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Silverstone ‘should suit Mercedes slightly more’ – Russell

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In the round-up: George Russell is cautiously optimistic about Mercedes’ chances at his home race this weekend.

In brief

Russell hopeful Mercedes will be stronger at Silverstone

Silverstone looks like being a better venue for Mercedes, says Russell, but he’s taking nothing for granted.

“I’d like to think the high-speed nature should suit us slightly more,” he said after last week’s race. “But there’s no guarantees.

“Every single track we’ve gone to has sort of thrown an unknown at us, and we’re facing different issues every single race weekend. So I’d like to think we’ll be more competitive, but I really don’t know.”

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Comment of the day

This weekend’s Caption Competition yielded an excellent crop of captions, but after separating the wheat from the chaff this from @Ninjabadger was our favourite:

“Valtteri switch to mode 3. We need you to harvest more on this lap.”

Many thanks to everyone who joined in, and a special mention to Robbie, Sonny Crockett, Stephen Crowsen, RocketTankski, Tielemst and Cyberaxiom for their great contributions.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Dan N, Gdog and Melody!

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37 comments on “Silverstone ‘should suit Mercedes slightly more’ – Russell”

  1. No news from the Goodwood Festival of speed??
    The new Shoutout record that was set was MIND BLOWING!!!

    1. Well, the Mansell snippet was ‘some’ news from Goodwood.

      Great caption. I probably marked it down a little in my mind as it was the last of several using a similar theme, however to be fair it was the best of those.

      Very happy for Mr Wickens.

      1. And Mansell said he wanted George and Lewis win Silverstone ….. should be easy with their upgrades.

    2. That is bonkers. That wall section was be super scary at a hundred miles an hour. Its so rare to see someone give it full beans at Goodwood, I think I now know why.

    3. Coventry Climax
      28th June 2022, 0:11

      And then there’s still people that think speed can’t be achieved without big noise.
      To be honest, I do love a decent V12. But, equally honest, this thing sounds way better than the current F1’s do.

  2. Well, Sebastian. I’d like to have a discussion with you directly.

    1. You already started on the wrong place ;)

  3. Uh oh…. Another Bernie quote….
    Standby – incoming rants imminent.

    1. Anyone with any sense stopped listening to Bernie many years ago, when the senility got too much.

      1. Exactly @sham. That describes my level of interest in Bernies ramblings whenever he can get someone to write them down.

    2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Daily Mail should be a banned source.

      1. Especially for F1 news. +1000

    3. Nah, that era is gone when he could make waves with such comments… Nowadays, Bernie is an old fool who tries to spew divisive and controversial opinions, but nobody cares anymore. He’s done

      1. I care.
        People’s responses to his comments are more entertaining than F1.

    4. I think at this point he just trolls the F1 community with his comments.

    5. S speaking of Seb and anonymous online people. You should create an account. Are you running away from the replies? Anyone can post as S. I could start tr0llling you by posting under S.
      I love Bernie still sharper than his critics.

      1. I come here most days and sift through replies to my comments. Nothing to be afraid of, @peartree. I enjoy a bit of back and forth.
        Even if I did create an account, I’d still be exactly as anonymous as I am now. Unlike Vettel, I don’t live a highly public life – although, for his pay, I’d be content to put up with it for a while.

        Yeah, someone else has been posting as ‘S’. Not much I can do about that. Keith could make it so that no screen name could be used with a different email account, but clearly he hasn’t done that.
        Still, some registered users post both with and without being logged in. No different really.
        You could do that, and it would be a bit of fun, wouldn’t it ;) Imagine what everyone else would think if ‘I’ start having a conversation with ‘myself’…

        I love Bernie still sharper than his critics.

        Absolutely. He knows exactly how to press people’s buttons.
        Love him or hate him, F1 would be a totally different world without him. That alone deserves a certain amount of respect.

        1. The problem is that I rely on replies to check messages such as the one you have just left.

  4. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    27th June 2022, 6:03

    Who are these people? They are people just like you Sebastian, expressing an opinion on a topic. The only difference is they don’t happen to be a famous racing driver.

    1. Yeah everyone can express freely, but unless we know who they are exactly, you can’t seriously suggest anonymous opinions are as equally valuable as Vettel’s.

