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Rate the race: 2022 British Grand Prix

2022 British Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the British Grand Prix.

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95 comments on “Rate the race: 2022 British Grand Prix”

  1. If not for the damage to Verstappen, a 9. If not for Ferrari tactics, a 10.

    1. What tactics, allowing a fair between their drivers, in the end burrying the chances of their WDC and giving the win to an outsider like SAI…. the way they did with VET and RAI?!? Better mention RBR, ’cause it’s obvious PER is just another BOT.

      1. *fair fight

      2. petebaldwin (@)
        3rd July 2022, 17:31

        It’s been quite a few years since anyone won the WDC without a support driver in place. 2016 was the last one and that was only because there was only 1 team capable of winning.

      3. To be honest, would the result be that different though had they swapped the Ferraris earlier – Leclerc did not immediately drive away from Sainz after being let past either. And Leclerc would still have been first on the road at the SC and that is where he lost the race win, indeed due to Ferrari strategy.

        But at that point, had they pitted Leclerc, he would have been behind both Hamilton and Sainz, since both of those would have stayed out, hard to tell who would have passed whom, in that, with Perez in that mix as well off course.

        1. Imagine they hadn’t swapped Leclerc, he might have been the one winning due to being the one pitting.

          I think @bascb is right, the SC didn’t help Leclerc, but he also wasn’t clearly faster either (maybe due to the contact in the early phase); sure being behind Sainz in dirty air didn’t help his tyres, but I also tend to think he may have used his hard tyres a bit much early on in that stint too, he seemed not very composed and quite aggressive which doesn’t help these tyres.

        2. @Bascb Why do you think Mercedes would have left Hamilton out? It didn’t really matter to them whether one, both or neither Ferrari pitted – putting Hamilton on softs was the best call. Staying on used hards (despite being newer than Leclerc’s) would have left Hamilton a sitting duck to anyone behind him on new softs, just as we saw with Leclerc.

          1. Hamilton had tyres only a handful of laps old. And he could get track position.

          2. Yeah I have to agree with @scbriml here. Merc wanted the win, sure, but they did not have an equal car. Switching to softs was the best call for Merc regardless of what the Ferraris did. And not pitting Leclerc was a mistake.

          3. @bascb Yes, but everyone behind him would then be on fresh softs and the warm-up of the hards would take too long. I believe he would have been overtaken by both Ferraris and Perez as well if they’d all switched to softs but Hamilton stayed on hards.

    2. A mess of a race, I felt it was meant to be for Lewis but somehow Per

      1. Perez made sure Ham was not winning. Ocon’s stoppage is unbelievable, and it had to be Ocon. Ferrari’s strategists did not watch abu dhabi 2021, less I say about them the better. Max was unlucky, leclerc robbed again, Hamilton was snatched by Perez, in the end somehow, a driver that put in a safe lap in Q, benefitted from the red flag, benefitted from the SC, was slower than his team mate in spite of benefitting from a sound car managed to win. How lucky can you be?

        1. @peartree Yet, isn’t it amazing to watch luck manifesting?

          1. @ferrox-glideh certainly amazing definitely not awesome, more incredible.

  2. Exciting race overall, but especially the last ten laps.

    1. Best race in years imo. First time I’ve pulled out a 10/10. New car concept proving its worth. This is why we shouldn’t be adding more street circuits.

  3. Incredible race apart from lap 1. I have no idea why ferrari do this to themselves though. Verstappen handed this to them on a silver platter then they end up letting their drivers race, great fun to watch but they favoured the wrong car and let Hamilton join in who was closing fast before Ocon’s safety car. In the end Ver loses only 6 points to Leclerc. Ferrari need to learn from this

    1. Did anyone notice the 2021 intro today with Raikonnen and Mazepin in the credits?

    2. Yeah, don’t get it either. Don’t know why they did not call LEC in the pits intantly, a car stopped on the pit straight is a SC period 110%.

