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Alfa Romeo aim to start run of double points finishes at Silverstone

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In the round-up: Alfa Romeo expect to be “fighting at the top of the midfield” in the coming races.

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Alfa Romeo looking for double points finish again at Silverstone

Alfa Romeo head of trackside engineering Xevi Pujolar believes both drivers can fight for points at the British Grand Prix after both finished in the top 10 at Montreal.

“I think we can expect to be fighting at the top of the midfield,” said Pujolar. “We need to see, I don’t know if some teams will bring some packages in Silverstone, but so far I would say that we’ve been pretty consistent all the tracks and different types of tracks and different types of aero efficiency as well.

“So for the next couple of races, we expect to be fighting at the top of the midfield; Alpine, McLaren and see if we can get some more points.”

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu both scored points at the last race, which was the first time the team had done so since the opening round.

“Double points, that’s our targets,” Pujolar confirmed. “We are in a position that we want to be in Q3 with both cars and that’s the way then we can fight solid races, against Alpine first.”

Thermal management “critical” for Formula E teams at Marrakech Eprix

Venturi’s Lucas di Grassi, one of only two FE drivers to have competed in every round since the series’ inception, says staying on top of the punishing temperatures will be essential in Morocco, where air temperatures are expected to be in excess of 32C.

“Since the beginning of the season we have shown that we have strong race pace but Marrakech will be very hot so the correct thermal management of the car, tyres and batteries will be critical to unlocking success during the race this weekend.”

Teams and drivers struggled with overwhelming temperatures and humidity during Formula E’s previous round in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conditions can affect cars’ energy recovery as motors and batteries rapidly switch between charging and discharging.

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Comment of the day

While F1 and the FIA condemned the racism Lewis Hamilton faced recently, @Bosyber asks why the specifics of who had used the language was absent from their statements:

One thing these statements do not do, is name Piquet, or say that using a slur against someone is a racist thing to do per se; instead they talk about Hamilton merits, which is okay in itself, but it shouldn’t be the point that he’s too good a guy to be racist to it seems to me.

They also don’t ask for anything to be done or changed to help prevent others from being racist. So they are in themselves a bit underwhelming for an issue that apparently goes back to a November interview that resurfaced now.

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9 comments on “Alfa Romeo aim to start run of double points finishes at Silverstone”

  1. @Bosyber makes a very good point in the CotD: Racist comments are never acceptable, independent of what the other person has achieved.

  2. Let me be the first on this comment page to acknowledge CotD with a statement condemning what Nelson Piquet Snr said. Racial abuse aimed at anyone is unacceptable, but coming from a man who still holds influence in some quarters (even amongst some stewards it seems) it is even more abhorrent.
    But he has form for this kind of thing, so it should almost be expected that he is a bigot and he should be removed from any event related to racing because of his discrimination – not just racial, but pretty much every minority you can think of.

    I call on all, but especially those closest to him – this means you, Max – to condemn this man and help force him and those who think like him out of all Motorsport.

  3. Similar weather & surface conditions to race day, so FIA would’ve probably been equally afraid.

    COTD makes a valid point, although the Piquet name avoidance is probably a deliberate act to not give him any recognition.

    1. Yeah, let’s hope that’s the reason @jerejj, though it also makes it a very vague statement for someone who didn’t already know what was up, and it would also be ignoring that subsequent discussion is bound to name names anyway. But good point.

  4. You really do make a good point in the CotD there @bosyber. First of all, yes, regardless of how much Hamilton is a great guy, even if he would not be, rasicm is never ok.

    As for the calling out of piquet, I guess what @jerejj mentions above might be a big part of the reasoning behind it.

  5. And we’ll gloss over that silverstone race. #getyourprioritiesatraight.
    I think it is depressing that a pr debacle Is being weaponized, it takes away from the original intent. It was a bad choice of words by piquet, just that, nothing more.

    1. Well, even Horner managed to say, in time, that Silverstone didn’t merit racial and other abuse from fans @peartree (appropriate name chance by the way).

  6. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    29th June 2022, 13:31

    The timing (in the week leading to the GP at Silverstone) of a quote being made a year ago is still rather curious. We know from Bernie that Lewis’ PR pays for certain media coverage, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s more than a coincidence.

    Of course that doesn’t mean what Piquet said is defendable by any means, but I feel like digging this up and puting so much attention to it (on a has-been, dementing old man) is normal either.

    The Vips-incident, seeing as for it occured recently, I can understand completely. Piquet, not so much.

    1. @barryfromdownunder Indeed.
      I’m surprised Piquet’s remark only saw the light recently rather than back in November.

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