Rosenqvist to drive for McLaren in IndyCar or Formula E next year


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Felix Rosenqvist will remain a McLaren driver in 2023 but the team is yet to confirm which series he will compete in.

The 30-year-old has raced in IndyCar since 2019 and joined the McLaren SP squad last season. It has already confirmed current driver Pato O’Ward and Alexander Rossi as two members of its expanded three-car entry for next year.

However McLaren will also enter a team in Formula E for the first time next season. Rosenqvist previously raced in the series for Mahindra between 2016 and 2019.

McLaren announced today it has extended Rosenqvist’s contract for next year and will confirm which series he will race in at a later date.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racinf, said the team had been eager to re-sign the driver who has enjoyed success in both disciplines.

“As a proven race winner in both categories, it was important for us to secure his talent withing the McLaren Racing family as we work to finalise our plans for 2023,” said Brown.

“His experience in Formula E would be invaluable as we head into this exciting new era of racing for McLaren Racing but he has also made a fantastic contribution to our IndyCar team. I look forward to working together with him to finalise the best opportunity for him next season.”

Rosenqvist said he expects to be “in a position to announce my plans in the coming weeks.”

“I’ve loved my time with the Arrow McLaren SP team in IndyCar driving the number seven car and we’ve had some great moments together, including securing pole earlier this year in Texas and coming home P4 in the Indy 500,” he added.

“I’m excited and grateful to be given this opportunity to explore the new options available to utilise my experience to help McLaren start 2023 on the strongest possible footing.”

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10 comments on “Rosenqvist to drive for McLaren in IndyCar or Formula E next year”

  1. All those years in F3 are finally paying off…

    1. I detect sarcasm, but see no reason for it. Most F3 drivers are never able to reach IndyCar, which is the 2nd most prestigious racing series in the world with the single greatest racing event in the world.

      Formula E, although not even remotely as cool as IndyCar, is also up there in money and exposure – after all, that’s why many F1 drivers go as well. Unlike driving in a regional touring car championship, which nobody knows about.

      The pyramid of motor racing is very big.
      Do you know that Rubens Barrichello has not yet finished his racing career? For the last 9 years he’s been competing in the Stock Car Brasil championship. He’s won 2 races this season and is currently 3rd in the standings. You didn’t know that, did you? And that’s still probably the middle of the said pyramid.

    2. Got to be honest Felix got more hype and drives than 5 solid prospects put together.

  2. He’s really turning his season around. Hopefully he’s not cast to the boredom of FE.

  3. Rosenqvist to FE, Ricciardo to IndyCar and O’Ward to F1

    1. I’d love to see it

    2. Actually feel like RIC would enjoy Indy, not sure about O’Ward in F1 though

  4. It is clear that McLaren have given up on F1, given how bad the car is. It is remarkable that Zak Brown has kept his job

    1. They haven’t gave up on the season, and he’s a master of getting sponsors.

    2. EB (@ebchicago)
      24th June 2022, 0:20

      I remember McLaren as an almost bare car before Brown took over. Now Google’s plastered all over it and they just signed Goldman Sachs in addition to about 20 other sponsors. The idea that Zac Brown is failing at his job is crazy.

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