      1. Yeah. If They pitted both cars the only real risk was losing position to Hamilton which on newer softs they should have been able to deal with. It’s great for Sainz but their only priority should have been maximising points for Lec compared with Ver. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see Sainz win and a 3rd team join the championship but this made no sense for Ferrari for their championship hopes

  4. A solid 9/10 for me. Awesome race!

  5. Great race, baffling Ferrari decision again. At this point I’m assuming they are doing it on purpose to make the races exciting. Because otherwise I don’t know… in there for the lolz or what?

  6. Was that the best British GP ever?

    1. Definitely.

    2. @x1znet @spafrancorchamps the race was pure cringe, just drama after drama. Best British GP might be Mansell v Piquet.

      1. @peartree The best British GP, also with just drama after drama, and then with John Watson smiling, was held in 1981 :) , and I would have given that a 10/10 too.
        Are you not entertained?

        1. Clowns can be entertaining too, but Formula 1 is supposed to be motor*sport*.

          While the end of the race with 5 cars (ok maybe just 3 in reality) fighting for second place was good to watch, the endless radio messages at Ferrari over who is faster, while targeting lap times and managing tyres was tiring. They didn’t even let them fight properly, they let them ‘debate’.

          Silverstone is a good track and it delivered again, but does this edition come even close to last year’s race? I don’t get the super high ratings on this one. A decent 7 or great 8 is more realistic imho.

    3. That is probably 1998 or 2008 (wet races!), but was certainly a very good one.

  7. Awesome race, pretty strange decisions from the Ferrari pit wall as per usual, probably should’ve been a 1-2 for them.

  8. I rarely vote on these but wow what a race, 10 on 10 for me, had a bit of everything, just really great, and obviously enjoyable only because Zhou was ok after that horrendous looking crash.

  9. 10. Not only did we have the start drama and some interesting strategies but some of the closest, most spectacular, racing I’ve seen in ages.

    Leclerc getting the place back on Hamilton at the end was unbelievable and just one of many.

  10. petebaldwin (@)
    3rd July 2022, 17:29

    I gave it a 9/10. An 8 race with a +1 for having proper commentary instead of Croft.

  11. I think Leclerc will be furious with Ferrari. They have a knack of snatching defeat from jaws of victory. Even though Sainz won today, from driver’s championship perspective they have a lost a lot of points.

    1. Did you see Binotto pointing his finger at Leclerc? He was clearly very angry with Charles!

      1. How come?

        1. I think he was being stern rather than angry @mg1982 and @spafrancorchamps, probably along the lines of ‘we will discuss behind close doors, later, now put a brave face on it while Carlos celebrates a win for us, and his first in F1’ Sure, lots to discuss for them afterwards.

  12. Why did they not pit Leclerc. Brundle on air said Leclerc had 11 seconds to decide

    1. They did everything they could do to make sure Sainz won the race, today.

      1. Not that they wanted that offcourse but just Ferrari tactical team who failed…

  13. I would give it a 11/10 if it were possible. It would have been a 0.0 after 3 laps, but seeing Guanyu on his feet…
    Great race from Perez, Lewis, Mick and Leclerc. What a clusterf*k from Ferrari to forget bringing Charles in when he was in front with the oldest hard tires of the group…

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd July 2022, 17:39

      The only explanation I can think of is that Lewis had new hards on. Maybe they thought he would stay out and with the damage Leclerc had, he would t be able to get round him?

      It was the wrong decision either way but that’s the only logical reason I can think of.

      1. Yes, I am sure that had Leclerc pitted, Hamilton would have stayed out for track position. Sainz might have stayed out too (although he had pretty old tyres) @petebaldwin. At that point it is hard to say how things would have ended up at the restart with Perez right behind Leclerc on new softs trying to take Sainz and Hamilton on hards. Could well have been a Hamilton win then.

