.

    As it stands, it seems like Red Bull is going to cruise to two titles this year. The Ferrari is just too slow in the races. Either they end up overtaken with a smooth DRS fly-by, or, if they have the better pace, they simply get stuck because they can’t overtake.

    1. @cashnotclass What was wrong with how they handled the yellow flags?

      I thought the yellow flags were handled perfectly today. I think the VSC was the right call for Sergio & Mick’s stopped cars as they were right next to a point where they could be pushed behind the barrier very quickly & then the full SC was right for Tsunoda’s crash as they needed to send a tractor out to recover it.

      Why call a full SC & lose 4-5 laps of racing action if the incident can be quickly, easily & safely cleared with a VSC with minimal disruption to the racing. The Sergio/Mick situations are exactly the sort of thing the VSC was introduced to cover.

      1. Indeed, Marshalls on track in a run off area warrant a VSC. Any machinery on track warrants a safety car. Perfectly handled this time for me.

      2. Yeah, the yellows and VSC/SC calls were spot on yesterday @roger-ayles, @slowmo, @cashnotclass.

        They were well timed, there was nothing unexpected about them and they did not even last far longer than they needed to. Overall, I would rather see this as a clear positive for the race director.

    2. Always a few odd balls, who rate a race 1/10

      1. Most likely anti-verstappen people, as he’s won quite a few races lately, doubt one who wants hamilton to win wouldn’t be happy about this race in the circumstances.

  4. Good race overall.

    Heartening to see Ferrari doing a great job on strategy with Carlos. Gave him a sniff of the win.

    With Charles also, if only their pitsitop was normal speed, they would have done a great job with his race while he struggled a fair bit.

    1. Heartening to see Ferrari doing a great job on strategy with Carlos. Gave him a sniff of the win.

      Not convinced. In case they had a fresh set of Mediums, I think that’s the tyre they should equipped SAI for the last 20 (more like 15 actually) laps. A gripier tyre should have helped more, give him the edge to win.

      1. Pretty sure they just did not have a medium left @mg1982.

        1. Is that possible after the rain soaked days and using mostly wet tires?

  5. If only that safety car was in lap 55 instead of 50. Ferrari could have put Sainz on mediums. Than it would have been a much more exciting finish then it was now. With Sainz on the same strategy as Verstappen Ferrari never had a serious chance to win this race.

  6. Was feeling generous so gave it a 8. The VSC and safety cars were all the right calls and didn’t feel like they were just thrown to spice up the race. The Red Bull and Ferrari still very close on pace and Sainz finally getting a result. Nice to see Mercedes closer, still probably half a second off on race pace but getting closer. Alpine really shafted Alonso, bonkers strategy calls that cost him a likely 5th place.

  7. Safety car saved this race, Max showing his class once again. 8/10

  8. Gave 8. A bit generous, but justified. The viewer experience between Montreal and, let’s say, Miami or Djeddah, is huge and has to be considered.

  9. The last 15 laps were great with the fight between Max & Carlos.

    The rest of the race however was not especially interesting.

    I’ll give it a 6/10 I think.

  10. 7.

    Good race. In hindsight, it was VER race to lose from the start. SAI was decent actually against VER regarding the pace, even considering no SC. Probably would have finished like 5-10sec behind VER, which is not bad.

    Ferrari has a very good car, but a big issue regarding the top speed. It just makes them vulnerable at the end of the straight, while the DRS is barely helping them on the straights. This race they were rather poor on the slow corners’ exit too, visible especially with LEC. Could be wrong, but I think it would have been better to put Mediums on SAI’s car for the last 20 laps (it was 15 laps actually). 6 laps fresher Hards when the opponent is VER and giving Ferrari’s handicap on the straights, it didn’t make much sense to send him back on track with anything else but a gripier tyre.

    1. I think the bad exits for LEC were either down to his tyres already starting to give, or possibly from using the engine less agressively to avoid further engine woes @mg1982.

