Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2022

Gasly “very disappointed” as brake trouble spoils Canadian GP weekend

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In the round-up: Pierre Gasly was dejected after failing to follow up on his strong Azerbaijan Grand Prix result last weekend.

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Gasly suffers litany of woe

After claiming his best result of the season so far with fifth place in Azerbaijan, Gasly suffered an elimination in Q1 in Canada, and took the chequered flag in 14th place.

He said afterwards he was “very disappointed” with the problems which materialised during qualifying. “We had this brake issue so the front brakes glazed and we were basically braking on three tyres and it put us out of position.

“Then after when we started from the back we know it’s always harder but we just struggled massively for pace. Massive understeer, poor traction, struggled with the brake temps and everything. So just a very, very difficult day for us.”

Tsunoda ‘pushed too much’

Yuki Tsunoda was in no mood to elaborate when he spoke to RaceFans following his exit from Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix: “I was pushing too much at the pit exit and that’s it.”

Surprise McLaren test for Daruvala

Red Bull Junior Team member Jehan Daruvala will make his Formula 1 test debut today. However he won’t be driving for the F1 team or its junior squad AlphaTauri.

McLaren is giving a two-day test to the 23-year-old at Silverstone. He will drive the team’s 2021 car, the MCL35M.

Daruvala was connected to another F1 team earlier in his career. In 2011, aged 13, he was named as a runner-up in One in a Billion, an India-based talent search contest run by Force India (now Aston Martin).

Assetto Corsa Competizione replaces Gran Turismo at FIA Motorsport Games

Following the disappearance of the FIA’s branding from the new seventh edition of the hugely successful Gran Turismo series, the governing body of motorsport has announced its annual Motorsports Games event will no longer be run on the game.

Assetto Corsa Competizione has been chosen as the title for the 2022 edition of the FIA Motorsport Games. It will take place at Paul Ricard on October 29th.

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Comment of the day

Could Mercedes’ improved performance last weekend be a ‘false positive’?

Somehow I feel like these “glimpses” might very well bite them in their proverbial behinds. It may give them a false idea that their base design is good to build upon, when it might just remain a very peaky design that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work at all. In that case these glimpses of performance could be a disadvantage when without these they might have already decided to call it quits and start a new design for next year.

Of course, they know way way more than I ever will and the base design might be solid.

Time will tell.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Jcost!

On this day in motorsport

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14 comments on “Gasly “very disappointed” as brake trouble spoils Canadian GP weekend”

  1. There is only 3 hypothesis for Tsunoda’s crash.
    2°embarrassing mistake
    3°new contract
    His english not being fluent is not going to fool me.

    1. It was 2 – and he had no problem saying so.
      He just didn’t want to perform an entire monologue about it.

    2. accident gaseoso.

  2. Spa or Paul Ricard. Hmm… What a difficult choice!

    1. Yeah I’m guessing they won’t put this to a fan vote !

      1. @aussierod @paulk I skip Paul Ricard in video games, and I honestly think I’ll end up skipping watching the whole race in real life. I’ve never really objected to any circuit other than PR. When people complain that the new street circuits are like car parks, I think none of them come close to the ‘car-parkiness’ of Paul Ricard, it’s a massive flat calm sea of concrete for miles with a bit of paint.

        It’s got nothing on Spa.

        1. If you are watching the runoff areas at Paul Ricard instead of what’s happening on the track, then that’s a clear sign that F1 is not providing sufficient racing quality, @bernasaurus.
          Which they fail to do at many other circuits too – Spa included.

          Now, if track limits were taken as seriously as concrete walls…. Presumably your only issue with Paul Ricard would be visual appeal?

          1. This might sound like a strange gripe about a track, but when watching on TV, I struggle to place where they are on the track, it all looks so much the same. I eventually learn from where the camera is placed. So in a sense, yes, the visual appeal is a little hard to follow at times. It’s not really a problem I find unless it’s a brand new track, by which time a couple of practice sessions I’m up to speed.

            Obviously I don’t want to see drivers hit walls, but equally, acres of concrete where the track is only marked by white lines is a tad underwhelming, or not ‘challenging’ enough, I don’t know, I just think something better could be done with so much land in the south of France. I’ll happily petition a vineyard. Or even just a bigger airport.

    2. Given that Spa isn’t really the challenge or excitement generator that it used to be, a French GP instead of a Belgian one isn’t the end of the world.

      1. -1 for racing choosing between those two Spa is the best by miles. Spa has the problem it lays in Wallonie where maintenance is’t great thing. I visited Spa a lot the last 10 years and they need a revamp upgrade like Zandvoort but not the track. The rest needs a ‘upgrade’ The roads around Spa needs really overthink to keep moving like Zandvoort parking in the neighbourhood cities and have pendelbusses to the circuit that alone would improve a lot! (Paul Richard also )

        1. It makes no difference to me where a circuit is or what the facilities are like when I’m watching it on TV, @macleod.
          And when I do attend circuits as a spectator – again, it is neither of these things that make it a good or bad weekend.
          It’s all about the competition and the on-track product.

          And today, as far as F1 is concerned IMO, Spa isn’t substantially better than Paul Ricard.
          Spa, as a circuit for other series on the other hand, remains one of the greats – and I would happily sit there for a 24 hour GT Endurance race or something – but I’ll never go there for F1.

    3. According to the article Liberty wants 24 races, of wich 16 non-European. Silverstone, Budapest, Spain, Imola, Zandvoort and Monza have 2023 contracts. Expected is that Monaco will renew and Austria seem to be certain as well (due to the Red Bull ownership). Which means no place for Spa, nor France, except in the case a non-European race is cancelled (eg covid). In that case it will be between France (there are rumors of a proposed streetrace in Nice) and Spa. With Spa being the lowest on the list.

  3. Gasly had a struggling event, although his (& Seb’s) early-ish pit stop timing was surprising.
    I guess tyre wear simply proved unideally excessive for them.

    I doubt Daruvala would continue in F2 for a 4th campaign, so I can see him leaving the RB program & move into another series & possibly even joining Mclaren, given this test run.

    Belgian GP’s future reliant on French GP? I’ve thought this situation would be the other way round, if anything, or just that Circuit Paul Ricard is generally more under threat than Spa-Francorchamps.

    An interesting & valid COTD.

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