        1. petebaldwin (@)
          3rd July 2022, 17:51

          Could have been. For me, if you stay out on old hards, you’ve lost the race. If you pit, you might lose the race so you’ve got to gamble.

          1. @petebaldwin completely agree. It has happened many times, some of them very memorable. I don’t know why the lesson keeps being forgotten…

        2. I partillally agree. HAM would do opposite to LEC and FErrari would pit SAI anyway. For HAM, keep on hards would be a valid bet: he was third, could fight LEC on older hards and SAI didnt looked like a fast driver today. At worst, HAM would finish third – PER almost disdnt passed LEC. It is definitely the only way to fathom what Ferrari was thinking. Not pitting/doulbe stacking SAI would ruin his race, but Ferrari ruined the chances for their only championship contender. I am starting to believe that SAI will fight for 5th in the WDC with RUS.

        3. Had Lewis stayed out on his new hards, and gotten the lead from Charles, he would’ve been chewed an spit out in the first lap after DRS activation. The Mercedes has improved a lot, but not enough to overcome a 2 seconds tire advantage. So, no, Lewis would’ve gone for a new set of softs too. Leaves Carlos in a difficult situation: to double stack or not? I would’ve chosen for double stacking, due to the gap they had. And Carlos could “chose” the speed to enter the pits to create a 10 second gap to Leclerc.
          Anyway, There is a big I in Sainz, and he proved this quite a few times during this race: Remember, the pit-wall asked Carlos to increase the pace early on, and at the restart to leave a 10 car lengths gap to Leclerc, which he refused. Sainz could’ve kept the Mercedes and Redbull behind by creating a gap to Leclerc in the slow corners using the full width of his car to defend, and closing the gap to Leclerc where needed. He chose to overtake on the first opportunity instead. I think Charles and Ferrari will take note of this…

  14. Best race this year by far.

  15. Horner Silverstone 2021- Its impossible for 2 cars to go through copse side by side

    Leclerc Silverstone 2022- Hold my Beer

    1. More like Hamilton learning to hit the apex and not understeer into the car outside…
      Also different car specs

      1. Bingo.
        Hamilton didn’t enter the corner so fast this time, enabling him to actually maintain his inside line.
        Given that he also made it through side-by-side last year (mid-race with someone else) it just further reinforces how much at fault Hamilton was in the Verstappen incident.

  16. 9 / 10, if only the battle for 1st was like the one for 2nd, 3rd, 4th

    And the DRS trains, the current formula is so good allowing close racing thru corners, but fails to facilitate overtakes, as we’ve seen this season on the long straights. But that’s not on the drivers.

    Oh hell, 10/10

  17. Ruined by another fake safety car

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd July 2022, 17:49

      “Ruined” is an interesting choice of words… I’m not sure about “fake” either. There was a car stopped on the straight – what should they have done instead!?

      1. 1 – really not fake. If there was a open on the wall near, it could be a VSC. But on today’s guidelines, machines on track call for a full on SC.
        2 – I do not shared the sentiment that the SC ruined the thing, but I would be fun(nier) to see what HAM could do on green flag – SAI was certainly at risk and LEC would be a close call. Maybe the SC “rob” us that.
        3 – talking “fairness” in racing is pointless, but I think the “less deserving” driver won today. SAI lost the first start, lost the lead on a error, was slower than LEC and HAM.

        1. The fasterst driver or the fastest car may not always win. That is why motorsport is fascinating.

        2. Yeah, but in the end F1 is not Rally, Drag Racing or Time Attack, therefore the winner is not necessarilly the fastest driver but the one who crosses the line 1st. So, dunno, but calling HAM a deserving winner today seems kinda exaggerated to me. As slow as SAI was today, best HAM could do today was to get close as around 2sec to SAI, overtaking him is another story, although he had more than 10 laps fresher tyres. Given the fight LEC was able to mount against SAI-PER-HAM who were on softer and fresher tyres, I have the feeling the SC prevented a 1-2 for Ferrari, the loser being LEC.

