Carlos Sainz Jr, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2022

2022 British Grand Prix grid

2022 British Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has taken provisional pole position for the British Grand Prix for Ferrari ahead of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

Row 11. (55) Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’40.983
Ferrari F1-75
2. (1) Max Verstappen 1’41.055
Red Bull RB18
Row 23. (16) Charles Leclerc 1’41.298
Ferrari F1-75
4. (11) Sergio Perez 1’41.616
Red Bull RB18
Row 35. (44) Lewis Hamilton 1’41.995
Mercedes W13
6. (4) Lando Norris 1’42.084
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
Row 47. (14) Fernando Alonso 1’42.116
Alpine-Renault A522
8. (63) George Russell 1’42.161
Mercedes W13
Row 59. (24) Zhou Guanyu 1’42.719
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
10. (6) Nicholas Latifi 2’3.095
Williams-Mercedes FW44
Row 611. (10) Pierre Gasly 1’43.702
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
12. (77) Valtteri Bottas 1’44.232
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C42
Row 713. (22) Yuki Tsunoda 1’44.311
AlphaTauri-Red Bull AT03
14. (3) Daniel Ricciardo 1’44.355
McLaren-Mercedes MCL36
Row 815. (31) Esteban Ocon 1’45.190
Alpine-Renault A522
16. (23) Alexander Albon 1’42.078
Williams-Mercedes FW44
Row 917. (20) Kevin Magnussen 1’42.159
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
18. (5) Sebastian Vettel 1’42.666
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22
Row 1019. (47) Mick Schumacher 1’42.708
Haas-Ferrari VF-22
20. (18) Lance Stroll 1’43.430
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR22

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26 comments on “2022 British Grand Prix grid”

  1. I’m happy for Sainz, although race pace is another matter. Latifi did well until Q3.

  2. petebaldwin (@)
    2nd July 2022, 16:08

    I’ll say it – that was a million times better than a sprint race!

    1. Only cos it was wet?

    2. I’ll say it – a sprint race in those conditions would have been pretty decent too.

  3. Latifi – lol!!!!

  4. @petebaldwin Every weekend run to the proper format is a billion times better than the silly sprint.

    If we had the silly sprint gimmick this weekend we’d have had a dry qualifying.

    1. RandomMallard
      2nd July 2022, 17:11

      @roger-ayles Yeah, but more importantly, we would have had a wet sprint right? ;-) /s

      Agree though, this was much better than last year’s completely uneventful sprint.

  5. Good job by Carlos!

    Anyone beaten by Nicky in the old Williams should probably look for a second career elsewhere.

    Especially dreadful today: Daniel, the Aston Martins, and the young Mr Schumacher.

    1. Ocon wasn’t great either. 3 seconds off Alonso in Q2.

      1. Agreed 👍

      2. @jabr
        Ocon has been beaten by Alonso in qualy with huge gaps since Monaco. Though he managed to keep a low profile hoping the storm would pass because he is usually very talkative when things aren’t going his way by putting the blame on anything but himself..

      3. You forget Bottas being humiliated by Zhou

    2. The young Schumi was about on par with KMag, until the last lap from Kevin, so I would say it’s more a Haas issue than a Mick issue.
      Qualifying in the rain is more than pure driving fast. You also need to be in the right place at the right moment. Even being behind a train of cars can get you a small advantage, due to a drier line, until you get a yellow flag or lack visibility.

      1. The story i heard is that a part of mags steering rod was incomplete with very bad setup as a result.

        1. That is what apparently happened on Mick Schumacher’s Haas.

  6. Exciting qualifier. Zhou Guyanyu deserves a special mention.

    1. It was an impressive showing, especially considering the one lap pace Bottas has shown at the track in previous years.

  7. Great qualifying, in difficult situations. Seems the British don’t like the dancing moves of Verstappen much, or was it something else? If Lewis were to be boo-ed like that in Spa or Zandvoort, all hell would break loose here about racists and unsportsmanship… Mirror time, lads!

    1. You can condemn today’s booing without dragging in Lewis and racism. Grow up.

  8. I wonder if the Mercedes sacrificed additional downforce which they’d need in the wet condition for a gambled ‘dry race setup’? Or are the cars allowed to change their setup in parc ferme to suit dryer conditions?

    1. Mercedes were already slower in top speed in the dry yesterday so perhaps carrying more wing than the top four. They can’t change that now. In Canada they split their set ups high drag and low drag and while low drag (Hamilton) was faster in the dry they both got smoked in the race.

  9. What on earth is going on at Aston-martin?

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