      1. Could be. He was on slower tyre too. Don’t know if they’re running their engines restricted now, reckon I presumed LEC will run it in ”full-mode” this race given that it was new and that the entire race was going to be a ”recovery race” for him. Still, SAI seemed to have the same problem in the hairpin when chasing VER, although he had fresher tyres.

  11. Undoubtedly the 3rd best race of the year behind Bahrain and Jeddah.
    It had a bit of everything, although watching a Ferrari hopelessly chasing a RB has become a bit frustrating.
    Perez DNF gives me some hopes on the championship battle

  12. Compared to earlier races a bit dull really. Compared to a couple of years ago a lot better

  13. Always a few odd balls, who rate a race 1/10

    1. Sometimes I wonder what people are actually observing, I’m fortunate that I have driven race cars and have that perspective, this was an excellent race! There was intensity through the whole thing the top 12 were engaged in a very competitive struggle most of the time. What more could you want?

      1. I think the most obvious reason for people to give 1 is being anti-verstappen, was a good race imo, quite eventful.

  14. Somewhere between 7 and 8. Considering the exciting qualifying session I rated 8 for the whole weekend

  15. I gave the race an 8.

    It was comparatively meh for a decent proportion of the race, but, the rightful safety car bought a strong spark for the laps after the SC.

    Really please to see A deserving Lewis on the podium (from a Max fan).

    Sad to see Alonso stitched up by Alpine (they should have pit him on 2nd VSC).

  16. Neil (@neilosjames)
    19th June 2022, 22:34

    Gave it an 8, as it was interesting, reasonably unpredictable and kept me in my seat.

    1. yeah, there were enough times when it was hard to predict how things would work out, we had a few battles that kept going for much of the time where DRS did not negate racing so it was quite enjoyable to watch @neilosjames.

  17. Verstappen was on a league of his own and was never really in threat of losing. Still, I was never bored during the race, lots of close racing and I had a good chuckle when Hamilton held Verstappen for a lap. 8/10

  18. Sitting in Grandstand 12, it was a 10 for me!

    1. :-) the best kind of races @x1znet!

  19. I thought about a 7 but gave this one 6/10 in the end.

    Although it was close at the end Max always looked like he had things under control. Carlos did get very close to Max on lap 68 I think it was but went in too late on the brakes at the hairpin and lost vital time. I think he may have been alongside in the straight but for this.

    There were some quite average sections of the race earlier on. Felt a bit sorry for Fernando as Alpine’s strategy meant they failed to have him pit under either VSC periods. Seems very odd.

    A pretty good recovery drive by Charles in the end. He got 5th and I don’t think Ferrari could have expected anything better than 4th for him.

    1. If they had caught the VSC or the SC when pitting 3rd was on the cards, he just needed to be right behind the mercedes at the end.

  20. Easily the best of the year so far, but the overtaking outside of DRS is still poor.

  21. 4.
    Most of it was just plain dull.
    And the bits that weren’t were still largely static and predictable.
    Was struggling to stay awake for most of it.

    Should have held the race on Saturday instead.

    1. Yes, some rain would’ve made it even better, or actually a full wet race!

  22. Third best race of the season behind Bahrain and Jeddah. A generous 8/10. I felt from the beginning that Sainz was quicker than Verstappen, which made the race more interesting. However, it was a bit frustrating watching the Spaniard hopelessly chasing Max in the last 15 laps.

    My votes so far: BAH 8, SAU 9, AUS 7, ITA 6, MIA 7, ESP 7, MON 6, AZE 4, CAN 8.

  23. Gave it 8 as well, seemed straightforward to me, there was a recovering leclerc, though he could’ve beaten the mercedes if he had managed to catch a VSC window, a relatively competitive sainz, didn’t expect that, who was gaining on verstappen midway into the race and then pressured him with a slight tyre advantage in the end, plenty of midfield battles and a relatively good mercedes, hamilton is also usually good in canada and this year too.

    1. Ah, yes, shame for alonso, ruined by strategy too.

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