    2. Ocon stopped at before Cops it was really dangerous.

      1. @retroka @petebaldwin @zann fake as in Ocon deliberately parked the car there.

        1. petebaldwin (@)
          3rd July 2022, 18:46

          @peartree – I don’t know what Ocon was doing but I guess he maybe thought he could get it going again… It wasn’t great by Ocon but I think even parking it on the outside would have meant a safetycar.

        2. Why would Ocon deliberately pit there @peartree, apart from that we could clearly, on the feed, see him trying to keep that car running (as he hoped to be able to get it to the pits).

    3. Fake? I don’t think you understand the literal definition of fake. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it fake. There was a car stopped on track that needed to be recovered. Grow up.

  18. A 9 is right about the perfect score

  19. Well I did not see this coming but I had to give it a 10. In comparison to some of the races we have seen in the last few years, this was a brilliant race.

    The racing between the top 4 in the laps immediately after the safety car was some of the best I have seen in the last 10 years. Amazing stuff.

    Another factor which needs to be mentioned is the sensible stewarding today. There were several incidents referred to them today but in most cases they rightly took no action.

    The tactics of Ferrari today seem very questionable. I’m very pleased for Carlos but Charles must be hugely disappointed in the team. They may not have been able to pull Charles into the pits when the call came for the safety car but they definitely should have swapped them around earlier than they did. Ferrari have to a large extent thrown away championship points for Charles today. In the end Charles only got 6 points more than Max in the end. A waste based on poor decision making.

  20. This as best as racing gets. Marvellous.

  21. I liked the racing a lot, but it’s wrong for the SC to have such a big impact. I didn’t like it in Abu Dhabi, I didn’t like it today.

    1. This. The racing was very good, but SC-affected races leave a sour taste. I don’t think there’s appetite for going back to red flags and aggregate timing, so we have to accept SCs eliminating the gaps between cars whenever a VSC isn’t enough. But the “free pit stop” is manifestly unfair and is so easy to address without having to close the pit lane. All that’s needed is a (perhaps circuit-specific) lowered pit Lane speed limit for use during SC and VSC periods. So people are still free to pit, but they should gain or lose unduly

      1. I understand you both’s sentiment, but what really affected the result was FErrari reaction to the SC.
        HAd they pitted LEC, the only difference to what whe had it would be that SAI/PER would fight for 3rd and this only if PER ptited.

  22. Pole to flag win. Procession. I jest! What a fantastic race! I feel for Charlie. He was quicker than Carlos even with wing damage and really would have won if not for Ferrari’s botched call under safety car. Great to see Carlos win a race though. He’s been threatening for a while and then seemed to have a few races in the wilderness so I’m happy to see him back. Great to see Mercedes genuinely contend for victory. Lewis was simply incredible. Such a shame for Max. I’m glad Sergio was able to salvage something for Red Bull from what looked rather a bleak afternoon at around lap 20. And great to see Mick finally snag a few points!

  23. The only way to try to defend Ferrari is the they worried that, while they would pit SAI anyway, Hamilton would do the opposite to Leclerc, and pitting LEC would gave track postion when it was not cerntain the rest of the field would pit.. Apparently HAM would opt to remain on hards. At worst he would have to defend from Sainz on softs – on hards HAM was catching SAI.
    Ironically, passing SAI might have cost LEC the race.
    And, sorry, either SAI find a new gear after July, or Ferrari has only one championship contender this year. He is claerly slower than LEC and, if not for the herculean Ferrari effort to waste LEC drive, SAI would have ended 3rd.

  24. Ryan (@ryannema17)
    3rd July 2022, 17:55

    That was a definite all time classic. One we’ll remember for many years to come. 10!

  25. Finally a 10 for the first time

  26. Fantastic race on an actual race track. These cars actually work as planned on them: they can chase and race. F1 please note and drop the cartoon tracks there just as cash cows.

