Caption Competition 188: He’s got a brand new combine harvester

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Valtteri Bottas has been driving a very different machine to his usual Alfa Romeo C42. He tried out this combine harvester during a visit to the WhistlePig farm in Shoreham, Vermont ahead of last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

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64 comments on “Caption Competition 188: He’s got a brand new combine harvester”

  1. It ways how much? Wow that’s a few Kg’s lighter than a F1 car.

    1. Weighs, not ways ….. oh for an edit button :(

    2. RocketTankski
      25th June 2022, 16:36

      The wheat has increased, and also the size. There’s barley enough room to pass these cars on track

      1. he usual amaizing response.
        Will it fit through the Monaco Tunnel?

  2. Valtteri tries out the new special edition Alfalfa Romeo

    1. 😂 Gotta be one of the funniest captions I’ve read here ever.

  3. Valtteri starts his transition from Formula One driver to porridge entrepreneur.

  4. After a thorough analysis of the 2001 Montoya incident and years of development, FIA tests a new anti-deer device for F1 cars.

  5. “Yep, he’s gonna have to start at the back with so many new components”

    1. Made me laugh out loud – thanks

  6. Acknowledging his own inability to overtake, Valtteri lines up on the grid with a different mentality.

  7. Derek Edwards
    25th June 2022, 9:16

    “Valtteri, you have a warning for excessive sheaving on the straights…”

  8. All together now!

    I drove my tractor round your racetrack last night (ooh aah ooh aah)
    I threw me pitchfork at Freitas and Wittich to keep quiet (ooh aah ooh aah)

    Now something’s telling me
    That you’m avoiding me
    Come on now darling you’ve got the speed I need.

    Cuz I got a brand new combine harvester
    An’ I’ll give Zhou a key
    Come on now let’s get together
    In perfect harmony.

    I am over thirty
    An’ Zhou is twenty three
    Now I got a brand new combine harvester
    An’ I’ll give Zhou the key…

    1. Excellent!

  9. Adjusted my ride height, but still porpoising like hell in this thing!

  10. RocketTankski
    25th June 2022, 9:24

    “It’s a natural evolution of the Halo and Aeroscreen, with better visibility and crash structures.”
    Valtteri gets behind the wheel of F1’s “Concept Future Safety” test car

  11. RocketTankski
    25th June 2022, 9:40

    F1’s drive to recruit new manufacturers was a huge success.
    Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and John Deere have all lined up to join F1.

  12. RocketTankski
    25th June 2022, 9:56

    Mercedes gave me a Dear John. Alfa have given me a John Deere!

    1. Excellent :)

  13. There were all sorts of rumours going around the paddock when Valtteri being seen test driving a world famous brand painted in British Racing Green.

    1. [Sigh] … Valtteri was seen …

  14. At least its more reliable than the Ferrari engine

  15. Alfa Romeo promised a good enough machine to harvest new achievements, though it was not exactly what Valteri expected

  16. I’m getting ‘graining’ at the front.

      1. Lol yeah

  17. Valtteri promised not to go for the Fastest Lap … until he looked in his mirrors and saw a truck chasing him.

  18. Bottas’ audition for the role of ‘The Stig’ wasn’t reaping dividends

  19. Bottas is testing the new engine formula based on bio fuels and maximum harvesting.

  20. Between races, Bottas assumes his secret identity, and becomes an Ukrainian Farmer.

  21. Valtteri recently got to drive a 2009 Sauber, and realised what Niki Lauda meant when he said it looked like a combine harvester.

  22. Bottas Mowing Service upgrades ready for Austria return.

  23. Unconviced by his previous years driving the WCC, Valteri needed a new reference to evalute his 2022’s car performance.

  24. Aha! If he had a New Holland combine harvester he would be on pole, and first out of the field!

  25. He didn’t think his MGU-K was strong enough so he went and found the ultimate way harvest energy.

    1. hahahaha

  26. Fred Fedurch
    25th June 2022, 14:15

    Well, that answers Crofts question “Have you ever driven a combine harvester”. Valteri can emphatically say yes.

  27. Forget the F1 WDC , if this passes scrutineering I am going after Stirling Moss’s lawn mower racing records.

  28. Let’s see Hamilton squeeze me going into a corner now.

  29. No Valtteri, you’re supposed to give them a good thrashing not threshing!

  30. The unfortunate consequence of the new ride height TD.

  31. “…Yes dad I’m wearing a helmet, no dad we are not stealing apples from the neighbours… what noice.. uhm we are cutting grass dad… no don’t tell mom dad…”

  32. Terminator 2 music plays, who will survive ? Leclerc or Verstappen? Stay tuned for the next episode of…

  33. Electroball76
    25th June 2022, 15:34

    Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

  34. F1 is responding to Netflix’s demands for better views of the drivers in action.

  35. Mr Scallywag
    25th June 2022, 16:26

    So like Hungary again?

  36. Oh Deere, Bottas is taking the “I’ll drift anything for you” challenge

  37. It’s not easy being green. But John Deere green makes it easier

  38. With wet weather forecast, Valtteri gets some practice sticking to the rye line

  39. Alfa Romeo driving simulator. No wonder they are this slow and taking a long time to finish the race.

  40. Valtteri in this lap please. We have seen a deer. Come in and box please. Come in and box.

  41. You said use more harvesting!

  42. That’s what I call ground effect!

  43. Following internal discussions regarding a team restructure at Alfa Romeo, Valteri took his request to help separate the wheat from the chaff rather too literally.

    1. I wish I hadn’t posted this one now. a bit of an embarrassing effort compared to the likes of @sonnycrockett , RocketTankski, tielemst and others.

      1. RocketTankski
        26th June 2022, 8:44

        It’s a fine effort, don’t worry about it :-)
        Any positive contribution is a good contribution at the end of the day. Have an awesome weekend!

  44. Bottas on his search for his much-needed lucky four-leaf clover

  45. Bottas asked to test out F1’s next generation aero package.

    Evidently furniture will be allowed again.

  46. Bottas was ready to plough through the field

  47. Can’t be beaten in the corn-ers.

  48. “Valtteri switch to mode 3. We need you to harvest more on this lap.”

  49. In secret test, Bottas asked to drive the new Silverstone upgrade package for Mercedes. Says it’s an improvement.

  50. I’ve always wanted to start an F1 “Farm Team” and now’s my chance!

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