Latifi won’t have updated Williams at next race either

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Nicholas Latifi says the upgrade Williams have brought for his team mate’s car this weekend won’t be available for both cars at the next race.

Alexander Albon will run Williams’ updated sidepods for the first time in practice today.

Latifi said Albon got the upgrades first due to “championship position”. Albon has scored all of Williams’ three points so far this year.

“I think it’s a fairly standard thing when upgrades are available only for one car,” said Latifi, “so I’m not surprised that the upgrades on his car.

“Obviously from my side I would have liked there to be two sets of upgrades, especially as it’s our first upgrade of the season. From where we started it has felt like quite a long time because it was clear we were not where we wanted to be performance-wise.

“So we were just patiently waiting, patiently waiting. For sure it would have been nice to have two sets but I just need to be a bit more patient on my side.”

Williams have given the drivers “a very broad range and potential time” gain from the new bodywork, said Latifi. “We just really have to see what it’s going to bring.”

Williams, Silverstone, 2022
Report: Williams’ new Red Bull-esque sidepod design is a “much-needed upgrade” – Albon
Albon described the new upgrade as being similar in philosophy to Red Bull’s design. Latifi said “it is a sizable difference visually.”

“The two cars will look different. Even though it’s not on my car, I’m hopeful that it’s going to be quite a big difference.”

However he will have to wait at least one more race before he can run it. “I think in a few races I’m supposed to get it,” said Latifi. “It won’t be the next race either, which is obviously a little bit frustrating from a driving side of things.

“But I’m going to be watching with a keen eye to see what it brings to the other car. Hopefully there’s a relative closure in performance to the next gap of cars, because I know there’s a few other cars here as well bringing some upgrades, we’ll have to wait and see.”

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    1. This says it all he is now just a compare measure so they can understand the new concept.

    2. Hahahahahaha I died when I saw this photo and a headline 🤣 😂 !

      This is 100% meme photo!

      1. No, nicholas, you will not have the upgrades!

      2. Coming into the last race, “We’re working flat out to get you those upgrades this week, Nick. But we can’t make any guarantees.

    3. Given the budget constraints and the sheer scope of what they changed, it is not a big surprise that Williams is not able to field the changes on both cars for now. But it is quite clear how important he is to the team that he doesn’t get it. Fully expect this to be his last year.

      1. I mean.. the way he’s driving.. I think he should consider himself lucky that he hasn’t been replaced already. Getting upgrades is a distant dream for him.

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