  27. I rarely rate a race 10/10. But this time, the British GP deserved full marks. Splendid racing with ebbs and flows for several driver throughout the weekend. Well deserved victory for Sainz and it was absolutely crucial to strongly communicate against Ferrari’s wild idea at the final safety car restart. Fantastic drive from Perez on Sunday from the back of the field even as safety cars helped his race. Unfortunately, his teammate and championship leader Verstappen lost points today due to bodywork damage. Hamilton was always knocking on the podium in dry conditions. Again an impressive drive from Norris, unlike Russel who failed to make any mark on this weekend. It will be a close competition between Mclaren and Alpine. Leclerc’s damage made it difficult and the final safety car did not help his race. Good to see Mick Schumacher get his first points.

  28. Neil (@neilosjames)
    3rd July 2022, 18:36

    A rare 10. Didn’t like the way everything turned out (the opening crash, losing Verstappen early, the race for the win being altered by the SC) but overall I loved it, and the quality of the racing and wheel-to-wheel driving was up there with the best I’ve seen. Loved seeing so many drivers taking different lines through corners, trying inventive attacks, setting up moves, etc.

    Maybe not a coincidence that a race like this happened on a proper race track.

    1. Maybe not a coincidence that a race like this happened on a proper race track.

      It happened on this track – it wouldn’t have happened at Imola, Barcelona, or Hungaroring – or many others, for that matter.
      Silverstone’s balance and evenly distributed mix of open and technical sections has always been its strength, no matter which layout they’ve used.

  29. I gave it a 8/10. First time my rating is lower than the average. Great race espescially the last 10 laps but thats it. Good to see Carlos finaly win he desrves a win but did he desrve this one?

  30. 9/10
    I don’t think races can get much better then this in F1.

  31. 9/10. Pretty much the best race and racing you can have in F1 – and in dry conditions!

    Hard to imagine how this could’ve been more exciting. Maybe some changeable weather conditions and a surprise winner (like Norris or Alonso, or someone from further back).

  32. 7/10 due to first lap damage meaning Lec and Ver never had a chance, so it wasn’t a fair representation.

    If not for Lec front wing damage, he would have finished 20+ seconds up the road from slow Sainz. And Ferrari are never going to win a driver championship again if they can’t decide who is their number one driver, even when everyone else knows.

    Great drives by Perez and Alonso, the rest were all a bit messy.

    1. I think they know who their no.1 driver is, their problem for a long time seems to be imposing the orders and/or the no.2 driver playing his role. SAI today obviously did not want to obey any orders and play 2nd to LEC the moment he started to respond agressively to Binotto before the SC-period restart. 2018 Russia was actually worse than 2002 Austria overall because BOT never got that win back, yet it’s not mentioned as a bad moment in motorsport even 1/10 as much as Austria 2002. That’s the result of hiring as no.2 emotional racers from latin countries instead of less emotional drivers from Finland…… for example.

      1. Agree russia 2018 was worse and many people are forgetting that while 2018 wasn’t a dominant season like 2002, at that point the championship was already basically lost for vettel and hence taking away a win from bottas was excessive, on one of the few tracks he usually outperformed hamilton.

  33. Rated it 6/10. The race for the win was less interesting after losing both Red Bull’s early on, and then Ferrari seemed intent to let Hamilton win by somehow doing everything wrong. That’s not exciting, that’s just silly. Also lots of pushing and shoving in the field, which is fun in touring cars but not so much in F1.

    Ocon’s antics might warrant a race ban. Parking an obviously broken car in an obviously dangerous spot doesn’t belong in F1. There was still no need for a full safety car, though, but that has unfortunately become the norm in recent years, and even more so under these race directors who treat F1 like the series they’re used to.

    Safety cars are ruining far too many races, and should only be used when absolutely necessary. It’s high time to bring back proper yellow flags, and simply ban every driver who doesn’t understand them. Grand Prix have always been about strategy as well as sheer pace, and Safety Cars ruin that. If you take the strategic aspect away by these constant neutralizations and resets, F1 might as well have short sprint races on each day of the weekend.

