Sargeant grabs first F2 win after lucky escape for Nissany in crash with Hauger

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Logan Sargeant won the Silverstone Formula 2 feature race which began with a dramatic crash involving Dennis Hauger and Roy Nissany.

Williams junior driver Sargeant had claimed his first Formula 2 pole and shared the front row with Vesti. The latter made a very poor start, allowing team mate Théo Pourchaire to immediately claim second place while Vesti slipped out of the top five runners.

Towards the end of lap one Dennis Hauger was forced wide by Roy Nissany on the approach to Club. The Red Bull junior’s car was launched off the sausage kerb and struck Nissany’s car at head height in the cockpit area. Both ended their race in the gravel trap and climbed out of their cars, Nissany having had an especially fortunate escape, while Hauger cradled his left wrist as he emerged.

The Safety Car was deployed at the start of lap two and remained out until the beginning of lap six. Sargeant once again got away with the lead, Pourchaire slotting in behind him and with Sargeant able to pull a one-and-a-half second lead despite Pourchaire setting the fastest lap.

The mandatory pit stops began on lap 10. Vesti pitted from sixth and emerged 14th. Sargeant, who had been warned for abusing track limits, and Pourchaire pitted from the lead a lap later, both emerging in the order they’d gone in.

Felipe Drugovich inherited the lead briefly, before pitting on lap 12. Sargeant and Pourchaire remained the net leaders, while Vips, Jehan Daruvala and Jack Doohan delayed their pit stops and temporarily hit the front.

It soon emerged ART were under investigation for Pourchaire and Vesti’s pit stops. The team has previously been cautioned for failed to lie its tyres flat in the pit lane during pit stops, however the infringement this time seems to be that the team fitted each driver’s tyres to their team mate’s car.

With eight laps to go, Sargeant and Pourchaire still sat in seventh and eighth. The cars ahead, however, were still battling despite not having pitted, Daruvala cutting into Vips’ lead.

Vips finally pitted on lap 22 but Daruvala, who was still setting faster laps than the cars who had pitted for hard tyres earlier, stayed out. Vips came out of the pits in 12th, after a relatively slow stop. Daruvala’s stop on the following lap was also slow, the Prema driver missing his mark, but he was still able to come out in ninth, ahead of Vips.

That left Doohan and Jake Hughes ahead of Sargeant. They pitted on lap 25 but a messy stop for Doohan removed much of the advantage he had built with such a long stint.

Sargeant regained the lead of the race as the final four laps began, but now he had Pourchaire on his tail. Less than a second separated the two, while Lawson had dropped further back from them. Pourchaire wasn’t able to draw within striking distance of Sargeant and followed him home, followed by Lawson and points leader Drugovich.

David Beckmann was issued a 10-second stop-and-go penalty for a starting procedure infringement, forcing him to take his pit stop early in the 29-lap race.

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Formula 2 Great Britain race two results

Position Car Driver
1 6 Logan Sargeant
2 10 Theo Pourchaire
3 5 Liam Lawson
4 11 Felipe Drugovich
5 9 Frederik Vesti
6 8 Juri Vips
7 2 Jehan Daruvala
8 7 Marcus Armstrong
9 3 Jack Doohan
10 24 Jake Hughes
11 22 Enzo Fittipaldi
12 17 Ayumu Iwasa
13 12 Clement Novalak
14 20 Richard Verschoor
15 4 Marino Sato
16 21 Calan Williams
17 14 Olli Caldwell
18 23 Cem Bolukbasi
19 25 David Beckmann
DNF 16 Roy Nissany
DNF 1 Dennis Hauger

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11 comments on “Sargeant grabs first F2 win after lucky escape for Nissany in crash with Hauger”

  1. Will Mr Nissany get a race ban next?

    1. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
      3rd July 2022, 11:33

      Probably, although he wasn’t really to blame for this crash.
      He pushed Hauger wide, but Hauger came back on track in a rather desperate way. He was then launched over the kerbs and into Nissany.

      I’d say the kerb was to blame mostly, then perhaps Hauger for rejoining the track in an unsafe manner.

      1. @barryfromdownunder – Couldn’t agree less. Hauger had absolutely no control after the contact with Nissany as his front suspension was damaged, plus the grass was probably still a bit wet after yesterday’s rain so he wouldn’t have been able to slow the car down. 100% on Nissany.

      2. Um, I think you were watching a different incident.

        Nissany went off track, came back on, squeezed Hauger and didn’t leave a car’s width, Hauger lost his tyre, was on the grass and was a passenger at that point. Hauger had no choice as to how, when or whether he came back on track.

        100% Nissany’s fault. I’m very pleased that he didn’t get injured as a result, and also pleased that the one Hauger ended up running in to was the instigator of the incident and not an innocent third party.

        I should point out I wouldn’t wish the incident on Nissany either. He made a mistake in his actions, but nobody deserves injury.

        And yes, I hope Nissany’s daddy stops needlessly funding an F2 career that will never go anywhere, and that FIA stewards hand out an appropriate punishment.

      3. Hauger couldn’t do anything other than apply the brakes, which the lock up shows he did and hard, but with a deflated tyre on the right front he was a passenger.

        I feel like sausage kerbs need explained to me, why do we have them? Whether it’s Abbie Eaton, or Hauger getting launched at head height into Nissany, or Peroni at Monza who is probably still orbiting the earth right now *Elon might not need rockets. Do they make racing safer? Because it seems they don’t. And there isn’t even that many of them on racetracks around the world, but they’re responsible for the scariest incidents.

    2. Surely! I feel like it’s not the first time I’ve asked myself this but seriously, what was he thinking? In a way, I’m glad he was the one who got collected by Hauger rather than taking out a completely innocent driver. Nissany was driving like he was on the playstation with penalties turned off just for fun… Also, will we see changes to the sausage kerbs before the GP? Launching cars at head height is definitely not ideal…

      1. @tommy-c i feel like we keep seeing these incidents with sausage curbs and still they stay… Its usually the lower categories that have these crashes and it feels like because its not happening in F1, nothing gets done. I suspect eventually they will go but I feel its going to take a bad injury before we see change. Very lucky today, I have no doubt left about halo effectiveness.

    3. Nissany’s an idiot, he’s done similar things in the past. Amazed he’s still racing at a high level.

  2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
    3rd July 2022, 11:59

    The Halo definitely saved the day there, the camera angle from the outside of the corner shows how it really did it’s job. Extremely lucky escape!

  3. Jonathan Parkin
    3rd July 2022, 13:08

    Pourchaire and Vesti were lucky too. Tora Tagaki got excluded from one F1 race back in the day because his teammates tyres were put on his car

    1. No penalty then? I haven’t heard investigation results..

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