      Yes it could be an anonymous expert on the subject (in which case his opinion would be more important than Seb’s) but it could also be a high school kid who just read a single article online and thinks he’s smarter than everyone… Judging by the insults and nasty criticism I think we can figure that one out.

      1. All opinions are equally important, @mantresx – as are all the people who have them.
        Not knowing who someone is does not make what they say any less valid.
        If that ‘high school kid’ (or whoever it may be) is providing useful information, only a fool would reject it just because they don’t know who it came from.

        1. In some ideal world, maybe all opinions would be equally important. In the real world :

          1) An anonymous internet commentator has much less skin in the game than a public figure has.
          2) For all we know, any anonymous internet commentator could belong to a troll farm with hidden interests.

          But the above is just the worthless opinion of some anonymous internet commentator !

          1. 1) Doesn’t matter who it is. What is said is always more important than who says it.
            2) Again – doesn’t matter. Almost everything has agendas and motivations behind it. Use your own intuition to determine what is valuable information to you.
            You can’t make an informed decision on anything without well-rounded information from all sides.

            If you think your opinion is worthless, why would you share it in public?
            Opinions may vary in terms of how well informed they are, but are all equally valuable. Some of the best ideas and inventions in human history have come from people who supposedly didn’t know anything about what they were talking about.

  5. I’m usually concerned by Bernie’s quotes but his thoughts on Hamilton seem incredibly grounded, for him. I don’t disagree with much of them, Hamilton does seem to have lost some motivation. We’ve seen him in a funk before but he usually bounces back pretty quickly. This year he seems to have lost some of that determination and will to bounce back. I can see him retiring after this season if he doesn’t find it soon.

    1. I’d be inclined to put him in the same bin that Stewart’s opinions on Hamilton go in: somehow both never like to say positive about him, and eager to be negative which, even if there’s some insider knowledge Bernie might have, means their interpretation of things is likely slanted negatively @antnz; in addition to: bernie being bernie.

      1. Many people have their own negative slant on comments from Bernie and Stewart, don’t they, @bosyber
        If you look for negativity, you’ll find it because you want it to be there.

        1. With Stewart, we don’t have to look for negativity as it’s always there. That makes his comments irrelevant a bit like a Liverpool fan not forever moaning about Man U.

    2. @antznz I’ve got full confidence in him in any case.
      He’ll certainly honor his current 2-year commitment until next year’s end.

    3. @antznz I don’t agree on Hamilton, actually. The experimental setups and so on suggest a driver who is absolutely determined to get the team back on top; yes, he is being outperformed by Russell at the moment, but maybe George is just that good, rather than Lewis “lacking motivation” or whatever (I remember that excuse being used about Kimi Raikkonen a lot, and he ended up hanging around in F1 longer than anybody else).

      Wolff’s over-effusive praise of Hamilton after his Montreal podium does not suggest a team boss who is getting tired of his driver, either.

    4. Bernie’s a hoot. Some bits he says are correct – I too think he overdid the back pain routine.

      However, anyone who can drive like he did at Barcelona hasn’t “lost Barcelona”.

  6. Nothing wrong with online criticism. Yes, face-to-face would be better, but people have a right to voice their opinion however they wish or is suitable for them.

    BE at his best once again.

    Nice reading on Seidl’s motorsport career. He’s among the best current TPs.

  7. Rubbish from Bernie, Rubbish from the Grauniad – are some of these links here just to fill space? If its a quiet day, then let it be a quiet day.

  8. Bernie is not an insider to Mercedes. He would like to think so but he has always been anti lewis and pro vettel.maybe even a racist… I remember on 1 of the recent race walks befor the race a question was asked and the man couldn’t even put together a decent response. So i take nothing he says seriously. He knows less than he used to.

  9. Ecclestone is baselessly rambling again. At least Seb is actually right in what he says about slogans.

  10. Wow the responses to the caption competition were fantastic! Well done people, and glad it’s still going on the site.

  11. Bottad radioes his team
    “I’m having a deja-vu. I’m on a green lavish valley and all of the sudden I hear a loud screech on my left, I turn my head and I swear, I see JPM on a williams, weird”.

  12. Coventry Climax
    28th June 2022, 0:39

    GB3 to me proves 2 things:
    1) a permanent, dedicated circuit is so much better than a street circuit
    2) DRS sucks

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