    1. I think Ocon was trying to get to the old pit exit on the other side of copse but the car ran out of steam. If he got there, there definitely wouldn’t have been a need for a safety car. As it was, they definitely did need it. No way I’d leave it to driver discretion with marshals on track to recover a vehicle in a spot like that…

    2. It’s high time to bring back proper yellow flags, and simply ban every driver who doesn’t understand them.

      Yes and yes.

      Grand Prix have always been about strategy as well as sheer pace, and Safety Cars ruin that.

      Safety cars are there for safety – and additionally, fortunately for everyone, also increase the strategic and sporting aspects.
      A ‘neutralisation’ is an opportunity….

  34. Exhilarating race! A lot of unexpected and expected action. Deducted one point for the scary crash from Zhou, though…

  35. Good solid 8.5, a decent race!

  36. I’ve been digging this site since F1Fanatic days, and this is my first 10/10 vote on a race. I gave high marks not just because of the excellent driving standards across plenty of action, not just because of who won, or who almost won, or who lost, but because of the positivity that continues to emerge around this weekend. Ten years ago we would be thinking about funerals after the first lap, and today it’s smiles. What a rollercoaster! Today was a win for the sport and all of it’s fans. The officiating was tested, and responded well. The drivers were tested, and responded very well. I was fully entertained. 10/10

    1. + 1 It was my first 10 as well.

  37. Just went through the ride-along of the Silverstone race. So, Leclerc was already on Vale straight when the SC was announced, while Sainz and Hamilton were approaching Stowe. So, Leclerc had very little time to decide. On the other hand, he had crossed a slowing Ocon himself on the run down to Copse, so he would have known that a VSC / SC could happen. That has to be miss#1.
    Even more bizarrely, Charles had an opportunity to pit even the lap afterwards and come out ahead of Perez in 3rd!! This opportunity was there as Checo pitted and was still going on SC speeds. But Ferrari passed on even that offer. Miss#2.

    A 1-3 could have been converted into 1-2 as Leclerc had some serious speed against Lewis. They could have got a 1-2. Worst case, with top 4 on equal tyres, it would have stayed 1-3. Still better than the 1-4 they managed.

  38. There is a reason why Silvestone is a classic. Races here are awesome. And this race was no exception.
    Now, the radio message to Sainz to keep 10 cars distance to Leclerc before the SC’s exit is serious candidate to the most hilarious message of the year. Shocking stuff. I’m happy that Sainz stood up for himself.

  39. Yet again, we see a race containing a lot of the aspects that people argue against in F1 getting it a high score.
    Full Safety Car, cars out of position, teams unable to perfect their setup and strategy, a sprint race (effectively) toward the end, plenty of assertive racing and a bit of contact, and, of course, a crash…. A pretty big one.

    Thank you for reminding me why I so often don’t agree with stereotypical F1 fans when they say what F1 should be.

    This weekend was one of the better ones over recent decades. Well done, F1.
    I’ll give it an 8.
    Let’s hope for some more rain on Friday and Saturday at other events too….

    1. Raid sunday too, please, it’s been ages there’s not been a race requiring full wet all time!

  40. Really eventful race, that’s the first thing I can think of, with great battles especially for 2nd place towards the end, very unpredictable also, with verstappen getting a puncture and damaging the car for the whole race, as well as the SC gamble, definitely a mistake by ferrari though, there was enough time to react.

    Interesting that sainz got the first pole and win within a couple days and I gave this race 9, would’ve wanted some rain for a 10, but for a dry race that’s as good as it gets I think.

    Curious that the 9s and 10s are pretty much evenly split:

    1 (2%)
    6 (1%)
    7 (3%)
    8 (14%)
    9 (39%)
    10 (40%)
    Total Voters: 270

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